Mariah Carey - Side Effects

Currently I'm hooked on 1 of Mariah's song from her latest album E=MC². I just found out that this song's lyrics can relate to some part of my life that I went through the past few months........

So... enjoy the song!!!

Thanks to YouTube!!!

Below are the lyrics that I got from A-Z Lyrics!!! Thanks!!!

[Young Jeezy:]
It's M.C. and Y.J.
Another hit, OK
We lookin' fly, takin' off
Saw us on a runway
On any given Sunday,
Monday, Tuesday
They try to confuse me,
I never let 'em use me

I was a girl, you was a man
I was too young to understand
I was naïve, I just believed
Everything that you told me
Said you were strong, protecting me
Then I found out that you were weak
Keepin' me there, under your thumb
'cause you were scared that I'd become much
More than you could handle
Shining like a chandelier
That decorated every room inside
The private hell we built,
And I dealt with it
Like a kid I wished I could fly away

But instead, I kept my tears inside
'cause I knew if I started I'd keep crying
For the rest of my life with you
I finally built up the strength to walk away
Don't regret it but I still live with the side effects

Waking up scared some nights still dreaming 'bout them violent times?
Still little protective 'bout the people that I let inside
Still little defensive thinkin' 'bout me tryin' to run my life
Still little depressed inside, I fake a smile and deal with the side effects
(oh, oh)
Side effects (oh, oh)
Side effects (oh, oh)
Side effects (oh, oh)

Vacant inside, no one was there
Couldn't be real, had to keep quiet
Once in awhile, put up a fight
It's just too much, night after night
After awhile I would just lie,
You was dead wrong, said you was right
Did what I could, just to survive

Couldn't believe this was my life,
Flickering like a candle
Doin’ my best to handle sleeping with the enemy
Aware that he was smothering every last part of me
So I broke away and finally found the strength to leave

Still kept the tears inside
'cause I knew if I started I'd keep crying
For the rest of my life with you
I finally built up the strength to walk away
Don't regret it but I still live with the side effects


Hey, hey, hey
Let's go!

[Young Jeezy:]
Hey magnifico or should I say magnificent?
Ain't nothing worth your happiness
And I ain't caring who you're with
Misery loves company so we ain't tryin' to hang with you all
Hurt you if you let 'em in
Gotta keep you sucker smilin'
Keep tryin' to play
I tell him I ain't blowin' though
Think they want me outta here,
I tell 'em I ain't goin' though
Side effects be drowsiness,
How is this?
I think the call it hateration,
What can you prescribe for this?

Forgive but I can't forget,
Every day I deal with this
I live with the side effects
But I ain't gonna let them get the best of me

Forgive but I can't forget,
Every day I deal with this
I live with the side effects
But I ain't gonna let them get the best of me

Kept my tears inside
'cause I knew if I started I'd keep crying
For the rest of my life with you
I finally built up the strength to walk away
Don't regret it but I still live with the side effects


So... BYEBYE to YOU who looked down on me!!!!!!!


Absolut Mango~~~

Earlier when I was in Singapore visiting my bro, during the trip back from Singapore, I was at the Changi Airport waiting to board the flight.

As usual, I'll definitely went into those duty free shops to look for perfumes and liquors. While I was wandering around the liquor section, I saw there's a brand new vodka from Absolut!!!!!! This time, it's a totally new flavor called Absolut Mango!!!!!!

I was contemplating whether to buy is now or buy it at Air Asia's duty free shop. Due to my laziness, I decided to go buy at Air Asia's duty free shop. Konon-lah support Malaysia.

BUT~~~ Ends up the Air Asia airport only have Absolut Vodka. T_T

I so so sooooo regret that I mourn for the losts of Absolut Mango.......

Then the following week, I saw 1 of my colleague is in Singapore!!! So without much delay, I asked him to help me buy the Absolut Mango and said I'll repay him once he's back. At first I thought of asking him to buy 2 bottles for me but... he's travelling alone, so only allowed to buy 1 bottle.

So sorry Huei, I'm not able to buy for you... Maybe next time?? I PROMISE!!! :D

Then... TADAHHHHHH~~~!!! My Absolut Mango is now with me!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Back from Changi Airport~~~

With the menu summore!!!

Teach us on how to mix Absolut Mango with different fruits!!!
Absolut Mango with Mango fruits!! YUMMY~~~
The back cover.. so for more recipe, please logon to the above website!! :D
Ahhhh... my Absolut Mango...
Isn't it just gorgeous?!?! Ahhhhh~~~

So that's my Absolut Mango... I havent taste it yet as I "mm seh tak" to open it... Wait till there's some special occassion!!! :D


Melaka trip...

Went on a 2-days-1-night trip to Melaka (yes... again...) with my boyboy's ex-colleagues and a colleague from HK...

Quite lazy to type... so... just enjoy the pics!!! :D

Inside Indera Samudera (if not mistaken) Museum...

A "treasure chest"... or so it seems...

It's full of small kids screaming and running around!!! *faint*
That's the museum I went in just now...
This is the shop that we ate our Chicken Rice Ball...
In front of the church...
Posing nearby the A'Famosa...
Inside the Dataran Pahlawan Mall... I like the stones... nicely carved!!!
Cam-whoring with boyboy... :D
On the left is Ice Kacang while on the right is the extremely popular Chendol...
After that, we went to this Capitol shop for the famous Satay Celup.. :D

During the time when we're travelling around Melaka, I found out something quite funny...

The thing is... I've receive a forwarded email before saying that people tends to have some EXTREME poses while taking pictures of something....... fascinating... or plainly just taking pictures...

I don't quite believe it as I thought that email is just to make people laugh... but........

