OK that's half a lie... hehehehehehehe...

Well last last Sunday when I was at my granny's house for a visit, I went to have a cousin with 1 of my girl cousin to talk about makeups, masks and how to have a double eyelid...

When I saw her that time, I saw that she's sticking something on her eyelid and I asked if she's using those "cello-tape" to stick it on her eyelid. She said yes and she bought it from Sinma which is damn cheap. RM6.90 with 4 pieces of papers where each piece contains 6 pairs of "cello-tape" for "fake" double eyelid.

So she asked me to try it out and I did. It looks quite natural and I kinda fell in love with it!!!

So the next thing I know, I've bought 2 pairs of it and I start using it the past few days!! The result for "taping" it on my eyelid for more than 6hours is as below: -

My double eyelids!!! But only on the left side got... the right.... become normal again...

A closer look after I took out the sticker...

If I wore the "cello-tape" for more than 6 hours and then took it out, my eye will naturally have double eyelid which only lasts for about an hour max!!! But still, I like it... hehehehehehee...

Then today morning, I use the "cello-tape" again... but I gotta wear specs as if you look closely, you can see there's something sticking on my eyelid...

My double eyelid with specs on... :D

Without specs.. OK I just got up... so I look a bit "charn"...

And yes, I don't have enuff sleep... heheheehhe...

So... did it look nice ar?? Looks natural?? :D :D :D


I'm so so touched...

Last nite I finally managed to have a chat with my boyboy. With video chat summore!!! I was so so so happy!!! Oh he bought a new laptop and so... I'm thrilled!!! Been over 2 months i didnt see his face adi.. So that's why I'm over the moon now!!! :D

Here's the pic that I captured of him during our video call...

He looks slightly thinner!!!

And his hair is longer... :D

Then we were talking about how we miss each other and talk bout my disappointment in him of "something"... Then he told me the story bout the ring that I gave him during his Year 2006's birthday. That ring I gave him was as a replacement of me when he's in the US.

Yes during that time, he already informed me that he wanted to go US and so, I bought that ring just to accompany him when I'm not beside him...

So the story goes like this...

