[Back date] Sing K -cum- LIQUOR SESSION!!!

Sorry folks!!! I know it's been SUPER LONGGGGGG since I've last update my blog... sorry yah!! Well reason is bcuz when I'm back home, I'm too tired to online oledi, so i didnt go update any post... moreover... for the past few weeks, I've been busy almost every single day AFTER 6pm...

I can't really remember when is this but it's somewhere at the beginning of June, Jaceleen ajak me out to sing K. At 1st I wanted to ajak TESS ppl to go 1, but as usual, they veli the "poh ma", so in the end, I said might as well ajak the ppl from my recent ex-colleagues which is Kompakar gang.

Then she said she dun wanna see the ever-so-popular "hamsap" wong, but i said without him, not much ppl will go adi... and i told her that i'll make sure he won't get the chance to sing that much... since he REALLY LOVES to sing!!!! and his voice... old man voice... buay tahan...

halfway thru... jace keep on snapping pics... so here goes.........

"hamsap" wong & me

"hamsap" wong & me again....
CCLAM!!!!! "hamsap" wong & me
"hamsap" wong & looking-blur-me
ah lai, kstan, a-bit-drunk-"hamsap"wong & me
me caught red handed for drinking!!!!

And no... I'm not drunk that nite... I belief those that are drunk is everyone EXCEPT me and Jaceleen... for her of coz ler... she si beh geng chao in drinking leh!!!! heheheheheeh...


Cute stuff..

There's a few things on my mind but I can't really blog it now... i'm still in office ler... but anyway, I realized that I've not updated my blog for some time and I got this fwded email which cheer up my day a little... so i'll share with u guys..

Mr Rabbit Exercies

1st: Warming up

sam fu kap~~~~~~~~~
kap hei~~~~~~`
fu hei~~~~
ok. now can FONG PEI~~~
(must read in cantonese)

2ND: Stretching

pom cak cak pom cak cak...

3rd: the upper body exercise

4rd: lower body exercise (moving to left and back)

5th: lower body exercise (moving to right and back)

6th: Head exercise (make sure to do the 2nd part, it works!)


i got TIE TAO GONG!!!

7th: whole body exercise



i wana buang all SUI HEI...

8th : Jumping exercise: The Pose is the key! but remember to jump!!

9th: relax



money money come...
money money come.....
must follow all the step ya... ^_^


Fun outings!!!

YAYYYY!!! Well I'm still very happy after my outings with my beloved cousins and sis last Saturday... Hmmm... I'll tell you from da begining of why it's so fun.

I woke up at 10am (woke up so late due to partying at Q-bar with KCWong, Jace, KSTan and da gang), go brush my teeth and wear a BIT nicely before i go wake my sis up to get ready for our outings.

We fetched Pearly and Shaun at around 11.30am and reach Cineleisure at 12.30pm or so... Hmmm... U must be thinking why took an HOUR to reach there when in fact I can reach there by 20minutes huh? Well thanks to my sis and Pearly for not pointing the correct way to Cineleisure, so we end up going from Genting Klang to Jln Duta to Jln Bangsar to NPE highway to LDP highway and in the end, we FINALLY reached Cineleisure... A damn big turn I tell u!!!! sighhh.....

So the 1st thing we did is go buy tickets for movies before we go makan... While queueing... my stomach oledi have a drumboy inside there playing a high volume bass!! We buy the tics for "Blades of Glory" for 2pm. Then we went to The Curve and have "Sakae Sushi"!!! The sushi is nice, the environment is perfect, and all our stomachs is stuffed till there's no extra space left within the stomach.

The moment we were in the movies and the moment the movie starts, you will start giggling and then start laughing and then start rolling around on ur seats laughing non-stop till the end of da show... I tell u... u MUST go to da cinema and watch this movie. It's SUPER DUPER funny!!!!

After the movies, we bunch of YOUNGsters (yah lar!! ME still young wokeh?!?!?!) went to take those errrr... "stickers" pics nearby the cinema... and I tell u hoh... the result is super duper nice!! all of us looks like models!!! MUAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!

Me, Shaun, mah sis (June) and Pearly

we're like Charlie's Angels with Charlie at da back.. ;-p

This is the same pic as the 1st ones but with different decorations...

