Steamboat Buffet

WOOOHHOOOO!!! Damn full I tell u... Well there's one fine day, Jace msg me on GTalk asking me when we gonna meet up for a steamboat dinner together eh?? Well she said I "pang pueh ki" once, so this time cannot "pang" again... Well since I love steamboat also and I'm free, so we arranged a day to come out for steamboat dinner loh...

At 1st we plan to have this dinner with our beloved ex-TESS colleagues... but I think think, they very "poh ma" 1... so I lazy to ask them out lah.. and then I suggest that we ask my ex-Kompakar's colleague out for this dinner since they all are normally up for anything!! kekekekekek... no offense yah ex-TESS fren!!! So we plan here and there and WALLA!!! Today we went for the dinner with Ah Lai, Jace, me (kenot miss 1!!), Larry, KsTan, KCWong (da ever-so-popular hamsap lou!!), Huei Juin and Ah Chung.

Surprisingly, Ah Chung went there just to drink tea/beer without eating anything... diet I think.. so he just sit there chit chat a bit (mostly on the phone lar him!!), then smell that... that... dunno call wat... always stuck 1 "batang" up his nose to smell on that thing...

Then the rest of us keep on eating and eating and eating... Well, Larry, KsTan, Ah Chung and KCWong is on 1 table, while me, Jace, Huei Juin and Ah Lai is on another table... but it's side by side... so while we took and dump a lot of food inside, we've been eating non-stop... I kept on eating fishballs, fishballs and more fishballs till I'm EXTREMELY full!!! Then I sit there wondering why our "boat" of steamboat keep on containing so many fishballs while Larry's table is always empty....

Then I saw this..... while we busy taking OUT the food from the "boat", Jace is busy putting IN the food into da "boat"... and she dare to ask us "Eat lar!! Eat lar!! Still got a lot leh!!" =.='''' Yeah... we busy trying our best to stuff food inside our stomach, she busy "hehe haha" there... But anyway, I'm glad that she enjoyed herself since she's always so stressed out with her job... Then there was KCWong busy "promoting" himself as "I'm the most leng chai in Kompakar" *vomit* *vomit*

All in all... I'm very happy with the dinner as I got to see so many leng chai's and my friends sitting together chit chatting happily... I miss them all a lot as I didnt get to see them that much... Next outing.... SING K!!!!!!!! And this time, I gotta ask Jace and Huei Juin to sing together gether liao.... 3J GONNA ROCK THAT 'K' DOWN!!!!! kakakakakaka...

"Kan Na Sai..."

Yeap... Today's topic is about "sai" again.. and this time really truly "kanasai"!!!! Why heh?? Oh well, early morning I woke up to prepare myself to work. When I was fully prepared with me dressing nicely to work and put on my super nice perfume (Moschino leh!! A gift from my cousin!!! :D), and ready to work.

So I went to my car, check my car engine oil (ya la! Suppose to service 2 weeks ago but no money mar!!), to make sure there's still enuff engine oil. So already got my hand a lil' bit dirty and was sitting in my driver's seat to prepare to start my engine when I smell something funny... Smell again... it's really weird smell leh... and so I look around and..... sighhhhh.... I stepped on the cat's "sai" again (Sorry Jace. I hope u're not reading this while taking ur breakfast. :-p) !!!!!!! NIA MAR GE C**O H*I!!!!!!

I tell u hoh... it's not those NORMAL "sai" leh.... I think this cat "lau sai" ah!!!! It's SOOOOO "lembik" that when I wiped it off on the grass, the SIIIMELLLLL is EXTREMELY GENG CHAO!!!! SUPER STINK!!!!! I tell u hoh, 1 day I really gonna KILL THAT FARKING CAT!!! Sorry Huei, I know u love animal a lot but seriously, this is dunno how MANY times liao!!!! Either I'm gonna KILL that cat or I'm gonna seal IT'S "lau sai" ASS!!!

I'm gonna take a needle and a string to SEAL THAT CAT'S ASS so that it CAN'T "lau sai" or "pang sai"!!! Say me cruel also like that liao!!! That stupid cat like to "pang sai" on the place where u can easily stepped on it without u realizing it 1 loh!!! farking cat!!!!