remember in msia
i keep forget to wear (the ring)
dunno whether got lost or put where
it'll still re-appear
just need time to find it
that shows that we r together
u understand what im telling u?
so many times happen in msia
in here
i nearly lost the ring
i almosy cry
and feel so lost like crazy ppl
how can i lost it
thats happen during the trip to niagara falls
oh ok..
in when i take the boat to see the 3 falls
the water so big ....
makes u wet
need to wear the poncho
then i take pics
suddenly i feel my finger
where is the ring
shit !!!
it drop dunno where
i search my pockets
dun have
i search everywhere
dun have
me like crazy ppl
look here and there..
i dun even enjoy the scenery
everone is busy taking pics
im the only 1 busy squat down and walk here and there look for the ring
no 1 asked u wat u looking for?
in my heart im so sad and dissapointed
why i lost it
cos too loose
then i say die la this time
ur present give me lost liao
no mood
then when boat go back
i didnt give up
i try to search again
alomost everyone got down
i still searching
at last ........................
where it dropped to?
i squat down and saw the gold blink ring
under the dunno what
i saw someonme got stick or not
lucky its still can be able to be found
then the staff come up to sweep
then i tolf her i drop a ring under the ...
then she push the ring
at last i got back my ring
im so glad
i immediate put the roing in my shoirt pocket and lock it
make sure cannot drop out again
then i really thanks the girl and ppl
i feel so much lighter by now
then u say le
Is it something hidden behind the ring
then makes me think no matter what i must go back and marry u
i dowan to wait for visa or pr
to me ... most important is u
thats y i so wanted to go back
thanks hubby...
in ur mail u ask me to save $$ to marry
i think i really cant save here
im sorry
maybe i can save when i got back msia
then i think of when i got job back in msia
we open a joint a/c together
then i will make sure to save some moeny inside each month
thats y .... i might make the wrong decision coming here ... but i wont regret
i might make wrong decision again not going back the other day
but i wont regret
i knew i wasted so much money
but as travel and experience lo
money lost can earn back
that word is wat chewdan kept telling me
but experience cant buy with money
yeah i know
its true
thats y although i spend so much money here
and didnt earn back the money ... i didnt feel so much pain
although got la
but not so much
cos i think i learn their culture
how ppl can come here for their life
some ppl dun even have
work so hard then die .... what for?
at least i came here .... see something ...
yeah... its true
what do u think
i agree on it
anyway, about wat u told me
i'm really happy that u told me wats in ur heart...
but i'm thinking, since u've decided to stay till nov, u at least have to go get some job
u cant really waste ur time doing nothing and not save up anything
when i got back ... i really need to save money
u cant really that, for the next few months u're there, u're gonna be not working
its really not possible
i tot of not wasting time here .... cos the work here is tough
then i tot of quickly go back and look for a job
actually...when u said u were planning to come back on 23rd july
i was actually very happy...
and i really thought u'll come back that day
im sorry
but when u said u were gonna extend, i just accept it and thought maybe u really wan to try again
i tot u wanted to try for another job again
so i let u...
so i tell myself, no matter how i miss u, u will still need to experience urself of working on a new environment
make urself more tougher
so i tell myself, just let u be and i'll still be waiting for u here, and support u
guess i really fuck up ....
cant stay in tough environemnt
been pampered
but when u told me, during our chat, u said u never thought of working, i'm really disappointed
u dissapointed with me
im sorry
cuz i really never expected that from u
when u're here, u never give up that easily
whenever u face a challenge, u will still go thru it
but when u really said those things to me, i am really disappointed and heart broken
it makes me feels that, u were like never thought of ur future, never tot of our future
im sorry to let u down
and it makes me feels that, how come in kl u're so tough, but once in US, u were like that?
maybe i didnt support u enuff?
so i got frustrated...
that nite, i can hardly sleep
bcuz i'm thinking, here i'm missing u so much, kept on supporting u on watever u're going thru
supporting u on watever decisions u made, but how come suddenly u give it all up?
its like i wasted my "effort" in comforting u, supporting u, and especially missing u so much
so i got frustrated...
i cried... can say i almost cried the whole nite
maybe im not that strong
then when u think now
im not suitable person
u imagine i really miss u a lot, its like there's really really something missing in my heart but i cant reach out to u
no... u're wrong
when i send out that email, thats wat i really feel... which is dissappointed
then after i send out that email, i was waiting for ur reply... but i got too tired so i slept early...
and when i said about "if i were to make the decision, the ending is not wat u might like"
i really tot of giving up...
cuz i felt so pain, i'm suffering
i might let u down ... when im here ... for not working and saving money
but i promise u ... i really do care a lot and love u
then when i met up with gary and chewdan
i roughly told them how i felt
gary asked me not to make a harsh decision so fast
he said to let u reply the email and see wat u think
then on the drive home, i'm asking myself, am i willing to give us up?
if u were to dump now ... i understand
i just feel so useless for cant work in the environment here
actually, even up till now, i dont feel u're useless
but i understand... cuz u've NEVER work in such a job b4
so its not surprising if u really cant do it
if ppl asked, they might say u're useless and etc
but i would ask them to TRY it themselves
and then oni say whether u're useless or not
bcuz "needle dont poke on them, they wont know the pain"
that's why i wanted to go back and work and save money for our future
if u still believe in me and my personality and character
but seriously, during the drive home, no matter wat i , i still cant give us up
cuz i really love u a lot
wat gary said its true also...
he said i've know wat type of person u are, why suddenly make a harsh decision of giving up now?
he said "dont tell me, after 7yrs++ of relationship, now oni u said u're disappointed in him??"
its ture
give me up for what i cant work here
i think its so unlogic
if i cheat u or beat u then its fine
leting me go ,... for i cant save money
i think its stupid
i so sayang u ...
yeah i know
its just that, sometimes, i'm being too emotional that i didnt know wat to do
during that time, i just tot of giving up so that i wont suffer so much pain
hai ya, "tou pei yin sat"
but in the end, i know even though i gave up, it'll caused more pain
wrong way oledi
sor ju
oi mm oi ngo?
up till now, do u know how i feel?
i ask first
see !!!
even we're so far apart, but we're still thinking alike
i really think we r meant to be together

So that's how our conversation that I kinda like cried in between cuz I'm really really very touched by what he said to me. It really shows that he loves me...