Da pic got meanings ya know... Me with musics 'cuz my sis said I love clubbing recently... Shaun with da cats cuz errr... he loves cats apparently, my sis with the ice-cream cuz she loves ice cream while Pearly with da dogs is 'cuz she's in lurrrvvveeee with dogs (like Huei!!)!!

All of us looks natural ain't it?? like MODELS!! kakakakakaka!!!

Last but not least... my fave pics!!!

Luuurrrvvveeee this pic a lot cuz this pic shown that Shaun looks sooooo man-ly!!!! He really looks extremely leng chai and cute in this pic!!! Though I can hardly see mah eyes but then... with Pearly and Shaun's face "si beh jeng" face, oledi covered my face loh!! hahahahaha... EXTREMELY FUN OUTINGS!!!!

Oh by the way, this outings is something like a celebration for Shaun's birthday which is on June 3rd!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SHAUN BRO!!!!


Panda eye...

I couldn't sleep well last nite due to the issues that I'm facing... Still a bit emo now... I slept at 2.30am last nite... Can't really sleep properly as my mind kept thinking bout the problem that I'm facing now... It just won't let me go to sleep peacefully...

While working, I didnt know why I felt so angry at myself, at my colleagues, at my friends, at the things that I'm doing..... I just hate and angry at EVERYTHING!!! Even today when chatting with Jace, I felt angry at her.. (sorry dear... no mood ler.. sorrryyyyy!!!) Then I told her I didnt feel like going to sing "K" this coming Friday as I really is not into the mood...

Then she seems sad and said just cancel it and bla bla bla... Even I could feel she's not in good mood too... So after lunch, I still feel no mood at all and was really getting frustrated with myself... dun ask me, I dunno why... Then I go "kacau" KCWong on MSN, telling him my bday coming soon.... hinting to him to do something for me... well actually I just want to celebrate my bday with my bunch of friends... cuz I like to hang out with my bunch of friends and forget bout my problems... At least when I'm with them, I could have fun...

Then he's asking me when is my bday and stuff... So I'll let u see my conversation with him..

Me: ah wong.... ah wong...
Wong: yes?
Me: my bday coming soon leh... hehehehe...
Wong: ha...ha... u so pretty gal...
Me: =.=?? really 1 leh...
Wong: when a??
Me: 21st June loh.... coming soon leh..
Wong: eh that day is ks tan bday lar...
Me: *surprised* oooo... u oni remember ks tan lar... dun remember me 1 lar.. I also bday on that day mar...
Wong: ha...ha... really ah??
Me: yes lar!!! eh kstan really on that day also??
Wong: yes... 21/6... brb

I'm really really truly surprised when he told me that I got the same birthdate as KSTan... I dun have a friend that got the same birthdate as me!!! Well except Prince William... hmmm... consider him my friend also can geh... HAHAHAHAHAHA... *peRaSanNNnNNnn*

Then at night while I was driving home, Wong called and said he's organizing a birthday party for me and ask me to make sure to free myself on that nite... This I'm truly surprised again as I didnt know he'll organize a party for me!!! I'm soooo happy!! Then Larry said at the background that he'll pay for me as it's my birthday... Me LAGI happy as I'm currently pokai... ehehehehe... then KS Tan was on the phone asking this: -

KSTan: Wey, u really same day, same month and same year birthday with me ah??
Me: Yeah loh... really leh... I didnt lie leh... hmmm... eh wait!!! NOT SAME YEAR LEH!!!
KSTan: hahahahaa... same lar... hahahaha..
Me: Not same leh!!! Me 1982 leh... I heard u is 1973 or something leh!!! Almost 10yrs difference leh!!! where got same?!?!?!!?
KSTan: hahahahaa... who said me 1973. No lar!!!
Me: Then u when lar??
KSTan: ei but u seriously is same with me ah??
Me: really ler... u dun trust me, we both take out our I.C. and see lar!!
KSTan: hahahahahaa...

Then in the end, Wong kept telling me to bring more chicks girls as he also wan to know more leng luis (so Jace and Juin, I dun care, u 2 MUST COME!!!)... and ask me to dress nicely on that day and....... ask me to go hide all my fats on that day... =.='''' sighhh... fine... i try my best to cut burn as much fats as i can before that day lar....

