Her BIG DAY ~~~

Today is the day she meets the world.

Since young, she's been trained to work to earn money.

From what i know, during when she's still in her teenage years, there's quite a number of guys that are after her.

Yes she's pretty as well as hardworking.

She used to be fat. Everyone called her fat, till 1 day she was being frightened by some perverts. From then on, she got more and more thinner and even prettier.

When she started working, she got more and more guys after her. There's no one she wants but a particular guy.

They got married, they've been through thick and thin, ups and downs, sadness and happiness.

Today is your special day, and here I wish you stay healthy always, be happy and dont worry too much.

Your 3 precious and lovely kids whom are now grown up, whom are able to earn money now, whom are gonna start their own family soon... Will always... Always love you. You know you are the best and you're their world's greatest mom.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

P/S: There's a small surprise waiting for you back home.. :D

2 blahs:

** JT ** said...

cheh...i tot u talking bout me!! cheeehhhh

julieann said...

** JT **,
u dream on lah!!! u adi got 3 precious kids meh?!?!?! kanneh...