I know some of you might've vomitted when reading halfway but I can say... I'm really happy... :D


Shayne Ward - Breathless Album

Yesterday I actually could've went home earlier... But as my mood up till today, still not good, I don't feel like going back home so early.

While driving home, I kept thinking where to go, who to ask out for dinner, or maybe walk around a park or something... But nothing comes to mind.

As I was driving, I was listening to my mp3 and suddenly thought that, since I love Shayne Ward's latest album, "Breathless" so much, why not I buy the original CD right??

So off I went to Sunway Pyramid and go look for his album. The first stop I went to Popular bookshop, as they do sell CDs too. But too bad, they don't have his latest album. So off I went to look for it at Tower Records.

Surprisingly, they're not selling any of Shayne Ward's album. Hmmmmm... that's a bit weird right?? Anyway, I try my luck at another CD store called "Fantasy". At first, I try to look for the album myself but as I searched for about 15minutes without finding any, I thought why not try my luck by asking the sales girl?

At first she thought I said "Shihwa" album, and she found it for me and said "This is the previous album that we have of them." I saw it and was like.. "Errmmm.. I'm asking for SHAYNE WARD's album", and yes, I have to speak more clearly and more loudly. Then she smiled at me and said "Sorry... heheheehe" -____-

In the end, she found the album and said that it's the last CD!! Wow... seems like Shayne Ward's album is quite popular huh?? So without thinking, I bought the album. Some of you might say, since I've downloaded his whole album online, why do I still waste my money on buying the original CD??

Well, to tell you the truth, this album of his, almost every single song really touched my heart. It's like something I wish someone would sing me those exact words and tell those exact words to me. It's really touching I tell you.

Since my boyboy is not here, it's kinda like, I don't have the love I wanted... So I'll just pretend Shayne Ward is my boyboy then... Just pretend that he's singing those words to me, to warm my heart... :P

Yep, it's TULEN!!! ORIGINAL!!!
The insides of the CD... Looks cool huh??
The back of the CD... pls ignore the reflection!!!
The sides of the CD... Yep.. Shayne Ward Breathless!!!
The receipt, RM35.90 ... click on the pic for better view...
To prove that I really bought the CD... :P

While on the way back to parking, I pass-by dunno wat court in Sunway Pyramid New Wing and saw that there's a Suzuki new car launching. Then I saw they've invited Ning Baizura as their performer... And I found out that she's a bit chubby... :P
Ning Baizura with new Suzuki car...


So so losts...

I am so dead inside.. So so dead..

Why? Cuz i miss my boyboy... So damn much that it's killing me.. Inside..

People might say, he's just gonna be away for 6 bloody months!
Yeah but in this 7yrs++ of our relationship, we've never EVER be away from each other for so bloody long!!

Then they might ask, so u cant live without him if he's away for so long?
Well i'm still surviving ain't i? But i'm dying inside. Might as well be dead! I kept thinking of him EVERY SECONDS of the day!

Or they might say, walao eh.. Like that also say die lar, cham lar.. Pls lah!
Well if u said that, this shows that u never EVER really love someone as much as i love my boyboy, so u wont freaking understand!!!

And they might finally say, time flies lah.. 6months, blink an eye then pass liao!
Dun bloody lie! I blink damn loads of time adi and it's just FINALLY ONLY 2month pass!! In 2months i'm miserable and so dead inside.. I cant imagine wat will happen to me after 6months ok?!

Yeah i do admit i'm those 'sticky' kinda gf but thats bcuz i just want to spend as much time as possible with my boyboy.. Someone i love so deeply.. Is that so wrong?

Sighhhh... I really really miss him...

I cant call him whenever i wanted cuz of the time difference..
I cant see his face whenever we chat online cuz he's using a public PC which dun have a webcam...
I cant feel his warmth whenever i need him cuz he's so far away...
And most importantly, i cant be by his side whenever we need each other's support...

God.. Can u feel my tears?