"Gip sai"...

Well... consider today as not a very good day for me.... Reason??? Oh I've got a number of reasons if u ask me....

Reason 1:
When I woke up, I could feel that the sky outside is a bit cloudy... as I'm still very very sleepy, I lie down for a while more to laze around my bed... Then all of a sudden, I heard a loud thunder and I quickly jumped out from my bed to get myself prepared to work... It's gonna rain outside and I've gotta go work instead of go back to sleep!!!!

Reason 2:
I've finally dressed up and prepared to work when all of a sudden, the sky is pouring with a very heavy rain... I've gotta run to my car and I'm already a bit wet... Then on the way to work, I thought it wasnt so bad after all since it's not that jam today.. and I managed to get to the parking lot at 9am. So that's the good part... here comes the worst part... IT'S STILL RAINING HEAVILY OUTSIDE!!! And I would have to walk for around 5minutes before I reach my office building!!! What's more worst, that car park is an open space parking!!! So I'll have to WALK with UMBRELLA under the HEAVY RAIN to my office!!!!

Reason 3:
While walking to my office building, the back of my hair is wet, the back of my neck is wet, the back of my blouse is wet, the back of my skirt is wet, my WHOLE leg is wet and the side of my bag is wet. What more can I say??

Reason 4:
There's only 5 more steps and then I could close up my umbrella.... but that 5 F**KING steps would need my whole FEET to be in a POOL of DIRTY water!!! WHY?!?!?!?! 'cuz the side of the road are flooded with the RAIN WATER!!! Well what can I do than close my eyes and put my whole feet into that pool of water in order to reach my office building??? After I reach my office, I've got myself cleaned up and went back to work with my clothes still wet... even my UNDIES is wet!!! Imagine I have to sit till it dries up... IT'S SO UNCOMFORTABLE!!!

Reason 5:
After lunch, stomach feels a bit uneasy due to KLSE.... So I ignore the pain and continue with my work cuz I need to rush something before I cant hand-in my work when the deadline comes... Come 4.30pm, the pain is too much and I need to pee... So off I go to the ladies and thought of peeing and do some "business" while I'm at it... I walked into the toilet and WALLA!! NO TOILET PAPERS!!!!! What more can I do?? I don't have tissues with me, so I could only "shh shh" loh...

Reason 6:
Stomach pain is still bearable, so I thought maybe later the cleaner would put some toilet paper in the ladies... So I went back to my place and continue with my work... Halfway thru, my stomach pain come and goes which makes me sweat a bit... and wat really is worst, the pain makes my stomach have some "air" into it... And I could feel that the "air" really wanted to come out... So I've gotta force myself NOT to let the air come out... And that process I have to tahan for an hour... which in the end, makes my stomach pain like hell, and make me "gip sai" like hell too... Come 6pm, my stomach couldn't stand it any longer, I rush to the ladies... and still there's no toilet paper!!!! T_T Then I saw Teddy and he said that the cleaner said "Toilet paper habis lar... takde stock!!" I'm dead... real dead!!!

Reason 7:
At 6.30pm, I really need to let either the "air" out, or the "chocolate" out... Since office toilet dun have toilet paper, I decided to "fly" home using my car... So off I went to get my car, drove out of the parking lot quickly and managed to get to Jln Tun Razak... then I feels like killing myself... why?? It's SO F**KING JAM!!!!!! AND I got stuck at Jln Tun Razak for 45minutes!!! So imagine how suffering I am in the car... Then when I got to Federal Highway, it's moving but it's still jam!!! In the end, I reach home at 8pm and I quickly rush upstairs to get my clothes for bathing AND for some EXTREMELY BIG "business" to sort out...

Reason 8:
Maybe I tahan my "sai" for too long, so even the "sai" managed to be "released", my stomach still feels uneasy... Then I relaxed in the living room watching Astro. Then mama ask me to throw the rubbish away using another plastic bag. So off I went and trying to stuck that BIG OVERSTUFFED rubbish into another plastic bag... then all of a sudden, a few of the "items" dropped and fell to da floor. T_T So of course I gotta clean it up and I tell u... IT'S DISGUSTING!!!!!