I'm so happy that I wanted to tell my boyboy ASAP... so once I got home, I called him but he can't talk as he's driving... so I patiently wait for him to call back that I went to take my bath and watch TV... Even after the show, he didnt call me back... Guess he's busy with his family... Then my uncle called and ask bout whether is my boyboy confirm really wanted to go overseas and etc... So we chat for half an hour while I ask bout all the info and stuff...

Then I can't wait anymore, I call my boyboy to tell him bout the info that I got from my uncle... I didnt even managed to tell him bout the info... he told me this.... "I can't hear u, the line is not clear over my place, can we talk tomorrow??" sighhhhh....

I consider being rejected twice in few hours.... imagine how would I feel?? I was so overly happy with the news that Wong gonna organize a birthday party for me and with the info that I got... then with that sentence, it crushed all my happiness and excitement... sighhhh... so now I'm back to being emo again...

Sometimes I do wonder, do I really meant for him?? Am I the one for him?? What is my place in his heart?? Well maybe I felt insecure whenever his mom is back... cuz he'll concentrate all his time towards his mom... I can't blame him... he can only see his mom few years once... sighhh... I'm being a fucking selfish bitch....


Which is the best choice??

I'm emo again... Well I'll just pour out how i felt right now thru this post...

My boyboy was asking me whether should he resign now or should he resign later from his job... If he were to resign now, he wont be able to get RMXK from the company as a reward for working with them for 3yrs AND a gift for him as an appreciation of what he had done for the company. If he were to resign later, he'll have to suffer with working in this company for more than 12 hours a day for the remaining 5months or so.

Well I could see that he's suffering while working with this company. Suffering as in he's tired mentally.. where he don't feels like working anymore, he just need to relax... he need to recover his mind, body and soul back to normal...

So what is the best choice should I tell him? To resign now and relax for a month or so, then go overseas to achieve what he wanted to achieve or wait till he got the reward?? I really dont know what to tell him except that I'll support him whatever his decision is and no regrets with the decision made. Personally, I wish he will just resign and forget bout this job and go ahead with his dream. The money gone could be earned back, the main thing is his health is OK and he's happy... That's all I asked for... If he's not happy, no point having the money with him...

Then on my part, if i ask him to resign, means he'll leave me sooner... If i ask him to resign later, he'll be unhappy.... so it's like if i support him to resign, I'm asking him to leave me sooner... sighh... I didn't know why is so full of decision making and so full of choices that we got to make... There are times I'm sitting in my room thinking, is it so hard for 2 ppl to be together?

Sometimes I think it was me who's forcing him to earn more money... 'cuz of me, he'll have to save up so that we could get married as planned... is it because of me he has to suffer? Sometimes I really really wanted to tell him why not we just break up? It'll make him less suffer... He already got a lot of burden he has to carry, adding me as another burden, I can see he's suffocating...

Would it be better if he never meet me before at all? Would it be better if we didnt start a relationship before?? sighhh... I really didnt know what to do anymore... I was driving 120km/h just now when I'm on my way back from The Curve while listening to this song: -

Got up on the wrong side of life today
Crashed the car and I'm gonna be really late
My phone doesn't work cause it's out of range
Looks like it's just one of those kind of days
You can't kick me down
I'm already on the ground
No you can't cause you couldn't catch me anyhow
Blue skies but the sun isn't coming out no
Today it's like I'm under a heavy cloud
And I feel so alive
I can't help myself, don't you realize

I just wanna scream and lose control
Throw my hands up and let it go
Forget about everything and runaway
I just want to fall and lose myself
Laughing so hard it hurts like hell
Forget about everything and runaway

So So is how I'm doing if you're wondering
I'm in a fight with the world but I'm winning
Stay there come closer it's at your own risk
Yeah you know how it is life can be a bitch
But I feel so alive
I can't help myself, don't you realize

I just wanna scream and lose control
Throw my hands up and let it go
Forget about everything and runaway
I just want to fall and lose myself
Laughing so hard it hurts like hell
Forget about everything and runaway
Runaway Runaway

I just wanna scream and lose control
Throw my hands up and let it go
Forget about everything and runaway
I just want to fall and lose myself
Laughing so hard it hurts like hell
Forget about everything and runaway

The song above is EXACTLY how I felt.... if only i could runaway...