Jokes from fwded emails

I know there's been no updates from my blog recently... but thats due to CNY mar.. so was busy eating... errr no... was busy taking angpaos from my relatives mar.. hehehe.. so here's some jokes i got from my emails...

Who says our English is teruk? Just see below - Ours is simple, short, concise, straight-to-point, effective etc........

Britons: I'm sorry, Sir, but we don't seem to have the sweater you want in your size, but if you give me a moment, I can call the other outlets foryou.
Malaysians: No Stock.

Britons: Hello, this is John Smith. Did anyone page for me a few moments ago?
Malaysians: Hello, who page?

Britons: Excuse me, I'd like to get by. Would you please make way?
Malaysians: S-kew me

Britons: Hey, put your wallet away, this drink is on me.
Malaysians: No-need, lah.

Britons: Excuse me, but do you think it would be possible for me to enterthrough this door?Malaysians: (pointing the door) can bor?

Britons: Please make yourself right at home.
Malaysians: Don't shy shy, lah!

Britons: I don't recall you giving me the money.
Malaysians: Where got?

Britons: I'd prefer not to do that, if you don't mind.
Malaysians: Don't want la...

Britons: Err. Tom, I have to stop you there. I understand whereyou'recoming from, but I really have to disagree with what you said about the issue.
Malaysians: You siao ah?

Britons: Excuse me, but could you please! Lower your voice, I'm trying toconcentrate over here.Malaysians: Shut up lah!

Britons: Excuse me, but I noticed you staring at me for some time. Do I know you?
Malaysians: See what, see what?

Britons: We seem to be in a bit of a predicament at the moment.
Malaysians: Die-looooooo!!

Britons: Will someone tell me what has just happened?
Malaysians: Wat happen Why like that....

Britons: This isn't the way to do it here let me show you
Malaysians: like that also don't know how to do mehhh!!!!

Britons: Would you mind not disturbing me
Malaysians: Celaka lu


gathering with ShanYen

well he's an ex-colleague of mine when we were working in a company. i would say once u look at him, u know he do something that was related to art. its not that he dress outrageously but... the way he dress himself is always different from the others...

so back to topic... i was arranging this gathering even before CNY 'cuz i know he'll be back to KL (currently he's working in spore). i sent out an email inviting most of my ex-company's colleagues and too bad most of them were not local, so they wont be able to join since all of them will still be at kampung during the gathering date. them some who are local wont be able to make it cuz they said they gotta have dinner with family, go "bai nin" and stuff like that... so yes, i'm hinting those that didnt come!! hahahahaha...

so in the end, those leng chai and leng luis that showed up are: -

1. Me and my boyboy
2. Teddy and FeiFei (his gf lar of course)
3. Eric
4. Meng Fatt
5. last but not least, ShanYen

we went to New Paris Restaurant at SS2 to have our sumptuous dinner where we of course ate lou sang. actually yesterday is the 3rd time that i ate lou sang.. hahahaha... guess most of us kan cheong to lou even b4 CNY... hahahaha..

so yesterday's dinner is OK, we chat happily, ate till every single 1 of us feels super full even though in total we ask for 5 dishes and 1 lou sang oni... so today was back to office day again and i'm here sitting, rotting in office... actually got work to do 1, but i'm just plain lazy to do it. still in CNY and holiday mood mar.. i should've take the remaining 3days leave instead of coming to work.. i really regret man!! WHYYYYYY!!!!!

anyway, was sitting in office rotting when mr. ka lei suddenly msg me and was greeting me. was happy chatting with him (in googletalk) when he ask this: -