So there goes my day today.... ain't I in "luck" or wat huh???? T_T


Sayonara Ah Ling...

Today is the day where my bro's gf, Ah Ling, go to Singapore and work. Could say that my whole family really is a bit "mm seh tak" (pai seh... i dunno what's it called in English) her to leave as she's been staying with us for the past few months.

Obviously, my bro would be the saddest as I can see that he's very very sad and down. Well who won't rite when their loved ones will have to be far from you to advanced on their career. The day before, I brought Ah Ling, my bro, my sis and my mom out to eat at Tony Roma's in Pyramid as a farewell dinner for Ah Ling. During the dinner, all of us chatted happily including both my bro and Ah Ling.

They were telling us about their recent trip to Redang where both of them really enjoy the trip a lot as they learned how to swim a bit and could see loads and loads of fishy. I'm glad that they enjoyed the dinner. But when sleeping time comes, I could hear that my bro is sobbing while Ah Ling is comforting him. Well yes, 3 of us slept in the same room but different bed. I'm sad for my bro too cuz it's sad that u hear ur own bro that u really loved and cared so much is crying. How I wish I could tell him that everything will be OK and etc but I know it's useless. I believe when I got the news my boyboy gonna leave in few days time, I'll definitely cried a few buckets of tears for DAYS!!!

Today morning when I was fetching my bro to work, I could feel he's hoping to be with Ah Ling till the time she'll have to board the train and leave for Singapore but too bad he couldn't take leave. What's worst, he accidently dropped his mobile in my car. Of all days, he'll have to dropped it today, the day where he could say goodbye thru phone to his beloved darling.

So I'll have to take care of his phone while working and make sure whichever frens of his called, I'll have to inform that he dropped his phone and etc. Then at 2.50pm, there's a reminder on his phone and it rang. In order not to disturb my colleagues on the alarm that kept ringing, I pressed the "View" button. I nearly cried when I read the reminder's details.

It was Ah Ling who secretly set a reminder for my bro to tell him this: -

"Darling, I'm leaving to Singapore now loh. When I'm not beside you, dun go out with frens till too late and dun work till too late. Must take care oh. Muacks" -- I can't remember the exact of what she wrote, but it's something like that...

I'm so touched of what she said and did. Then I sat there thinking, why he have to dropped his phone today of all days?? sighhh... When I reach home, I passed him the phone and tell him to look at today's calendar on his phone and see that reminder message. I could see that even before he read that message, he already looked extremely down. After he read that message, he's sitting on his bed, all quiet and looked even more sadder. sighhh... How I really wish I could take away his sadness... sighhh... I'm all tears even writing this post... All I could say is all the best for both of them for their future and hopefully they could really stay together even with the distanced...

Specially for Juin....

Yo Juin... I know u love animal a lot ESPECIALLY doggies.... so below are 2 pics of EXTREMELY CUTE doggies for u to see see look look....

kana cute rite?!?!?!?! how i wish i had 1 doggie like these....

they're soOoOooO adorable!!!!

Well i found this pic at my cousin's photo album... he went to Bangkok for a business trip and i kinda like.... STEAL this pic from his album... kakakakakka... couldnt resist since these doggies really really REALLY cute!!!!

Hope you like it ya Juin!!! ^_*



She's working in Mid Valley office building where her job is only required her to work from 8.30am till 6pm. She will wake up at 6.30am to prepare breakfast for her husband and to hang the wet clothes to dry. After that, she will prepare herself to go to work where she will fetch her husband and son to KL to work, before going back to her office. When she reach home, she'll change her clothes and immediately cook dinner for her family.

There are times where she's very tired, do not feels like cooking for her family, but when she thinks that they'll have to eat outside with those not so healthy food, she'll force herself to cook no matter how tired. When the food are ready, instead of getting praised, she'll get complains from her husband and kids saying her cookings are not tasty nor delicious. She's patient, so she would not say a single word towards their complain.

There are times when the kids are being disrespectful and always complains bout her. Though there are times she's at the wrong, but mostly, she just care for her kids that she nags and scolds so much. There's one daughter that got a bf that she did not approved of. Reason?? She feels that the bf are only using her and only taking advantage of her. Why did she thinks so?? That's because what she sees is that there are times when the daughter are willingly to buy clothes for her bf, buy food for her bf, wash and iron the clothes for her bf and clean the bf's house rather than helping her own mom to do all those things.