19th July 2008

Woke up at 11am by some "sorry wrong number" call. Why cant these people look at their phone's screen before dialing?!?! Been getting frustrated with all this wrong number calls.

After packing my laptop, I went to my boyboy's house in case he got letters and etc. Reached there about 12:35pm and was thinking if I should go "tapau" McD just nearby my boyboy's house. Oh well, am not hungry yet and am lazy to drive out again, so I switch on my laptop and start working.

Halfway thru, I got frustrated as the work is getting more and more complicated!! I am thinking of quitting or just give the hell up!! BUT......... a promise is a promise... So I forced myself to continue doing it no matter how complicated of difficult it is!!

By 7pm, I finally finished it and was getting dead tired! I've been sitting on that chair with that position from about 12:40pm till 7pm!!! I didn't even move my butt at all!! And I think I can't even feel my butt anymore. It's dead numb!!

As to relax my brain and as a celebration that I finally managed to complete my job, I read comics!! :D I read it till 9pm and was thinking it's time to go home. I was actually quite reluctant to go home cuz my mood is still not good ever since Tuesday and I didnt feel like seeing anyone or even talk to anyone. But it's late, so I forced myself to pack and get home.

Once reached home, I took my bath and planning to send the job out when I remembered that there's 1 more thing I've missed out. SHIT!!!!! Tried doing it for an hour but I really can't solve it. My brain is dead blank!! This time, I really gave it up and my head is aching again.

I send out the stuff and head to bed... Really "buay tahan" and my mood still stinks!! Sighhh... Anyhow, tomolo might be a better day, so... off to bed...

Hmmm.... When I'm lying in my bed, I remembered that I haven't eaten anything for the whole day!!! And surprisingly... I'm not hungry.... hmmmmm...

Oh well, I need sleep more than I need food!! Guess I could get thinner faster than I imagine!! :D


I'm lost...

Here I lie awake,
With tears in my eyes that won't go away,
Feeling lost,
Of my direction in life.

It was fun at first,
But it is not at last,
It was amazing in the beginning,
But it is not that great in the end.

I wanted to jump,
I wanted to leap,
But what's the point?
When I don't know what I want.

On the outside,
I look as if I'm doing fine,
But on the inside,
The comfort that I used to have is gone.

I drown myself with work,
I drown myself with activities,
Still... when nite comes,
All the sorrow are there by my side.

Dear god,
There is a blankness in me,
So please...
Fill in the blanks for me......


Cheese Fondue

Yesterday early morning woke up at 8.30am to prepare myself to meet up with Chewdan and Kalei for breakfast at Wangsa Maju area. Another reason to go Chewdan's house is to do something... and ALSO to look at his brand new "best friend", his new car Honda Civic.

I was of course late to reach there due to the stupid road block for no reason at Federal Highway. So once I reached Chewdan's place, we head off to breakfast using Chewdan's brand new best friend. He is of course over the moon with his brand new car, kept on smiling for no reason. kakakakakakaka...

He asks if I would like to take his car for a spin, I rejected cuz if in case I really ACCIDENTLY scratched his car, I really sell my body also can't fix his brand new best friend. So to not take the risks, I better sit on the passenger and enjoy the car.. :D

After breakfast, me and Kalei was busy with our work while Chewdan is super free that he kept walking up and down his living room. Whenever he walk to his main door, he'll say "My GOD!!! YOU ARE SO LENG CHAI!!!!!" towards his car. And I'll be like "TMD!!!!!!! Si beh LAN SI!!!!!!".

Then while me and Kalei again busy with our work, Chewdan will either play with his guitar or he'll say "Hey you 2 hungry or not? Or you 2 wanna go yam cha or not??". Me and Kalei will ignore him and continue with our work again. And when he heard there's an ice-cream car passby, he'll again asks "Hey you 2 wanna eat ice-cream??"

This time, I buay tahan ledi, I laughed and said "Walau eh.. This Chewdan really free till, whatever passby also he asks us we want or not? kakakakakakaa".

Man he's really funny...

So after we've finished our stuff, we head home and I wait for sis to get up from her noon nap so that we could go out for dinner. She and her bf Alex mentioned to me that they know there's a place have Cheese Fondue. Me being a cheese-maniac, of course agreed to go try it together with them.

