I dreamt of.... MIKE HE JUN XIANG ~~~ !!!

Last night as I was damn boring when I got home, I've got nothing to do and went online right after I took my bath...

I'm truly very very very bored... so what did I do??

I went online and have a look at some Mike He's pictures... kakakakakakaka... aiyah I want to have some imaginations can or not?? Moreover, it's no harm to look at some hunky hunk once in a while right?!?! RIGHT?!?!?!?!!?

So at about 11pm, I got tired and was contented to have my eyes full of Mike He, I went to sleep..........

............... and that's where the dream started.............

That dream is a bit weird as we're at a place where its not in a city. Not say the place is some "ulu" place but definitely not in a city and i'm staying next to a... errmmmm... quite clean swamp where there's no crocodiles and etc.. in fact, that place is quite soothing and it's very good for those who wanted to go away from the cities...

So in that dream, I walked out from my so-called house and suddenly, I saw Mike He parking his sports car next to the swamp and was playing ball with his assistant, looking oh so natural!!!

I then walk up to them and go talk to the assistant and ask how come they're here and etc... The assistant said this is his fave place to relax and to runaway from the papparazi and publicity...

Then I quickly took a camera and ask Mike He if I could have some pictures with him!!! He was being sooooooo nice and polite and said why not!!! *_*

From there, I kept cam-whoring with him with funny funny faces and etc!!

He being such a cool and better poser than I am, took a lot of poses and lots and lots of pictures together!!

After loads of cam-whoring pictures, the assistant helped us by taking both of our pics together!!! The assitant even said "Come stand closer and look at each other... stand CLOSE CLOSE!!"

MY GAWDDDD!!! Imagine how happy I am at that time!!! I was like... "OoOoHHHhhHHh.. no problem!!!!!"

I proceeded with looking at him and smile... while he made a very very veryyyyyyyyyyy sexy face...

He looked into my eyes with sensual eye... slightly smiling... exactly like the pics above!!!!

OH MY GAWDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in heaven!!!!!

Look how sexy he is with his sensual eyes... extremely good posterior... cool cool face.... *_*

He even make it like he wanted to kiss me!!!!!!!!!!!! He's standing so sooooooo close that we're merely inches apart!!!!!!

MY GAWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!! With his sensual and lovey dovey eyes, lips slightly apart... OH NOOOOO!!! I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!

Me being super shy of coz said something EXTREMELY STUPID like "Hey u make it like u wanted to kiss me.. hehehehehe"..... WALANNNNNNN... why am i sooooooo stupid!?!?!

He moved away a bit but still got make that sensual eye... lips looks sooooo kissable that I felt like kissing it immediately!!! Walannnnnn!!!

As we're still staring at each other so intently..........

My alarm woke me up.. OH NOOOoooOOOOOOoooo!!!!!

I quickly switched it off and was still got this "lum lum" feel... and kept telling myself.. "Go back to sleep.. go back to that dream!!!!!!!!"

Sighhhhhhh... how I wish that dream is a reality!!!! T_T

I WANT MIKE HE JUN XIANG ~~~~~~ !!!!!!!



8 years... and counting....

It's been 8 years we've been together.....

I found that time flies and the 8 years just flew by without me knowing. A lot of people said it's been very long for a couple to "paktor" and it's time to "upped" the status to "married".

Seriously, yes that "up"-ing our status to "married" its been on our mind lately as my sis is getting married next year (which is real soon!!!!!). It's been on our mind ever since he went to the US... and even after he came back...

To be frank, I know the both of us are not ready to be married yet. I guess we're still enjoying our..... some sorta "single" life even though we're very attached to each other. Or maybe I'm not ready to NOT receiving any angpao's yet!! muahahahahaha!!!

Some people told me that 8 years is a very very long time for "paktor" and don't drag it. Well... we're not dragging or anything, we're just not so prepared to be married yet...

Even some people said that 8 years "paktor" is no longer considered as "paktor"... It's more like we're getting used to being with each other and it's not love anymore... in fact, its some sort like a habit... Seriously, I really really don't agree with that statement. For SOME PEOPLE, it might be considered as a "habit", but for me, it's still very much love in there... and it kept growing every single day...

Ever since he came back from the US, I found that we're even more attached to each other... It's been roughly 3 or 4 months since he came back and almost every single day of that 3 to 4 months we're together day (well not day as I'll be working...) and night...

