He's BACK~~~!!!!!!!


Well remember I said I was damn "hing fan" in my previous posts?!?!? Well of course I'm "hing fan"!!!! My boyboy is back to my side!!! YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

So... The story goes like this. At first he informed me that he already booked his flight to come back on 22nd August 2008. During that time, I don't really believe him as he "FFK" me before... So I was like, don't put too much hope on it till he really board that flight and come back. hehehehehehe..

Well of course he finally did board the flight and I was very very very excited and can't even really concentrate on my work during the 22nd of August 2008 as I really can't wait to fetch him and hug him tight tight!! kekekekekekek...

Anyhow, at 4pm, I received a call from him asking me not to pick him up from KLIA as he's stuck in Seoul due to their plane unable to land on Hong Kong, thanks to the Typhoon Nuri! I was like... "WHAT?!?!?! THEN HOW?!?!! ARE YOU OK?!?!!".

So, he said he's OK and ask me not to worry and said that he won't be able to come back due to the typhoon and will have to stay a night at Seoul. Then he ask me not to worry as they do provide him a place to overnight and etc and will informed me again when he's able to come back to KL again.

So OK... that's fate I guess. GOD likes to see me suffer a bit more. So almost whole night I'm not able to sleep as I'm worried bout him not sleeping well and etc. The next morning, I got a call from his mom asking me whether he's already in KL and etc. Nope, I havent receive his call and I'm not even sure how to contact him!!! I tried calling Cathay Pacific hotline since 7pm the previous night till 10am on Saturday morning. When I finally got through, they just informed me that he's supposed to come back at 3pm flight and bla bla bla.

Just after I hung up, my boyboy finally called!!! OH YEHHHHHH!!!!!! Anyhow, he said his flight is at 12.30pm and will reach KLIA at 4.30pm. PHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! What a total relief!!!

So I already asks sis to borrow me her car as I need a bigger car to store my boyboy's big luggage. She did and at 3.30pm, I start to "ban leng leng"!!! kekekekekeke... Well it's been 3 months I didnt see my boyboy!!! So of course I wanna look my best when I see him again!!!!

I drew a bit of eyeliner and put some eye shadow and decorate my ears with pretty earrings...

My earrings nice bor?!?! hehehehehe... Match my blouse!! :D

SEE SEE!!! Can see my eye shadow?!?!? hahahahahah!!!

I was so so SOOOOO afraid that I'm gonna be late to reach the airport as I promised my boyboy I'll reach at about 5:15pm. As I was using the Summit area to go into the Kesas highway, I WAS FARKING STUCK IN DA JAM FOR MORE THAN 30MINUTES!!!!! ANYHOW............ when I went pass the toll and was heading to KLIA, I speed 120km/h or 140km/h so that I won't be late!!! I wanna make sure I'm there when my boyboy just came out from the Arrival gate!!!

At the Arrival Gate... Oh I reached KLIA at 5:15pm sharp sharp!!! :D

Waiting for my boyboy... It's so deserted!!!

After almost an hour of waiting... FINALLY!!! THERE'S MY BOYBOY!!!!

So after I went to him and hug hug a bit... we went back to his place to unpack a bit of his luggage before heading back to my place to return my sis's car back to her. During the drive, he told me his life in US and it seems that there's always pro's and con's when you're living out there alone. Well of course there are things which is much much MUCH better than here in Malaysia but...... oh well....... If able, I really wish we could really just migrate over there!!! :D :D :D

So when we reach home, my boyboy was showing us some of the places he went to while I was busy cam-whoring using his new Nokia phone 5310. I really like this phone as it's SUPER SLIM and the camera quality is really not bad!!!!!!

Me and my boyboy!!! :D :D :D

OH I LOVE THIS PHONE!!! This pic makes me looks so so SOOOO much thinner!! :D

This phone's camera makes me looks.... thinner and sexier too!! KAKAKAKAKAKA!!!

Overall, MY BOYBOY IS BACK~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kakakakakaka!!!!


5 years.......

I just found out that I've been working as a developer for 5 years already...

Time flies really fast... It's as if I've just started working and boom!!! It's 5 years already.

There are people kept asking me,

"How long more do you want to be a developer?"

Seriously, I don't know... Well not really I don't know but... I DO wanted to be a System Analysts but... there's no chance for me to learn it. I don't really have experience in being a System Analysts as like what Chewdan said, my mindset is too "technical".

Though I am confident that I could handle the users well previously, but there are times where they asked something quite simple, but due to I have a "technical" mindset, I might explain things too complicated for the users to understand. So there are times where the user's IT department will have to explain in a very lay-man terms to their users after they captured what I meant.

Anyhow, I wanted to work as a Consultant or a System Analysts. What I meant by System Analysts is that I wanted to be someone who provide solutions to the customers, i.e: They need a budget system according to their requirement where out in the market, there isn't any Budget System that really meets their requirements. So that's where the Project Manager and System Analysts comes in.

They'll be the one who meet the users and study/gather their work flow and processes as well as their requirements. Once they've done so, they'll document out whatever they've gathered and start providing a solutions to them by giving them a prototype system for them to see. If they really agreed with the prototype, then that's where the System Analysts will have to guide the Developers on what is needed to be done towards the new system.

That's what I really wanted to do. I don't need to do any codings or even if I did, only minimal codings if possible. I'm not really interested in doing a System Analysts for a system that already exists. I've touched a bit on it and I found my interest is not there to become a consultant for a system that already exists.