So at about 7.45pm, off we go to Taman Billion, Cheras to try out the Cheese Fondue.

Me and Alex's Chicken Cheese Fondue

The bubbling cheese... looks yummy heh??
A clearer pic of the cheese... though still not so clear... my phone camera sucks lah!!
My sis's Chicken Steak... tastes yummylicious!!!!!!!
Very crunchy Hawaiian Pizza!!! It's like you're eating biscuits!!!
Alex showing he's really eating the Chicken Cheese Fondue.

Overall, I found that the cheese fondue is not so nice after all. Last time there's a shop at Sri Hartamas where they really specialized in Cheese Fondue and also Chocolate fondue where both me and my boyboy love it so so much!!!
Too bad.. now they close shop adi... So I really missed the yummy cheese fondue from Sri Hartamas. The cheese fondue that I ate in Taman Billion........ really not nice... I dunno why it tastes a bit bitter... must be because they add in Celery into it. So... aihhhh... but thank god it's not that expensive. Overall, the dinner for 3 costs about RM25 each. So consider OK bah... :D


Sick ledi... T_T

At first I just got a slight sore throat... During that time I was at The Curve, so I quickly went to Watsons pharmacy to buy a sore throat pill. But when I reach there, it's already 9.30pm and the staff there said that the pharmacists left adi, so they couldn't sell me any sore throat pills.

Oh well... fine.. then I asked her if she'll recommend any other pills or anything that could make my sore throat go away? She just look at me with a weird face and said, "Errr... sakit tekak kan?? Normally kita makan Strepsils jer... boleh jugak..."

Aihhh... Frankly speaking, I dun like Strepsils cuz it taste a bit weird and it's not really working for me. So I said my thanks and left without buying the Strepsils. At night, it got worst... I can hardly sleep as my throat is parched and it ache!!!!!!!

The next morning, I got a fit of cough thanks to the sore throat. I drank a lot of water before I went out to work. Reached office, first thing I did is to go buy Strepsils. No choice ledi lah!!! Must force myself to eat Strepsils ledi loh!!!

After breakfast, I quickly pop 1 Strepsils and suck it dry. Like I expected, it won't really help. So I pop another 1 and again I suck it dry. After lunch, I still have a fit of coughing and now, with flu summore!!! Sure jialat ledi this time.

Suddenly I felt very cold and felt that the air-cond today like colder than normal!!! Then I touched my forehead and WALLA!!! I got fever ledi.. die liao larrrr... Really fever liao!!! So it's decided, today after work, I'll go see doctor no matter what!!! I can't afford to take MC from work as I need to rush out some documentation before my lady boss is back to office!!! If not, I sure kena killed!!!

Reached home, after dinner, mom accompanied me to doctor and the doc gave me a few pills. She gave me pills for the fever, pills for the flu, pills for the sore throat, antibiotic pills but no coughing pills or syrup. WHY HUH!?!?!?!? I cough like mad wey!!! Oh well... nvm bah... Just make sure she gave me sore throat pills then OK liao I think...

Then when I got home, I quickly take all the pills except for sore throat cuz sore throat pills need to suck 1... So better not suck it as I need to go sleep especially after I took the flu pills. The doc told me this, "You should take the flu pills morning once and before sleep once. The flu pills might make you drowsy one so if it really makes you drowsy, you just take when before you go sleep OK??"

So, at 8.30pm, I took all the necessary pills and went to bed liao. At midnight about 2 or 3am, I woke up feeling super duper weak thanks to the flu pills. And I'm sweating like a pig cuz my fever went up. Still, I force myself to sleep but it's a bit difficult cuz I'm sweating.

Next morning, as in today, I woke up and still feeling SLIGHTLY drowsy and body damn weak. When I walk, I felt like my body is like a Jell-O. Nevermind, I still dress myself up like an auntie and go to work. Aiyah why dress like an auntie? Oh well, I wear long pants, long sleeves shirt, flat pumps and I wear specs. Look like an auntie bor? Anyway, reason is because it'll keep me warm when I'm in office and most importantly, it's comfy lah.