There she thinks, "If that guy is such a good guy, he won't let the gf to do so many things. Even there are times I can see that my daughter use more money towards him and his family rather than that guy spent more towards my daughter!" Anyone who heard this would think that she's being biased and didnt look more towards the depths of things and judge things unwisely. But being a mom, she of course only want what's best for her daughter. She wants her daughter to have a loving husband that really cares for her and wouldn't wants her to do too many chores that make her daughter suffer.

There are times where she will not talk back towards the daughter when the daughter scold her for being biased, for being so unfair, for being such a complain freak and for being an unreasonable mom. Instead, she took it all in and keep it deep inside her heart. There are times when she asked both her daughters to help her buy stuff when they're so convinient of buying, but both the daughters will mostly reject and said she's so "mah fan".

But when the daughters ask her to help them buy some certain watches that she could get it for best price, she will do it so willingly without any complains. She will call that dealer and asked for the lowest possible price, will sometimes needs to get scold by the dealer when she asked too many details, and are willing to go to that shop which are so unconvenient for her to get it for her daughters. And when she pass it to her daughters, most of the time they didnt even say thank you, but just took the watch and walked away.

She told the daughters before that she likes to eat "guai ling kou". Sometimes they daughters will buy it for her, but most of the time, she'll buy it herself which is quite rare, because it's not cheap. Her salary is much lower than the daughters but she are able to support them by providing food for them, paying all the bills in the house and sometimes, bought something nice for her kids. The kids didnt really appreciate it, and even told her that the stuff she bought got "no taste". She will only smile and said "Lan si wor!".

Though there are times she's not so great, where she will scold her kids unreasonably, that's because she didn't want the kids to become so lazy and wanted her kids to prevent for making mistakes that she knew will happen.

She above........ is my beloved mom, that me as one of her daughter, didnt really listen to her and instead, being quite a rebellious daughter. After reading what I just typed above, I feel that my mom really care for us, really wants what's best for us, and pray to God everyday that we'll lead a good life. We're sorry mom for being so bad and disrespectful at times but we really love you!

*Author's notes*
What makes me typed all this?? Well I've been wanting to post this for the past few days, it's in my head for the past few days, but i just got no time to post it up. So now that I've posted, I felt relieved. It's just a sudden thing that came to me that my mom really did a lot of things for us but we didnt even appreciate it. Of course after my beloved Uncle Alan's incident, I've learned to appreciate and loved those around me more. I hope whoever that read this, will understand and love ur parents more, as I think what they want is just what's best for us. Let them nag or scold as you wouldn't know what will happen tomorrow.........


Jace's opinion on guy's KKJ

Well... due to my previous post... Xiang keep bombing my blog with lots of comments regarding his KKJ or something that are related to KKJ... then i dunno why.... Jace was chatting with me about other stuff... and all of a sudden, she told me bout Xiang was chatting with her bout KKJ again..... aiiii.... why both of them got so high with KKJ... i didnt know... hahahahaha...

Jace: xianglooi: u exchange ur experience with her la.. or with JUJU so that she can catch his boy boy bird and wont fly away.,. kakakak
Jace: -____-'''
Me: =.='''' why suddenly talk bout bird liao 1????
Jace: he high liao.. his kkj became so famous in ur blog
Me: hahahhahaha... yaloh... aiiii.... ahhahahaha
Jace: LOL !!!! u aiiii then hahahah..means... ?LOL !
Me: hahahahahaaiiii = no comment on his kkj.... hahahaha = his kkj become famous in my blog....
Jace: no comment on his KKJ... hahahahhahahahahha
Me: hahahaha
Jace: just now i said his kkj is small..he started to declare tat he is big! wondering... why all the guy wan to say they are big?
Me: dun ask me....u have to ask him mar
Jace: i think small is cute.. !
Me: =.=''''''''
Jace: big is disgusting !
Me: u have to tell him that o.O no comment.... HAHAHAHAHAHAH

So GUYS OUT THERE WHO HAVE SMALL KKJ, PLEASE GIVE UR NUMBERS/CONTACTS TO JACE!!!! She dun mind ur KKJ is small cuz she think its CUTE!!! and also... please send a pic of ur KKJ to her 1st.... to make sure it is really small!!! hahahahahahhaa...