KaLei: "yesterday song bor ?"
Me: "veli good ah. eat happily, chat happily. u go where for dinner?"
KaLei: "see bei song... me ... being ffk..."
Me: -____- "then how come didnt join us???????"
KaLei: "i suppose to go out with my family,but then my pig & dog buddy called and said they wan to go out with me.. then i mai wait for them loh.. then they flied my 747..."
Me: "orhhhhh... meaning we're not ur pig and dog buddy lar!!!"
KaLei: "i end up eating alone..."
Me: *laughing* "i veli sad oledi latrrrrr. ur other pig and dog buddy ask u to go makan, u go"
KaLei: "hmm... so u wan to be pig or dog ?"
Me: "when i ask u to go makan, u say wan to dinner with family"
KaLei: "hehehehe"
Me: *smiling non-stop* "both i also dun 1 liao. too sad liao. i'm hurt.. so hurt.... my heart is tearing apart.." (man i'm good with words.. hahahaha..)
KaLei: "oh.. so tai look meh.. calm down... i will try to fly u more 747.. after u get used to it, then u will not feel sad already"
Me: "dun 1 say u oledi. i ajak u WAYYYYYY earlier but u didnt say OK but when ur pig and dog fren make 1 call, u quickly FLY there to say OK. sighhhhhhhh.. i understand 1 i'm not leng lui, got no nice body so u wont say ok so fast 1 ok larrrr.... i dun 1 force u laer.." (i was laughing non-stop when i typed this, but he didnt know.. akakakakaka..)
KaLei: "wei... u so free meh.. got time to type so many non-sence..." (i wanted to correct him with the spelling which i used to do, but in order to continue with my play, i didnt... :-p)
Me: "actually, i am really veli free. free till i think of u fly me 747 AND didnt think me and the rest as ur pig and dog fren.. so from happy become sad liao and hurt.. sighhhhhhhh"
KaLei: "need to call celcom... on the phone"
Me: "see... now dun even wan to talk to me liao. rather talk to celcom.. oh no... wat have become of me????!?!?!?!?!" (hahahaha... i really laugh like mad... buay tahan..)
KaLei: "watever lah..." (oopppsss... he seems to get frustrated.. :-p)

of course in the end, he seems ok oledi and i still didnt tell him i'm fooling around with him... HAHAHAHAHAHAa... let him scared a bit also good mar.. ah bor always ask him to come out, he'll say busy with this and that... who knows what he's actually doing at home... maybe he's watching his stack of DVD which was rated by himself depending on how high his rack is.. the higher the DVD is, the higher it's being rated.. kakakakaka... ka lei... u know what i mean hoh?? HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!


HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! YAYYYYYY!!! well i should've post this during the 1st day of CNY but too bad, i'm back to KT, so didnt post it.... this yr is the year that i felt so much in CNY mood!! when i'm in office, i cant wait for the clock to strike 6pm, when i'm at home, i cant wait the day to be the reunion dinner date... then while i'm shopping, i saw a lot of CNY decorations thats really really amazing!!! i really salute those designer.. they can really design a normal shopping complex to become something to HYPER!!!

so during the reunion dinner, i think this is the 1st yr that we have reunion dinner in steamboat style... well grandma said it's much much easier mar.. just need to cook the soup, the rest sendiri cook, and then no need to wash so many stuff... fuahhh... grandma, u're GENG CHAO!!! every year i really love to have reunion dinner at my grandma house, cuz there'll be full packed of my auntie uncle, cousins and nieces...

there's once i ask my boyboy to come over my grandma house after his reunion dinner, he was SHOCKED!! REALLY SHOCKED cuz once he reach my grandma house, he thought he went to a 2nd hand car dealer shop. hahahahahaha... well u see... every time reunion dinner, got more than 10 cars showed up... so u imagine how big my family is... then we need at least 4 big round table to store all my cousins, auntie uncles and the nieces... but this is not the WHOLE family yet, some of them migrated to US and AUS, so if they really do come back, fuahh... i dunno how many tables oni can store them all... too bad i dun have the picture, if not i can show it to u all here..

when i was in form 3 till form 5, we families will play some jackpot game where the adults will fork out RM500 each to buy the gifts for those lucky winners and stuff. so everytime after the reunion dinner, we kids of course will get excited to see what we'll get once our number are being announced. but too bad, during that 3 yrs, luck isnt with me, so i only got ang paos most of the time.. hahahaha... how i wish we were back then where we can play all this games and stuff...


The Gifts...

Yesterday after my dinner with my colleague, I went back home to look for my boyboy since he's there already. surprisingly, yesterday nite he can off work at 8.30pm. hehehehee... guess his boss let him off early to celebrate valentine's day with me.. hehehehe..

then we went to his house to overnite and chit chat loh... and no.. dont go think something dirty that involves bed and some "action" hoh... i give u see the REAL gift hah...

the 45cm love pillow, the chocs and the card...

my boyboy and da gifts...

ermmm... actually my boyboy didnt look so fat 1... its my camera phone snap it not that nice... aiyah pariah camera phone is ani kuan lar... but i think the chocs looks more nicer in the pic from my previous posts... but anyway.. my boyboy is happy then ok lar... :-p
i asked him to explain the whole story when he receive the gifts...