Until recently, I found that I'll feel "empty" when he's back to his own house instead of being at mine. Even for a day, I found that I miss him.......... a lot!!! When I think back, I wasn't like that last time... I'll treat it as normal even though we didnt see each other for 3 days straight... but this time, even for a day he's not with me, I found that I miss him a lot!!

I'm not sure if I've changed to become a "sticky" kinda gf but... seriously... I do miss him. Imagine, ever since he came back, every morning, I'll kiss his cheek and said "I'm off to work lo"... or he'll fetch me to work, and then I'll kiss his cheek before I got off the car... Then at night, before we goes to sleep, I'll kiss him on the cheek and whisper "Night night ah bee.."

Sighh... It's sweet isn't it? Even though he didnt kissed me back, I don't mind at all... OK sometimes I DO mind but... some stuff are give and take... Kiss wasn't returned is OK.. but love isn't returned, it's a big problem!! And lucky me, I found that I'm being loved and cared for deeply... even after 8 years... :D

Anyhow, for those who kept asking me, when am I getting married?? Seriously, I don't have an answer to that. I will just say the day will come... soon or not... I'm not sure... it depends on WHEN he gonna propose to me... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Hey it's just a once-in-a-lifetime thingy, of course I would want a proposal from him (see this ah bee?? :P) ... :D

I believe... with our love for each other keeps growing every single day... there'll be more 8 years to come!!! :D

P/S: I suddenly miss my long hair very very much!!! T_T


New Company Annual Dinner...

OK lar... I know it's been EONSSSSS I haven't been updating my blog as frequent as I used to be... Well there's quite a lot of reasons why and I'll tell it on the next post... This post is purely for my newly joined company... TSYS CardTech!!! :D

The annual dinner is held at Souled Out in Sri Hartamas which I think it's quite a good place... Especially the food baybeh!!! muahahahahahaha!!! The food is superb I tell ya!! Especially the calamari!! MY GAWDDDD~~~!!! Think of it makes my mouth waters terribly!!

OK stop talking about food.. let's start with.. the first game I played.. some sorta like, there's the game host came up to me and kinda like dragged me into the stage to play the game...

Well as you know, I'm new there leh... for sure shy ge mar!!! UISSHHHHH!!! Anyhow....

1st game I played: Crossword puzzle... I'm the team lead... :-/

Me and my team busy searching for the word on the puzzle with hints given...

Ends up... my team didnt won even though we came up on the 2nd... aiiii... prizes oni given to the winner's team... so those comes up 2nd and etc... byebye lah!! :P

The 2nd game started where the game host will have to select 1 "volunteer" (more like being called out!!!) to ACT (yep.. no talking at all!!) out some clues for the rest to guess what the volunteer is hinting to us... Those are like cartoons characters, movies, drama, series and etc...

And the 1st "victim"...............

My boss...... Seriously... I RARELY see him smile 1 cuz he's a VERY serious person... and now...

His is for us to guess cartoon characters and he's damn lucky I tell ya!!! He got the cartoons called "Car"... so imagine how easy it is for him to act that... all he did is pretend he's the driver and walla!!! Someone guessed it right in less than 1 minute!!

Subsequently, came a movies where I got it right... which is "The Sixth Sense"... The "victim" just show 6 fingers and I roughly know it's that movie liao... muahahahahahaha... yeah I'm trying to say I'm smart lah!! :P

The 1st prize I got for that night... :D The blue shirt guy is our comp. HR ah head!!

Then the subsequent movies I guessed it right is...................

I'll let u guess what he's doing and see if you got that right...

Guess what characters he's acting?? :D

He did that quite a lot of times but no1 know what he's trying to do... then he did another motion is like he's taking a parang and make a slashing motion...

I of course the smart ones (uisshhh!!! Hidung manyak besar weii!!), managed to guessed it right in less than 5 minutes...

And so I won another prize.. muahahahahaha!!! This is Msia's HR ah head!!

As the game goes on... there's a lot of funny things happen and of course... the company's HR ah head is an EXTREMELY funny guy!! He loves to play!!! So those staff who worked and met him before, disturbed him and asked him to act out a series... "Sex in The City"!!! Just imagine HOW he act!! Man it's super funny!!