3J in da house!!!!

Well since all of a sudden i got so many things to talk about... let me show u guys the 3 leng luis in da house!!! hhhahahahaha... though 1 is the fattest (which is so darn obvious its me!!), the other would be the cutey-pie Jaceleen and the sexiest woman girl alive goes to hueiJuin... and so... here forms 3J!!!!

Me (Julieann), Jaceleen & Juin (as in HueiJuin)

Ooohhh la la!!! Aren't we hot baybeh?!?!?!?!?! hahahahaha.. So we finally got the chance to take pics together gether at last!!! hmmmm... u must be wondering how we got 3J???? well actually it's all Jaceleen's idea... on GTalk, she's putting her title as 3J cuz she said the 3 of us also got J in our name!!! So aren't we meant to be together?!?!?!?! HOII!!! Dun misunderstand... we're not lesbian... we're just good frens if i dare to say so... kakakakakakaka...

OK... below are some pics taken in Aaron's wedding.. I can't resist to share a few more pics as i saw this pic... all of us smiles till so naturally and "brightly"..

This pic can be used for Darlie's ads... mostly see the teeth, no eyes...

Then here comes Chewdan... the tallest guy in TESS!!!

3J pics again!!! SEE!!! Aren't we just pretty??? hehhehehe...

While the 3 of us (3J so to speak) was busy posing for more pics, XiangLooi is jealous of our prettiness and our fame that he said he wanted to join our group too... Too bad his name didnt have a "J", so we kicked him out. But he insists saying he did have a "J" in his name... and in fact been with him since the day he's borned!!! ?.? Yes this is how the 3 of us looked when he said he did have. Then we coaxed him to tell where's the "J", he told us his answer....

which is.....

KUKUJIAO!!!!! >.<''''' And of course we don't accept since this is for GIRLS only... KKJ not allowed!!!! Then comes another 1... the so-called Baby Low... saying he also have a KKJ... and even told our cutey-pie Jaceleen that his is BIG 1 summore!!! >.<'''' So again we told him no... NO KKJ ALLOWED NO MATTER UR KKJ IS BIG OR SMALL!!!! damnnn... aren't they being insistent!!! Well... since 3J being so kind... we just take a pic with XiangLooi KKJ in order to make him happy loh... but XiangLooi... paiseh lar... u still cant join our 3J group hoh!!! :-p

3J with the odd 1 out... the so called kukuJiao!!! hahahahaha..


Aaron's married!!!

Yo all!!!! Sorry for not updating yah!! Been busy ler the past few weeks... and the most happiest moment is of coz Aaron's wedding!!!! Yup... he's 26 and he's married!!!! Congrats yah Aaron!!! May you lead a very very happy and joyous married life with your wife and in future, ur families!!!!

Here's some of the pics that I took with few of my ex-colleagues in TESS and I really miss them a lot after not seeing them for so long!!! So I managed to grab a few chances to take pics with them!! Thanks to XiangLooi the cameraman, I managed to take pics with them all!!!

Me and ChinPeng. Seeeetttt... I'm soooooo fat!!!!!

Me, ChinPeng, YanYee & George's gf... seeeettt... i'm the fattest of all!!! T_T
Kee, SengYew, Me & CheeWei... I look like a ghost appeared in between them.. hahaha..
Jaceleen & Me... I looks so old compared to her!!! T_T
Kian, CheeFoong & Me... both also lengchai rite?? so siapa mau?!?!?!?!
Huei, PeiPing, Me & PikLee... my face so fat!!! i'm the fattest among them! T_T
Me & XiangLooi... he smiles like I'm gonna eat him anytime >.<''' Me, Gary & Jaceleen... aiseeehhh... i look like i'm gonna eat kalei...

Group pic!!! Calvin is like hiding... hahahaha...

Group pic with all TESS and ex-TESSian's staff!!! And of coz the most lengchai and lenglui on that nite sitting in the middle!!!