Me: "so whats ur reaction when u receive the gift?"
boyboy: "actually, when they deliver, i wasn't in the office, my colleague collected it for me and then put it on my table.."
Me: "oh how come??"
boyboy: "we went out for lunch with my boss mar... so when i go to my table, i saw the gifts, i was surprised and shocked loh.. then i go ask who give 1? but in my heart, i know its u lar.. hehehhehe..."
Me: "hehehehe.. ah boh summore who? u got other secret admirer izzit? hehehe.."
boyboy: "then all my other colleague saw the gift, they start talking loh, say i was so lucky to get such a good gf loh.. say i better treat u better loh.."
Me: *smiling non-stop* "of course... kakakakakaka.. then then then??"
boyboy: *frown* "then they start to tease me loh... kacau me loh..."
Me: *uh-ohhhh* "oh... thennnn??" *stammers*
boyboy: *smile* "then i show off the chocs as if it's a trophy loh... then they all clap hands and start hooting loh... shouting and stuff loh..." *smile*
Me: "hehehehe... fuahhh... show off meh... hahahaha.."
boyboy: "hahahaha.. they all want to see mar... so let they all see and to show how proud i am to have you loh.."
Me: *awwWWWwWWwww* "hehehehehe... really proud?? hehehheeh.." *kiss* "so are you really happy to get my gifts? did u feel angry or pai seh cuz it was supposed to be guys who delivers gits to girls wor.."
boyboy: "i'm happy and is really truly surprised dear... no worries ok?? thanks a lot again.." *hugssss*

then the rest.. no need to say liao loh... got a very sweet moment with him loh... and i'm very very happy that he's happy loh... hheehhehehee... he's the best gift on my valentine's day... :-D



YEHHHHHHH!!!!! remember i post about i'm gonna give a surprise for my boyboy and was worried the shit out of me as to whether i'll be cheated by the company or either my boyboy will not be happy with it?? WELLLLL!!!!! 1st i'm not being cheated and 2nd... my boyboy is super surprised and he's super happy!!! kakakakakakaka....

Early in the morning i've been worried sick as to whether my order will be delivered to my boyboy or not or whether i'll be cheated or not. I tell u, the whole morning i keep on praying non-stop that i'm not being cheated!! then during lunch hour, i went out for lunch at 12.30pm and went to meet up with chewdan to pass him something for a while...

so when i finally sit down to start eating my food, i got a call from my boyboy!!! i look at my watch, it's 1.56pm already!!! Earlier i email the company and ask them to send the gift after 2pm if possible... so when i got my boyboy's call, i know it's been delivered!!!

Boyboy: "Dear... hehehehe... thanks a lot for the gift..." *a lot of girls talking at the back*
Me: "heheehehe... so u got my gift huh?? happy or not?? surprised or not??" *smiling non-stop*
Boyboy: "Of course happy lar!! and yes, EXTREMELY SURPRISED!! hahahahhaa.. I'm in the center of attention now... every1 in my office is talking about it!!"
Me: "hehehehe... good loh... i finally have a very memorable surprise for you already... so what did u receive huh??" (to double check whether they got mess up my order or not!!)
Boyboy: "I got 24 roses loh.."
Me: o.O "HUH????? ROSES?!?!?!?!?!"
Boyboy: "hahahha.. no lar... ferrero rocher chocolates loh... and a love pillow... hehehehehe.."
Me: *phewwwwwww* "hahahahaa... good loh... happy bor??"
Boyboy: "of course happy ler!! thanks a lot ah dear... i'm really surprised wor... i sure know u up to something 1 when u call me and ask what's my office address.."
Me: "hehehehee... well, u didnt give it to me, i ask from your colleague loh.. kakakakaa... smart leh me.."
Boyboy: "yeah lar... sure later they call and kacau me 1... thanks again ah dear..."

So that's how it make my day today... after such an uneventful day in the morning, at least i got a very eventful day at noon rite?? then my colleague who have lunch together with me kept saying i'm smiling non-stop... hahahahaa... well who dont man?? when u hear ur loved ones so happy and all smiley face when receive ur gift, u also will smile non-stop ler... hahahahaah...

then the rest kept asking me what my boyboy gimme... to tell u the truth, nothing loh... well nothing as in a gift like presents and stuff... but instead, he did gimme something when he call up earlier this morning, and another 1 when he got my gift....

that's called love, passion, happiness and satisfaction... this kinda emotions, it's worth a thousand gifts already... it cant be compared with anything in this world already... so now i would think... my boyboy is the best boyfriend in the world!!! hehehehe... sorry ah chewdan... :-p

geng chao englishiiii....