So in office, after breakfast, taking medicine time... which I really hate it cuz I really really REALLY hate taking pills!!!!!!!

Smaller white for fever, bigger white for sore throat (to suck), yellow for flu and pinky for antibiotic

I ate all the above pills except for flu pills cuz my body already felt like Jell-O, I dun one to REALLY become a Jell-O.

At 12pm, my body become more and more like Jell-O. I really really wish that I'm on MC today but too bad... I cant... T_T

I wanna "teh pao" someone.. but who to go "teh pao"??? Boyboy not here... aihhh... this is the 1st time I got sick where my boyboy is not with me... aihhhh... OK back to work... T_T


My birthday celebration

Date: June 21st, 2008
Time: 00:00

~ phone ringing ~ "I don't care what they say, I'm in love with you..."

~ pick up phone ~
Me: Hello??
My boyboy: Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... hehehhehehe...
Me: Awwwww... hehehehehe... thankiu!!!!! *almost crying* *look at the time* Huah you really aim till its 12am wor!!! geng chao!!! I didnt even know it's time adi!!!
My boyboy: Of coz ler!!! I waiting since 11:50 and kept looking at my watch. Damn kan cheong u know!!! hehehehehehee...
Me: Hou fei ger!!! *hearts turn to mush ledi*

The clock just strike 12am and I can feel that my birthday is gonna be a very very happy and good day ahead for me. hehehehehehe...

After my boyboy called, I went to bed (if not mistaken) and went to my dreamworld to celebrate my birthday with Mr Chow's sons... :D

At 10am, my mom knock on my room door to wake me up. It's Saturday and she woke me up so early?!?!! For wat leh?!?!?! I of coz have to get my ass up and go open my room door for her. Once opened, she pass me an angpao...

Mom: Nah... this is your dad give you 1..
Me: *still blur blur* orh...
Mom: You want to follow us go KL anot??
Me: *mumbling* dun 1...
Mom: Then you got use car anot?? If you're not using your car, I wanna use to go KL with dad...
Me: OK...
Mom: Then you got go out or not later??
Me: *arrrgggghhhh I still wanna sleep leh* Got... going out with my fren...
Mom: Wat time go out? How you go out??
Me: -________- My fren will fetch... About 12pm gua...
Mom: OK lah...

And finally, I can go back to my bed and sleep... but once I lie down on my bed, I can't sleep ledi... thanks to my mom's questioning me... aihhh... So I look at the angpao again and found something cute... :D

My dad drew a birthday cake at the back of the angpao!!!

For all my 2X years of age (yeah lah, cannot simply tell my age geh... muakakakakakakakaa), this is the 1st time my dad did something like this to me. I'm very very surprised and veli veli happy and "kam tung" too. 1st time dad will do something like that and he even wrote "From, Dad :D " with a round round face. It's so cute!!! Till now I still "mm seh tak" to throw away the angpao... It's something special!!! :D

So after a while, I went online a while as I couldnt sleep and not long after that, I got Huei's sms saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hehe Wake up edi ar? I reach ur place at around 1 is that ok?" hehehehehe... see... I know it's gonna be a good day... :D

Actually earlier I've planned with Huei to go PAWs together with her as she need to go there drop something while I just go and have a look since I never been there before. So off we went to PAWs when she reach my place (she damn geng!!! Base on my ugly drawings also she can get to my damn complicated house area!!!) and I was stunned!!!

There really got a lot of doggies leh!!!!! When we just got in, I was curious as to why there's 4 "guai lous/muis" youngsters hanging out at PAWs. Well I know most of the "guai lous/muis" like pets/animals but I never thought they'll visit PAWs.

Anyhow, I finally knew why after about 30mins when I'm there looking around PAWs. They're there to be volunteers to feed the doggies!!! That's so cool!!!!!!

Feeding time!!! Btw, this "guai lou" quite leng chai!!! *_*

*crunch crunch crunch* The doggies is having their lunch!!!

Even Dalmation and beagle is here?!?!?!?! MY GAWD!!!!!!!