Before he acted it, he already said this, "I'm sorry if I offended anyone but, whatever I do, it's not to offend anyone and please don't get offended." Awwww... he's such a gentleman!!

Well when he said that, I more or less already know it must be something to do with something "dirty" adi lah!! So me being so smart (walau eh... damn perasan man!! :P), I informed my colleague who was just sitting next to me, I told her to speak out the answer when he acted.

I didnt want to speak out the answer this time cuz..... I paiseh lah!!! I adi won 2 prizes for this game leh!! So I dun 1 to speak out again lar. Later they said I hogged on the prizes!! :P

So with my correct assumptions, he act where he show his 4 fingers to indicate its a 4 letter sentence and for the 1st word (where he then show 1 finger of course), he put out both his hand as if he's grabbing something and move his waist front and back. hahahahahahhaa... it's really really very embarassing I tell ya!!! :D

By then, my colleague speak up on the answer and he kept thanking her for saving him from further embarassment.

Of course, he won't let those who "victimised" him go without some revenge!!! He pulled out the girl who "forced" him to act and asked her to either dance or sing a song. He of course said no nursery songs and must be a song where she love to listen to... She didn't know what to sing and ends up singing Negaraku... hahahahahaha!!!

The HR ah head, Kenneth, of course won't let her go easily, ends up asking her to dance. He ask suggestions from us of what song that she have to dance to and me, being the one sitting so near to the DJ counter, shouted "DANCE MACARENA SONG!!!!!". MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! I'm evil I know... :P

The outcome...............???

They dance together and the Regional Manager joined in!!!

It's so funny and they're so hyped up that they kept dancing that song for about 5 to 10minutes!!! All of us encouraged them to dance more!!!

Even the Regional Manager's son joined in!!! So cute!!!!!!!

So after this, they continued with the last game where they called out 5 REAL couples on the "dance floor" to play a game. The game rules is that the couple will have to stand and a piece of newspaper and dance. They must make sure they did not step out of the paper during and when the music stops. Then the game hosts will fold the newspaper into half everytime they passed when the music stops.

What surprises me is that..............

BeeLing and bf is on the dance floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously didnt know that her bf is working in the same company as me and I didnt know she attended the dinner until after I saw her on that dance floor!!!! What a small world huh?!?!?

Well anyway, it seems that they're very happy on the dance floor!!

See how happy BeeLing is!! So sweet!!!!!

Well although BeeLing and bf didnt win (which is too bad), the game goes on till the newspaper is folded until it's sooooooooooo small that it's not even able to put 1 feet on it!!!!!!!

See!!! The paper is too damn small weiiii!!!!

But anyhow, there's 1 veli geng chao couple who won................

The TITANIC couple!!! :D Geng chao rite?!!??!

Then come the last lucky draw...

My boss who rarely smile... :P

And this FC who took away my grand prize.... RM1500 travel voucher leh!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was waiting and waiting and waiting patiently for that grand prize............ but finally................. it's not meant to be mine............. T_T

When he took away the grand prize, I seriously wanted to go back home at that moment... seriously loh!!!!!!!

Anyhow, the dinner that night was great, everyone had fun... everyone dance the night away while I went off at 10.45pm to go yam cha at some place nearby... kakakakakakaka...

Before John (my trainer for 2 weeks) left, we took a group picture with his previous trainees...

Group pics with John...

... and Kenneth joined in........

Doing funny faces and actions... :D

By the time I reached home, it's late and I couldn't resist to take pics of the prize I won for the games... :D

A pink towel, a pink water tumbler and small notebook from door gift...

The small notebook is attached with a calculator!!!

It's useful for us who worked in a financial related institutions!! :D


Back... but still I'm lazy...

I finally started my job in a new company...

Well let me tell you how my 1st day went...

I woke up at freaking 6.30am to take my bath, wash my face, dress myself nicely and presentably (not sure got such word or not??) before waking up my boyboy to fetch me to the nearest LRT which is Taman Jaya.

We reach Taman Jaya LRT station at 7.35am and I use my Touch 'N Go card to enter myself into the station. I went up to wait for the train and was quite surprised that they're queueing up while waiting for the train. It's a good thing though that they're being polite and all...