I went to 1U yesterday with my sis to finalized all buy gifts buying to all the elders in my family and my boyboy's family... aiii... talk about buying gifts... every new year will make my wallet a super duper big hole 1 lar... sighh... just on gifts for my mom and dad, my kaima and kaiyeh, my grandma and grandpa, my boyboy aunts and papa and popo.... sighhh....

so was carrying a few "kai jing" bought from Eu Yan Sang on both hands, it was super duper heavy... while my sis was carrying some lighter stuff since she got gastric... so better dun let her carry so many things lar... then we were looking for a shop called "Pay Less Book". I remember it was in the new wing but i dunno which corner, so we went to ask the girl at the Information counter which happens to be a malay girl...

Girl: "Yes?"
My sis: "Can I know where is Pay Less Book shop situated at?"
Girl: "Huh?? PEE Less Book?"
Me: "errrr... no no... is Pay Less Book"
Girl: *shuffling around looking for a paper* "Pee Leees Book?"
My sis: *roll eyes* "No its Pay Less Book"
Me: "Yeah.. PAY Less Book"
Girl: *looking at the list of shops names* "Ohhh... Pay Leeees Book... it's at 2nd Floor New Wing"
Me: "Ok thanks.." *grumble with sis*

Then we walk away, grumbling to each other bout her english: -

My sis: "aiyohhh.. her english kana geng chao... ani kuan also can become receptionist ah?? die loh like that.."
Me: *shook head* "Malay mar... easier to get job 1 no matter how geng chao ur english is.."
My sis: "told her so many times is PAY LESS BOOK, she go and pronounce pee and then leees, she wanna pee izzit??"
Me: "hahahahah... i guess she really wanna pee on a guy called ah lee... HAHAHAHAHAHA..."
My sis: "hahahaha... beh tahan her man.. her english really geng chao!!"

When we reach new wing 2nd floor, then oni we realize the girl didnt tell us which shop number the Pay Less Book is situated at... then again we both curse her for being such a "good" receptionist, oni tell us its at 2nd floor new wing... as if the shop can be easily seen... kanasai leh..

I Had A Bad Day...

Event 1:
Already rushing to work after the schweeeet chit chat with my boyboy, quickly dress myself up properly and then check mirrors, hair OK, put on perfume, smells good, check clothes attire, looks killing... kakakakakakaka... take my handbag, looks more stunning!! then i quickly rush downstairs and take my house keys, car keys then wear shoes and then quickly lock all the doors... so when i was INSIDE my car, waiting for my car to "heat" up, i was there thinking: -
"hmmmm... today seems like a schweeet day, listen to some songs from my mp3 on my phone 1st..."

so i check my handbag and "SHEEEETTTTTTTTT!!!! where's my handphone???? aisehhh.. i left it in my room leh... want to take or not leh?? aiyah cannot dun take, today got some stuff to do in office, sure got a lot ppl looking for me 1.... !!@#!#@$@#$~@!$">~!!@#!#@$@#$~@!$ go take lah..!!" so i switch off my car, lock my car door and open my house door and stuff, rush upstairs to my room and take my handphone loh... wat to do... then quickly rush back down and lock everything and was a bit relieved adi since can finally start my journey to work...

Event 2:
"WHAT THE *tooooooottttt* *tooooooottttt*!!>!??!?!?!?!?!" nia meh... kanasai leh... my bro use my car till no more petrol!!!!!!!!!! ppl was rushing to work, now i need to pump petrol adi!! shit lar!! of all days!!!! @#%#$^#@#!@$@# summore wat?? go pump petrol loh... ah bor later half way to office, i need to hike up my skirt and see which leng chai wanna help me push my car loh!!

Event 3:
on the way to office, was driving "song song" and then all of a sudden, the stupid ah pek drive his car super DUPER near to my car at the roundabout!! ma de!!! that lane is an EMERGENCY lane leh!! he "ka ka si" go use that lane to cut me!! if i didnt brake all of a sudden, i sure bang his car adi. then both of us also no need to have a nice beautiful car for CNY adi... nia meh leh...

Event 4:
ALMOST reaching office, ANOTHER stupid ah pek dunno how to drive... suddenly cut into my lane to turn left!! ma de!!!!!!!!! today WHAT THE HECK happen to all the AH PEK drivers hah??? they cannot use signal 1 ah?? their license is KOPI-O license ah hah??? nia meh leh...