Either Malaysian is really heartless or I dunno what. How can they just give away dalmations and beagles?!?!?! They're considered as expensive doggies leh!!!!!! OK it's not that I dun pity the rest of the "less-expensive" doggies, I DO pity them too cuz they're always standing on wet grounds, and always hoping that they could get out from that place. From their eyes, you can see their tears and you can even see their sadness!!!!!!

To tell you the truth, I really wished that I'm the owner of PAWs. I'll make sure the doggies is really well-cared for and won't have to stand on wet grounds all the time!!! Aihhhh... It's really sad to see those doggies there. But I think I fell in love with the Dalmation!!! Up till today, I'm still thinking of that dalmation, hoping I could adopt him as my doggy!!!


Then I found this cute little puppy that looks so cute!!! Like a puppy dalmation!!! Though it's not lah...

A very lansi puppy... hahahahahaha....

More puppies!!! SO CUTE!!!!!! I WANNNNNN!!!!!!!

So after that, Huei fetch me home as we wanna get home to take bath and relax before we prepare ourselves for Teddy's wedding later that night. When I got home, I go took my bath, watch TV for a while and took a nap. At 5pm, I wash my face and prepare to dap some ICI paint on my face... hehehehehe...

The outcome of ICI-paint.. nice bor?? :P

Again, Huei come and fetch me together with Calvin Lu as we agreed to car-pool. Calvin Lu looking handsome and Huei looking si beh pretty!!!!!! And I love her boots!!! :D

When we reached..............

Kalei, BeeLing, Joan and Chewdan... Look at how happy Chewdan smile!!!

Chewdan, Eric Leong and Calvin Lu... Chewdan not-so-happy-smile... must be the guys... :P

Me and Huei... 2 pretty lady of da nite... MUAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAK!!!!! OK stop vomitting!!

Huei, XiangLooi and me... Aihhhh... my face is so fat... damn...

The night goes on smoothly with all of us chit chatting non-stop and eating non-stop for the delicous food provided...

Then comes the another surprise for me again.................

Kalei pass me a Bosini plastic bag saying I left out something... I was like... huh?? I only brought my handbag along wor... I definitely didnt bring any plastic bags woh!!! And of course, they said is for me... I'm still surprised and open to look to see what is it...

It's Kungfu Panda's t-shirt!!! SO NICE!!!!!!

I'm so so so touched!!!!!! Never thought after the surprise dinner, they'll still bought me a gift!!! I'm so so so so happy!!! THANKS Y'ALL!!!!!!

Then before we leave, we have a group picture (minus Calvin Lu as he went off dunno where liao...) and all of us looks so happy in da pic!!!

Group pic!!!

I love this group pic so much as Huei is standing next to me with her hands on my arms!!! Eh me not lesbo but I felt that... it's errrr... hmmmm... happy and like errr... very special?? I mean, she's being such a good friend for listening to all my troubles and helping me solve them!!! Ahhhh... I'm a lucky girl!!! :D

Then Chewdan asked if we would like to "sing K"? Most of them rejected as some said they're tired while some said... not interested?? I dunno... But the ones who went to the "sing K" sessions are...........

The "sing K" gang...

The Princesses of "Sing K"... :D

The Princes of "Sing K"...

A comic strip designed by Kalei... he damn damn DAMN creative!!!!!!!

Another comic strip by Kalei again... Please click on the pic for larger view.

A shoe?!?!?! WHOSE ONES?!?!?!?! HOW COME GOT SUCH A BIG SHOE?!?!?

Chewdan: What? Cannot ah?? That's my shoe.. so?!?!?
Kalei: No... dun kick my *toot*...

Kalei looking so happy to be able to sing with Huei... :D

Me looking happy to be disturbing Chewdan... kakakakakakakaka!!!

Me and Huei cam-whoring!!!!!! :D

Chewdan: Oh YEHHHHHHH~~~!!!!!!!!
Kalei: YEHHHHHHH~~~!!!!
Huei: HEYYYYYYYYY~~~!!!!!!!

All the pics from "Sing K" session onwards is courtesy of Kalei, who took his time to design it so beautifully... Thankiu Kalei!!!

