Sis's Pre-Wedding Day

On this day, everyone is quite nervous and busy preparing stuff for my sis's wedding day the next day.

My family all purposely took leave on Friday and Monday just so we could help out my sis for her wedding preparation. As I recall, me and my sis woke up at 9am just so we could have breakfast together before heading for our manicure appointment.

Dad was awake too and he's seen walking up and down the house, making sure everything is in order before preparing for the arrival of our guests from outstation. Mom was seen, as usual, cleaning the floor, a cloth on her hand wiping here and there as if there's dusts everywhere in da house when in actual fact, it was as clean as a white sheet. She will then complain her hand pain and etc but... Sigh...

Anyway, by 10am, me and my sis left the house heading to Sunway Pyramid for our breakfast at Toast, followed by our manicure at Nail Art. At 11am sharp, we reached the shop and both of us get ourself busy looking for designs for our nails.

As usual, my sis is the bride, so she gotta choose something that could match her wedding gown as well as her evening gown.

My sis's nail's design...

It looks sweet isn't it?

As for me, I'll of course choose something close to my gown's color, which is purple!! :D

My more daring purple design...

Nice hor?? :P

While my manicurists was busy with my nails, my sis was almost done and I suggested that she go ahead with pedicure. As she's the bride, she must of course pampered herself and must treat herself more beautifully before her singlehood ends. :D

My sis pedicure design...

A bit orangy with gold that match her night wedding gown...

Looks nice and sweet too!!!

Once we're done, we shop a bit before heading back to get ourself busy with that night's buffet. You may call it bachelorette party as it was mainly for my sis. Some sort of a celebration for her before she ends her singlehood life. hahahahaha...

That night I was the chauffeur, fetching my uncles and aunties that came from Singapore as well as from Kota Tinggi Johor, through and fro their hotels and our house. I'm OK with the chauffeur thingy as it's not everyday I have to do it. For my sis, it's OK lah...

When night came, food was served, everyone is busy eating, the kids was busy running around and trying to mess up my dad's RM4k++ leather recliner chair that we bought for him. As they're fooling around with the chair, I can't keep up with my temper, I stopped them from playing around that chair and asked them to FARK OFF!!! OK well... not the exact words but it's really really close to that... hahahahaha...

I don't have pictures of that night (which is too bad) as I was busy serving the guests, making sure everyone is eating the food, making sure all their demands are met. * ahem * All in all, the night was OK, everyone went back with their stomachs full and happy with some beer on their blood.

Though some came very very late, but still they managed to get some food to eat. Before the night ends, I have a bit of chat with my sis, making sure all that needs to be done for the next day are prepared, making sure there's nothing that we left behind.

Ends up, we did forget to burn those love songs that she downloaded. Hahahahaha... :P

Next post would be how havoc a wedding can be... so stay tuned!!! :D


Her BIG DAY ~~~

Today is the day she meets the world.

Since young, she's been trained to work to earn money.

From what i know, during when she's still in her teenage years, there's quite a number of guys that are after her.

Yes she's pretty as well as hardworking.

She used to be fat. Everyone called her fat, till 1 day she was being frightened by some perverts. From then on, she got more and more thinner and even prettier.

When she started working, she got more and more guys after her. There's no one she wants but a particular guy.

They got married, they've been through thick and thin, ups and downs, sadness and happiness.

Today is your special day, and here I wish you stay healthy always, be happy and dont worry too much.

Your 3 precious and lovely kids whom are now grown up, whom are able to earn money now, whom are gonna start their own family soon... Will always... Always love you. You know you are the best and you're their world's greatest mom.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

P/S: There's a small surprise waiting for you back home.. :D