Event 5:
reached office, got a call from my PM and say got UAT on the system that i maintain. WALAOOOOO... why last minute???? then my PM said this: -

PM: "dun blame me why last min ah... that outbound manager kana 'good', 6.30am sms me and say to have the UAT at 10am. now already 9.40am, her SHADOW also cant be seen in the office... the rest of her staff also cant be seen.."
me: "nia meh... she ask us dun inform her things last minute, now she also last minute wat!! fine lar!! she wan UAT, then i give her UAT lar!! ask her staff all to be here lar!! my system memang ready since DECADES ago!!"
PM: "yeah i replied her sms and say we'll have the UAT at 11am. u see lar, she sure wont be able to make it 1... sure give dunno wat stupid reasons 1.."
me: "i dont care lar... we memang can UAT wat... summore NOT US who was supposed to test the system, it is USER to do the testing what... ah bor wat's called User Acceptance Test??"

Event 6:
after breakfast, was helping the inbound manager to fix his laptop on some ITSM software stuff... setup halfway.. NOT WORKING!!!! HOWWWWW?!?!?!?!??!? i call the vendor and ask him for help, must resolve it before 12pm as the manager is on halfday leave today... so i search hi and low to resolve the problem... in the end... i dunno how to resolve liao... i go find my tai ko... CCLAM!!!!!!!!

so in the end, my tai ko cclam help me resolve the problem!! OOOOOOHHHH!! without cclam, i wont be complete... he's my savior!!! in my job function oni ok?? dun think too much hah!! and also, in the end, there's no UAT 'cuz the user called my PM and said a lot of bullshit, say cant make it, client call for a meeting and watever crap... she lazy say oni lar... chiuuuu....


WOW!! the all-so-romantic day is here!!!! well i wish every couple happy valentine's day, and for those who are still single, i wish you may have 1 in near future!! hey for those who are still single, dun be sad on valentine's day ya know. u can celebrate it with friends also 1.....

so i went online to msn and then to a website to watch some drama. at first i dunno wat drama to watch since my leng chai Mike He's drama is not much. I wanted to watch Marry Me Please by Mike He and Liu Zheying but too bad, that website dun have... :-(

then i was browsing here and there and found a very old drama called Meteor Garden. Since last time it was sooooooo popular, i watch it loh... last time i would think that Dao Ming Sze is handsome, but after watching the 1st episode, i think he's not MAN enough. his voice is a bit..... hmmmm.... not as man as my Mike He. KAKAKAKAKAKAKAA... i hope no F4 fans will kill me.

was watching halfway and saw the time strike 12am!!!! so it's valentine's day already!!! i go grab my phone, wait for my boyboy's sms, hopefully he'll at least sms me to wish me?? i wait... and wait... and wait.... not a single beep comes from my handphone... a bit dissappointed and then xianglooi msg me (thru googletalk lar) and said "Happy Valentine's Day dear!!!" i was like... SHEEEEETTTTTTTTT.... not my boyboy the 1st 1 to wish me adi....

well ppl wish me adi, takkan i dun reply rite?? so my reply would be as below: -

me: "aiksss... since when i become ur valentine??"
xianglooi: "since i like BKT mar.. hehehehee"
me: "OOOHHHH!!! like that lar... okok... HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY DARLING!!!"
xianglooi: "hahahahhhaha..."

ok lar i admit i a bit flirty lar but when i see he also like BKT, i got a bit over excited mar!!! hehehehehehe... then terence msg me on msn and wish me too...

terence: "Happy Valentine's Day" (with a kiss at the end) "so am i the 1st to wish u? hehehe.."
me: "hahahha... nah u're the 2nd, the 1st went to another fren.. hehehee... Happy Valentine's Day to u too.."
terence: "so ed got wish u adi?"
me: "not yet. guess he slept adi.. hahahahaa..."

then we chit chat a bit summore while i continue watching the meteor garden till 1.15am and quickly go to sleep. ah bor later tomolo cant wake up leh... so woke up the next day which is today, go wash my face, change my cloth and prepare for work. changing halfway, my boyboy call!!!! so imagine hoh, i was about to put on my blouse, boyboy call... so how??? aiyah of coz dun care lar... 1 hand on the blouse sleeve adi, another hand on phone loh...