All in all, we sang from 12am till 4am, and I got home about 5am... That's how I celebrate my happening birthday. It's fun and I'm damn happy to be able to spend with all my friends!! THANKS YAR!!!!!!

Pre-birthday Celebration


Outdated posts again... Been busy lately to update my blog lah... :P


Went out to celebrate my sis and my bro's birthday on 20th June, 2008 which is a day before my birthday too!! kakakakakaka...

So almost every year, we'll either buy something for each other or we treat each other something different. This time, as I dunno where to bring them, and it's been EONS that me and my sis promised my bro that we'll celebrate at a bar, so off we go to Luna Bar in Menara Pan Global.

I've heard from a few sources saying that this Luna Bar is a very nice place for hang-outs though the price might be a bit pricey. Well since its a birthday celebration for my bro and my sis, I just say what the heck, just go ahead bah!!

So here's some pics of our "hang-outs" at Luna Bar... :D

Luna Bar, this is their menu... Nice huh?

From our seats, we could look at their bar... Nice designs!!!

Then slightly opposite us there's a mini fountain that have rocks saying "Luna"

Their ceiling designs, I love them, it's nice!!!

The place where we sit could have a damn nice view of KL leh!!!!!

My bro and his gf YeeSee...
My sis and me...

So that's what we did, cam-whoring, after we ordered our food and drinks. My bro said he can't touch liquor, so he decided to just order Orange Juice which is RM15 per glass!!!!!! SIAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Oh well, he's not the 1 paying, who cares rite?? hahahahahaha...

My sis's Blue Lagoon, she said tastes not bad!!!

My Strawberry Margarita. TASTE SUPERB!!!!!

YeeSee's Pina Colada... tastes too much of milk/coconut so it sucks!!!

Me and my sis enjoying our drinks!! YUMMY!!!!!

My bro trying to be a vampire... hahahahahaha...

We're caught in the act of enjoying the KL view!!! DAMN NICE LOH!!!!!

After 20minutes of waiting with our stomachs grumbling non-stop, our food finally arrived!!! Oh before that, I would suggest that for those who plan to go Luna Bar, is better to go with stomach's already filled up. The food they provide is mostly finger foods and not filling ones. And their finger food is about RM35++ and above for pizza's and at least RM25++ for buffalo wings and etc...

Our food!!! Pizzas and buffalo wings... The food here is good!!!!!!!!

Me and sis busy preparing our plates for the foods!!! hehehehehehe...

Once the food arrived, we're too busy filling our stomachs (cuz its close to 8:30pm!!!) that we didn't do much of cam-whoring. :p

So once our stomachs are filled, we relaxed a bit, chitty chat a bit, drink a bit and ends up..........................

My face become.............................

Like an apple... aihhhh... But mind you, I'm not drunk yet!!!

This is when I'm busy sms-ing Huei to tell her to come Luna Bar when got chance!!!

Group cam-whoring!!!!!!! :D Nice pic heh?? :D

So about 10:30pm, Luna Bar's getting more and more customer, so they're getting busier. Their waiter/waitresses got some shit face on them cuz whenever they served us (except the guy who ordered for us), their face is so black that you can only either see their eyeballs or their teeth only. So... shit face mou??

Anyhow, there's a waitress there come to us with our bills (it's about RM250 in total), I paid and we went off. I kinda expected the bills to be about RM300++ but as its about RM250, I'm OK as its still within my budget. hehehehehehee...

And another weird thing bout Luna Bar is, to go to this bar, we have to take a lift from ground floor to 22nd floor. From 22nd floor, we have to take 1 level of stairs to go up to 23rd floor. Then at 23rd floor, we'll have to take another lift to go up to 32nd floor. At 32nd floor, we're DAMN CLOSE to Luna Bar. We have to take another level of stairs before we finally reach Luna Bar. So I guess you have to at least has a bit of stamina to reach Luna Bar. hahahahahahaha...

Girls of da nite...

Leng Chai and Leng Lui's of da nite... :D

All in all, the experiences in Luna Bar is good as you could enjoy nice views, enjoy to look at some pretty chicks and enjoy the soothing environment around you. It's actually quite a good place for couples to come too as you could cuddle a bit while enjoying the drinks. :D