I believe it now........



See for yourself.........

Yen struct a pose to take pic of a couple... this looks like he's wanting to poo poo...

Some guy we saw... struct an EXTREMELY KUA CHEONG pose just to take pic of the A'Famosa..

So....... now you know why I believed that email... When I saw that guy struct such a pose, me and my boyboy really wanted to laugh out loud...

Walau eh... he cannot just stand straight and turn his whole body and face it to the left meh?? Need to struct such pose meh??? Well... maybe he purposely struct that pose to show that "Oh I'm a professional photographer using a SLR camera... so must pose 'yau ying' a bit...". Whatever!!!!!!!!


Day Trip to Putrajaya

*Wipe off all the cobwebs*

*blow off all dusts*


Yeah sorry for "MIA" for quite some time... lately there's quite a lot of things happen to me which I don't intend to share it now.. :P

So... where have I been??

Well I was busy with work and so, there's no time for me to update my blog loh... Anyhow........

Me and my boyboy went to Putrajaya last 2 weeks cuz he said he never really been to Putrajaya before... So off we went...

It was quite relaxing as just the 2 of us paktor a bit after quite some time we both didn't really paktor... So enjoy the pics!! :D

HERE WE ARE~~~ PUTRAJAYA~~~ The middle building is our PM's office...

The opposite end of the PM's office...

At 1 corner of Putrajaya... Nice views huh?? :D

Me and my boyboy at the errmmm... dunno wat's this called liao...

Me and my boyboy nearby the PM's office...

Me in front of the PM's office...

In front of the mosque...
Somewhere nearby the PM's office.. Yes the wind is very 'kacau'...
I really like the view behind me... :D
And the lake is beautiful too... though being blocked by me and my boyboy's face.. :P
Here's the better view... :D

Anyhow, the date with my boyboy is fun and relaxing... which I really really need it the most... I guess there's always something to cheer you up when you're in the stage of a lost...


My Bro is soooo SEXAYYYYYY~~~

Yep.. he is!!! He's gotten more and more "dai jek" or muscular... hehehehe...

Well during Merdeka, me and my parents went over to Singapore to visit my bro from Friday till Monday. Didn't really go meet up with my relative or friends there as I'm busy accompanying my bro since it's been quite a while I didnt see him. Miss him wat!!! hhehehehehe...

So.. we went there and we have to share his room that is actually just for 2 people, but we squeeze it till become 4 people. Well... there only have 2 single bed and me and my parents in 1 bed, while me and my bro on another bed.. kakakakakaka.. geng leh~~~!!!!

The 2 single bed.. my mom have to "book" that bed lah...

Da veli small toilet...

Da extremely small TV... with the "make-up" table...

OK... below pics are of my leng chai/"dai jek"/muscular bro... So please don't nose bleed when you see him... muahaahahhahahaha...

See see!!! He's really grown more muscular leh!!!

OK though can see his "pai kuat" a bit.. but look at his arm!!! I think his chest also bigger than mine!!

So the next day, we went out to walk around Singapore a bit and along the way, I took some pics of some interesting places...

This building really veli artistic bombastic leh!!! All made of glass!! Can see everything!! EVERYTHING!!!!!

Summore da shape!!! fuyooooooooo!!!!!! OK lah.. I sounded a bit like "sua ku"...

Then comes at night, we went to Takashimaya for dinner at Crystal Jade Kitchen Restaurant. While waiting for the table, I saw that they're selling a lot of mooncakes and it's soooo PACKED!!!!!! This nvm, they even "make" the mooncake on da spot!!!!!! But those are for "ping pei" or snow skin kinda mooncakes lah...

SEE!!! All queueing for mooncakes!!!

Really a lot of ppl loh!!

See!! Some chef "make" the snow skin mooncake on da spot!!!

Then there's some stall selling loads of "tang lung"...

So overall, all I did in Singapore was sight-seeing and quite a number of shoppings!! Below are the things I bought...

A cool sexy lady t-shirt for my sis...

A quite sexy dress and nice sling bag for myself... :D

A soldier pants for my boyboy...

LAST but not least, a kimono-like sleepware for myself... hehehehe.. nice huh?!?! :D

OK when talk about my newly purchased "sleepware", I'm really super fed-up loh!!! WHY?!?!?! OK... the story goes like this...

I went into 1 "an neh neh" shop and saw that this "kimono-like" sleepware looks veli veli nice and it's veli veli silky mar... So I asked to have a look of this sleepware and saw that the price is SGD75. I was like... huah lao ehhhhhhhhh~~~ Si beh expensive ar~~~!!!!

When I was starting to say "Thanks but no thanks", the "an neh neh" said "Since it's closing time, I'll sell to you SGD25 only. There's no other shop selling this cheap already.". WOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~ Looks really cheap wor!!! HMMMmMMmMMmmmm...

So I turn to my side and asked my mom if SGD25 is OK or not? She said its about that price and etc and makes me got quite tempted... And at last, I decided to buy it..

So after I bought, the moment I step out from the shop... I saw the next shop... JUST DIRECTLY NEXT TO THE SHOP!!!!!!! The next shop is selling SGD18 only... SGD18!!!!!!!! MAH LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! And it's EXACTLY THE SAME DESIGN that I bought!!!!!!!

MAH LOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! KANASAI AHHHHHHH~~~~!!!!! That "ah neh neh" really cheat 9 me loh!!!!!!! Summore dare to say selling the CHEAPEST among all shops!!!!! WALAUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!

This nvm... the further I went, the more I saw there's a lot of other shops selling the exact same design with MUCH LOWER price loh!!!!!!!! AIHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~