me: "Helooooo..."
boyboy: "Happy Valentine's Day!!!"
me: "hehehehe.. Happy Valentine's Day to you too..."
boyboy: "so what day is today leh??"
me: "valentine's day loh... i thought u said u dunno what day is today??"
boyboy: "oh i really dunno 1 ah... hehehehehe..."
me: -___- "...."
boyboy: "so what you doing lar?"
me: "changing clothes loh.. preparing to go work mar..."
boyboy: "oh u sure u not still sleeping ah??"
me: -___- "wey it's 8.20am liao ok?? have to rush to work liao... so... got buy anything for me or not lar?? heh... heh... heh..."
boyboy: "no wor... where got time?? busy with work leh..."
me: "........................"

well although no gift, but at least he got wish me loh... so consider him the 1st to wish me adi since he CALL mar... heheheheheheheh... summore is SPEAK to me mar.... hahahahaha... so that made my day.... :-p

but then, after receiving his call... not so good day ahead wor... :-( tell u in next post hah...


Valentine's gift survey...

i've just got a complain from XMM saying i didnt update my blog often leh... kana cham... not much idea of what to write in my blog mar... hahahahaha... u know hah XMM, wanna write a blog must squeeze my brain juice 1 leh!!! not easy 1 ya know??

so back to topic... i just make a small small tiny tiny survey of what valentine's day gift that my fren going to give their bf/gf... and the best 1 i still would go to CHEWDAN!!!!!!! u know why ah?? well he bought a Tiffany and Co. ring for his gf leh!!! TIFFANY & CO. man!!!!! u know how expensive is that company product is?!?!??!?!!?!?!? well i dun 1 to tell how much here lar, give him some privacy mar but stillllll... TIFFANY & CO. ring as a valentine's GIFT oni!!! sighhh... how i wish my bf is as rich as chewdan... and he still can tell me his wallet still got no hole even after he bought that ring... for me... my purse will have 1 EXTREMELY BIG hole liao!!!

then i heard that our XMM also not bad mar... da boyboy give her a diamond ring leh!!! she's soooooo lucky!!! then some give pearls, some give flowers as usual, some give RAM or handphone.... but for da RAM, though i think its not romantic but if its useful, then ok lar i guess... hahahahaha...

but still, from all the survey that i did, all seems quite normal oni ler... no1 tells me that they plan to bring their gf to some place romantic and stuff leh... so i guess due to the V-day is on wednesday, i guess no1 is free to do all the romantic stuff since its a working day...

then there's my cousin asking me how much is the bouquet of chocolate that i gonna give to my boyboy...

couz: eh how much is the bouquet of chocs ah?
me: ehhhh... its RM*** for the chocs and RM** for da pillow loh..
couz: wah jiao... so expensive
me: WOIIIIIII... once a yr oni lar... so its OK lar i guess..
couz: your name is robert?
me: but now i see my purse got 1 hole adi...
couz: your surname is chai?
me: -___- KNN leh!!!
couz: well i told my girl not to buy me stuff. lol. incase she buy liao then i don't need or not useful to me. i only dump it in one corner nia. dun waste money lah
me: my bf like chocs mar so i buy that for him loh
couz: money not easy to earn leh
me: i understand but i just wan to give him a small surprise mar
couz: suprises can be done other than on valentine's
me: hahaha.. done on v-day would be a bit more schweett mar
couz: well its the mental perception of an individual
me: -__-

yes couz... i know everyday also i can give my boyboy surprises but then, everyday give surprises, then its no fun liao der... hahahaha...


Valentine's Day coming!!!

Hey Valentine's Day coming adi!!! so what surprises have you prepared for your boyboy and girlgirl leh?? or hubby or wifey leh??? well actually i got a secret to tell u all.... whoever who know or got my boyboy email/mobile number/home phone number or watever, please do not tell him of this secret ok?????

well actually not a secret, its just a surprise for my boyboy loh... i never really managed to give him surprises for the past 6yrs that we've been together. well maybe once or twice but not all the time when i say got surprise for him, he'll managed to guess it 1 loh... guess i'm not good at giving him surprises gua... hahahahaha...

there's 1 idea suddenly come to my mind 1 day that i sit in office there thinking...

my thoughts - "yorrrr... valentine's day coming liao, what gift to buy for boyboy neh?? how how how??? hmmm... ok what he need eh? shaver he got adi, tshirt he got a lot, work clothes not so special, flowers... SIAO!! guys dun like flowers especially him, treat him dinner.... always do so on some special occasion, so dun 1... hmmm.. OOOOOOOOOOO WAIT!!! ONLINE DELIVERY!!!!"