So when the train arrived, as usual, the train is packed with people and thank god that it's morning!!! Why you asked?? Well usually during morning there won't be MUCH of those ermm... "weird" smells of sweats and erm... from the armpits... :P

So I reached Ampang Park LRT station at 8.15am and was calculating my time for me to walk over to Menara Citibank and to get my ass into the office. It took me about an hour for me to reach INSIDE the office and this shows that I can leave my house latest by 7.30am. If not, I'll be late for sure...

So when I reached, the HR manager asked if I'll be attending their Annual Dinner which falls on the 12th of December. As I was thinking that it'll be a good chance for me to meet all of my new colleagues, I agreed to go and she asked me to take a tag from a small paper bag for some lucky draw.

I took and the number is 3680 (4D anyone?? :D). I'll only know if I won anything on the 12th... so I guess I'll have to see if I'll be lucky?

Then she took a picture of me to announce to the new colleagues of mine that I'm joining their company and to let them know how my monkey face look like. :P

She then showed me to my place.............

My cubicle.. very very spacious and I love it!! I love the chair too!!! :D

..... and pass me an extremely big Dell bag which contains a 100% new Dell laptop. It's freaking heavy!! But well... it's for me to work, so I can't complain.. :P

My 15' Dell Latitude D830 company laptop with Dell Optical Mouse...

I found that this new company damn support Dell products. Everything also Dell.. for example, laptops, desktops, projectors and etc. Guess they got an agreement with Dell... though I can't complain as it's for me to use for free... :P

After that, she gave me a few leaflets and brouchers and a book with the company's 25 years of history and etc....

L to R: Company magz, 25 years Company's History book and Company's aim for 2008.

After that, I got the company's note book and it's very useful for me. I like to jot down notes here and then... :D

The Company's note book...

So last but not least...

The Company's tshirt!! It's cool!! Simple and nice!! :D

After that, promptly at 9am, I went into the meeting room to start attending the training I'm supposed to go for 2 weeks... So... kinda like... got a 2 weeks "honeymoon" period for me with the company... after that... the REAL deal begins!!!




I felt that my 2 weeks holiday is coming to an end REAL FAST!!!

And I know that it's been quite some time that I've not been updating my blog... cuz I wanted to enjoy my resting...

AND I'm just plain lazy... :P

I've got lots of things to blog about which are all related to pictures I've taken... and I havent download those pics from my phone/my boyboy's camera/my boyboy's phone yet... cuz I AM PLAIN LAZYYYYYY~~~~~~

So... wait for it and... BRB~~~~~


CSI Miami - Goodbye Alexx Woods...

On Wednesday, I was as usual, make sure I reach home before 9pm to make sure I could make myself comfortable to watch CSI: Miami.

Though the series starts at 10pm on AXN Astro (Channel 701 lah), I'll make sure I've got time to take bath, took out my contact lens, brush my hair and wear my very very comfy night gown before I get my ass glued on the sofa in front of the TV.

Well everytime I wanna watch a movie/drama series, I'll make sure I'm comfy first. :D

So back to the topic...

As usual, the series started off with some stranger was partying or having fun and then out of a sudden, there's a murder case and then there comes the lead actor, Horatio on the crime scene investigating with his team.

CSI: Miami.. Part of the crew where you can ALWAYS see them in EVERY series/chapter..

A bit more complete team...

Then they will get the victim and send it to Alexx Woods, their Medical Examiner, to examine the victim.

The series that day is a bit special... the victim somehow is related to Alexx's family!! She of course got all worried as her son is a suspected murderer of the victim and try as she might to protect his son in a legal way (of course!!).

Pretty Alexx Woods

Somehow, a lot of things proves that it is done by her son and still, she KNOWS her son won't do murder!! But when Horatio and Frank (H's sidekick) questioned her son, her son die die also won't tell who is the actual murderer. Reason is because his mom kept telling him since young that: -

"You gave your word that you will not tell anybody. So keep it."

As his son already gave his word towards the murderer, he will still not tell who the actual murderer is although this will get him off the hook as a suspects. Her son even apologizes that he's sorry for embarrassing his mom in front of his friends (colleague or CSI: Miami team). With that, it causes much anger from his mom, Alexx Woods, and she tried to persuade him by telling him that: -

"You don't give your word to drug dealers. You give your word to people you know and trust!"

Then Alexx continue to persuade him that there's a lot of people who care bout him and people who loves him dearly and also explained that, it is not a good place inside the jail.