So that's how i thought of searching online where to order some gifts online and they'll deliver it for me to his office loh...then i go search high and low.. (well actually not so difficult also lar... go ask Google gorgor, once type and click Search, all junk come out adi... hahahaha..), i finally managed to get the site i'm looking for!! hehehehe... the site is called www.love.com.my where they deliver ur gift within Klang Valley in malaysia for free!!! well they did do international too but for free or not, me not sure, u gotta go and check it out loh...

So i go in and look see look see, they have Chocolates as gift too!! so i didnt think much, i selected chocolates as my gift for my boyboy since he loves chocolates so much. well if not chocolates, i dunno wat to give him adi cuz teddy bear... he's a guy leh, give him teddy for wat?? flowers also out cuz.. like i said, he guy leh!!! then hamper.... not nice also... not lomantic enough lar.. so finally i managed to find what i'm looking for!!!!!!

Ferrero Rocher 24 pieces bouquet

nice a not??? i know a bit sissy lar but then isnt it nice??? lovely rite??? cute rite??? then i didnt think much, i quickly ordered it!! hahahahaha... then halfway ordering, they got ask whether i wan to add something to make it more lovelier?? so i go and look at those stuff, see whats the LOVELIER thingy is.... then of course u gotta pay extra for the LOVELIER thingy lar...

at 1st, i didnt want to add anything cuz if add, sure expensive 1... so before i hit the SUBMIT button, i sit there thinking...

my thoughts - "aiii... wan to add something or not leh?? if didnt add, later he finish the chocolate, nothing can be left as a memory adi wor?? once eat, in stomach liao... then the next day, shit it out liao worrrr.... aiyah dun care lar!! for my boyboy, spend a bit more also nvm lar!!"

fuahhhhh... i felt i am so "wai dai" liddat... hahahahahaha... so in the end, i selected a cute heart shape pillow loh.. Heart Shape 45cm pillow

nice bor?? cute rite?? hehehehehee... since i mentioned to him before that his house need 1 small pillow in the living room, so i add this lovely pillow loh.. 1 stone hit 2 birds mar... 1 as a memory, 2nd would be... i got a pillow to hug when i'm in his house living room adi!! hahahahaha....

then after i hit the SUBMIT button, i got scared.... cuz i scared my boyboy wont like it ler... cuz u know lar... this delivery thingy, normally guys did it for girls mar... where got girls did it towards guys 1 rite?? so how?????? now i a bit regret of my quick action!!! did before thinking!!! HOWWWWWW?!?!!??!?!?!?!!?!

*praying* God, pls pls pls forgive me of my "chong dung"-ness, pls make him happy when he receive my gift!!!


HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!!

I really is wondering why these few days the weather is SOOOO freaking hot!! i went to Seapark for lunch today and was eating Bak Kut Teh. well... i know the weather is so hot, why i still go eat bak kut teh rite?? well i got no choice since my colleague wanted to go eat that for lunch, i just follow loh. he's the driver, i just follow orders oni loh... then there goes my diet plan... sighhhh... i really wanna be thin again!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

So back to topic... Yeah i went to eat bak kut teh and was sitting outside instead of inside where they have air-cond TOGETHER with fan which i believe will be very cooling. so why didnt i go sit inside?? sighhh... my colleague loh.. they smokers mar... so they gotta sit outside in order to allow them to smoke loh... what to do rite??

so half-way eating, i saw cclam is sweating like "sheeeeet" oledi... so after we finished our lunch, i look at my right where cclam is sitting, his face is kinda consider DRENCHED with his sweat oledi... i tell u, he really good at sweating while i'm not so good at it. i dunno why, maybe i got too much fats that blocked all my "bulu roma" holes oledi so my fats cant get out... once we reached office, he sat down and plug in his USB cable FAN. yes... u read correctly, is USB cable FAN!! he was so hot that even inside the office, the air-cond cant help much. lemme show u the pic of how enjoy he is with his small cute lil' fan...

though the fan is small, but it's POWDERFUL!!
i tell u, i was sitting beside him, i can hear how POWDERFUL that small lil' fan is. i believe if i put my fingers in between that fan wings, my fingers definitely will be chopped off!!! ok i know i'm a bit exaggerated but then, when u hear that "funnngggggggg" sound hoh, it really seems veli powerful leh!! and also, its quite irritating also that sound. it feels that there's a fly that kept on flying around ur ears liddat!!



YO YO YO!!!! i'm back from my ipoh -> bukit tambun -> penang -> langkawi -> melaka trip oledi!! YAYYYY!!! well to tell u the truth, whenever u go for holiday rite, u'll realise that time flies DAMN FAST!! i tell u... is SUPER FAST!! my 1 week leave for my trip just past by like a blink of an eye oni... sighh..

so yeah... me now back to work, currently sitting in office at my place typing this blog.. weyy... 1 week holiday come back got lots of work to do 1... not nothing to do 1 ok?? i just need my brain to rest a while before continuing on my work oni... so dun say me snake king hoh!!

hmmm... wat to say... can say my trip is very very tiring but fun ah... cuz we went to a lot of places, eat whatever we wanted to eat, went to places we wanted to visit, so it's not a bad trip.. the ipoh -> bukit tambun -> penang -> langkawi which is on 28th jan till 31st jan 2007 contains 6 people which is: -

1. Yen - my boyboy's boss
2. Regine (Yen's wife) - the prettiest in our group... sorry lah guys, she's taken..
3. Me - the 2nd prettiest in da group.. kakakakaka... and also the fattest girl :-(
4. Edward - my leng chai boyboy of coz.. i tell u, though he's fat but he's the most leng chai in our group of guys leh..
5. Angela - the friend from Hong Kong
6. Rachel - my boyboy's, yen's & angela's ex-colleague. the thinnest among our group!!

so u see, our group got most leng chai, most leng lui, most thinnest and most fattest. so not a bad combination rite?? hahahahahaha... for now i only have some langkawi and melaka pic, so i'll show u a bit of it as a preview, when i got the full pics for the entire trip, i'll update my blog and let u all see see look look...

Langkawi - on the way up to Telaga Harbour Park

on the way up, my boyboy is very very scared cuz he's afraid of heights... so i gotta sit beside him and hold him... seee.... me such a good gf... KAKAKAKAKAKAAK... the view is sooooo pretty and beautiful that u will really really love it... so u gotta try this when u go langkawi...

Langkawi - Telaga Tujuh view

This is the oh-so-famous telaga tujuh view that i snap while i'm on my way up to the harbour park. they said it is called telaga tujuh is because there contains 7 "wells" where u need to climb it by stage. so of coz, it contains 7 stage, the lowest is Stage 7 where u'll reach after 15min of climbing. so imagine how long it'll take u to reach the highest? so i'm smart, i didnt go climb up there to look at the highest Stage 1 well... i sit in this cable car i can see already... hahahahah..

Langkawi - Mutiara Burau Bay Beach Resort

isnt the view just beautiful?? actually we were lost when we wanted to search for some seafood. we turn here turn there, then suddenly turn into this resort and say why not go down to the beach and snap a few pics since the view so nice? so walla!! here's 1 of the oh-so-beautiful view that i took.. hehehehe... i really love beach!! u see, the sand is so smooth, the sea waves is so calm, the wind is so cool and windy, the horizon is glistening with sun rays... fuyooo... amazing!!

Langkawi - Coco Beach Restaurant

we finally found the restaurant that we're looking for!! we enjoy our seafood dinner at this restaurant just by the seaside... isnt the view just amazing?? having dinner with this view right in front of u... wow!! we ate dinner together with some beers on hand since the beer there is EXTREMELY CHEAP!! while enjoying our dinner, i look at the sand and saw lots and lots of crabs debating with each other. normally what i saw on the beach is those white color small crabs. but here, i saw those as big as my palm!! i dun even dare go near it to catch it. it's soooo scary!! though we did plan to catch that crab and ask the cook to cook it for us!! hahahaha.. but still, no we didnt do so since we're very full already. that crab is lucky i guess... hahahaha...

CHOCOLATES!!! most of it is not for me ok??yeah this is how much i spent on chocolates. so u see, my bro loves KitKat, so i gotta buy for him, then my dad LOVESSSS chocolates more than anything, so i gotta buy for him too of course. then my boyboy also loves chocolates, so he also bought a few... while i love those chocolates with a bit of liquor favor, so of coz i gotta buy some too... hehehehehe... then u see that toberone hiding at the side? well those are for my cousin shaun, pearly and kenny as a small souvenir... heheheeh... i sayang them 1 ok?? so of coz gotta buy for them... and that Andes chocolate is for my family... well i put at the fridge mar.. whoever wan to eat, just eat loh... hehehehe...

so i just post till here 1st of my langkawi trip... i'll post more when i get all the pics!! i didnt snap much pics in melaka, cuz we went there is to eat oni... hahahahaha... :-p