In the end, her son gave up protecting his friends and tell the whole story to his mom on who's the actual murderer...

The scene where Alexx found out his son might've stabbed his friend.

Alexx calling an ambulance to send her son's friend to the hospital...

Once her son was off the hook, Alexx feels that it's time that she spends more time among the living instead of the dead. She used to feel that her place of work, the morgue, was such a peaceful place for her. But after such incidents happens towards her family, she thinks that it's time she face more of the livings.

When Horatio heard this, his face expression can be seen that he's a bit of a surprise but agreed to her decision. He of course tells her that their door will always open for her whenever she feels like returning.

So the series/chapter ends with how their team members said goodbyes to Alexx Woods and how most of them try to stop themselves from crying. It can be seen clearly that Calleigh can't stop her tears from flowing as she's the closest to Alexx among the team.

To tell the truth, I can't stop myself from crying too as she's the best and coolest Medical Examiner I've ever seen!!!!! Well... though it's not real but it's still she really is such a good actress!!!

I'm seriously very very sad to see she leave CSI: Miami... I really really cried!!!!!!!

But anyhow, goodbye Alexx Woods and I really really wish you could come back to CSI: Miami SOON!!!!!!!!

Nicely trimmed eyebrows!!!

YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I adi trimmed my eyebrows!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~~!!!!

All thanks to CHEE WOON~~~~~~~ CHEE WOON MAN SUI~~~~~~~!!!!!!

OK in case you ask me who is Chee Woon, she's working for Astro and her job is a Make-up Artists!!!! GENG MOU?!?!?!?!?! Oh... and she's also is Chewdan's gf... :D

But anyhow, I'm in HEAVEN~~~!!!!!!!!!

Oh I tell you, she's really geng!!! really really geng!!! OK lar... maybe I got carried away but anyhow, she helped me trimmed my eyebrows and it looks SOOOOOOOOOOOO clean and well-defined now!!! Oh and she do it for me FOC!!!!!!!! SI BEH GOOD~~~~~~


My nicely trimmed eyebrows!!!

Nice bor?!?!? More clean rite rite rite?!?!?! :D :D :D

Look at my happy face!!!

Trying to stop myself from smiling... :D

Trying really hard... Cuz I'm SKY HIGH~~~!!!!!

Some sort of erm... more "natural" look... :P

See my happy face!! :D

OK... the following pic is taken when I can't stop myself from being silly...

Can't stop myself from smiling....

Can't stop myself from laughing...

And definitely can't stop myself from...........................


Acting stupid... KAKAKAKAKAKAKAK!!!

Look at my stupid face... I'm super happy~~~~~~~~~~~


Double Eyelids!!! FINALLY!!!


After much much MUCHHHHHH research on the Internet to learn on how to make my eyes looks BIGGER and PRETTIER and most importantly WITH DOUBLE EYELIDS, I finally found it!!!!!!!!


It's all thanks to the makeup skill!!!!!!

Well to tell u the truth, I damn sucks at makeup lah... So this is the 1st time i tried to make my eyes looks more natural with double eyelids... and it did!!!!!!! SUCCESSFULLY WITH DOUBLE EYELIDS!!!!!

How I got it!?!?! It's all thanks to THIS website and the chick called Jen (If I'm not mistaken)!!!!!!

So please have a look at the outcome when I follow the steps (minus those eyeshadows)!!!

SEE SEE!!! Looks natural rite?!?!?

Here still didnt look big enuff...

Aihhh.. my makeup skill sucks.. so I draw my eyes till 1 big 1 small
Really 1 big 1 small... hahahahahaa!!!

But at least looks bigger rite?!?!?!?! :D :D :D

RIGHT?!?!?!?! And this pics looks like I got wear color contacts... which I did not!!!

I think if I wear color contacts will makes my eyes looks more nicer I think...

A close-up look of my makeup...

The other side of my makeup..

So... nice bor?!?!?
This is the power of makeup!!!! And also eyeliner!!! AND also tape!!! muahahahahahaha!!!
I only use those "ready made" double eyelid tape and black eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger... thats all!! It's cheap and easy and simple!!!
And it took me almost an hour to do so... aiyoh 1st time doing it mar!! Hands shaking leh!!! KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!!!