5 years as a developer, I guess that's quite a lot. Or maybe, like Chewdan said (again), he don't find me having the passion for programming...

Actually, I don't quite agree with what he said also. hehehehehe... What I think is that, I do have interests in programming as I found that I have the satisfaction when I'm able to create something that the users wants and which it works successfully. And he might have said, I don't strive to improve the codings done by other people or find the best solution or simplest solution for a certain functions in the codes.

Well... sometimes I do things quite simply due to the deadline is dead near and I don't really have time to research on how to make things simpler and etc. I do agree that it is not a very good move as if in future, the system really do face problems, it might take time to change the flow of the codes designs and etc. Guess I'll have to improve on that.

In the meantime, I was thinking, if I really can't find a System Analysts job, guess I'll just have to stick back as a developer...

Then I found that, I'm a developer for 5 years, and my bank account is still shown less than RM100 every month!!!!!!! Means I got no savings at all leh!!!!!!!!!! I don't have a house!!! I don't really have a car!!!!! WHY?!?!?!?!!?

OK there's a few reasons to that...

1. Car - Earlier its bought by Mom and so the car's name is under her name. So the first 2 years installments is paid by Sis and the subsequent 4 years is by me. So, conclusion, the car is not really mine though I paid the last 4years for it.

2. Cash- Don't have due to my spending T_T as well as I actually bought some slimming products drinks for dieting... aihhh... FAT MAR!!!!!! Have to use something to chopped down those weight loh.... aihhhh....

3. Condo - LAGI LAH DON'T HAVE!!!!!!! WHY?!!?!?! CASH pun tarak... mana boleh ada CONDO?!?!!? aihhhh... sad-nyerrrrrrr....

4. Career - Don't really have... Why??? Cuz I'm at a point that I don't really know what I want in my career liao... so how?!?!?! aihhh....

5. Credit Card - Got... but it's not gold... and it's full of debts!!! T_T aihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Sad case lar me... really sad case....




Out of a sudden I'm super excited and super super "hing fan"!!!!!!! kakakakkakaakakak...

Truthfully, this morning my mood isn't that good as I don't have enough sleep for the past few days wey!!!!! This whole week, I ALWAYS slept at 1am or 2am leh!!! si beh tiring arrrr!!!!

Like last night, I slept at 2am!!!! MY GAWDDDDDD!!!!! Reason is because I'm skype-ing with Chewdan and Kalei to discuss on some stuff which need immediate attention to. So when we finally finished the chat, I'm off to "Chow Kung's world" in less than a minute!!!

But anyhow, after lunch, I, as the ORC ASSISTANT Treasurer have to go collect money from ObTech staff as it's time they pay the ORC Funds, RM10 for the month of August. While collecting, I do ask around the staff to see if they're going for the upcoming event that the ORC Team are organizing which is PAINTBALL!!!!!!!

It seems that there's quite a number of staff is going for this event!!!!!! So with this good news, I'm very excited and can't wait for the day to come which is 6th September 2008!!!! Then once I had a chat with them, I was on my way back to 21st floor office (Yep I was at 18th floor as only 18th floor staff haven't pay!!), I met with the Sales Director, Patrick.

Patrick: Yo... once collect money, can cabut adi, so good lar u!! hahahaaha..
Me: Hahahahahaha... ehhhh, the money is not with me leh... is with PK leh... *PK is the finance guy, the ORC Treasurer (consider my ORC Boss lah!! :D)*
Patrick: Hahahahahaa... Hey but seriously huh, what happen to you leh??
Me: Huh?? What happen to me?? Something wrong with me?!?!
Patrick: Well you look thinner leh!! A lot thinner leh!! What happen??
Me: *OOOhhhhhhhh I'm happy!! kakakakaka* Really or not?? I slim down a TINY LITTLE BIT nia... where got a lot?!?!
Patrick: Got leh... can see from your face and your body leh...
Me: You sure or not?!!? Just now KS (another colleague) said my face is getting bigger leh!!
Patrick: Eh... he's 4 eyes 1 leh... he 4 eyes, see things also double up 1!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHA... Well maybe you see wrongly lar, my clothes hide all my fats adi!!
Patrick: Eh your face really is slimmer adi leh... looks more "sharp" adi lah..
Me: ahahahahaha... thanks thanks!!! Well I'm actually on a diet mar... so don't you think slimmer looks more prettier?? kakakakakakaa...
Patrick: Oh!!! Eh then please tell Carol on how to diet please...

So you see lar, base on the above conversation, I happy or not?!?! And I definitely feel damn "hing fan" lar!!! kakakakakakaka... not everyday someone praise me got slimmer ok?!?!?!!?

OK now I know I must continue to "ganbatteh" to lose more weight!!!!!! GANBATEHHHHH JULIEANNNNNN!!!!!

OH!!! Another thing I'm SUPER DUPER TRUPLERRRRR EXCITED is that........ in another 7 days to go........... kekekekekekekekeeke.... OK LAR!!! I cannot reveal 1st!!! I didn't want to be disappointed, so I better don't say it aloud till it finally happen!!!!

REALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 7 days to pass quickly!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!


I AM fat... SO?!?!?!?

Yes I admit damn long ago and even up till now that I'm fat. So what!!??? Fat is a crime izzit?!?!?! If I'm fat, it will hurt your eyes izzit?!?! Then don't farking look at me lah!!!!!!

There are times when I really can endure people calling me fat, I can endure people calling me ugly... to a certain extend. Every human beings got their own limits. I guess I just reached mine...

All my life....... no that's a big too "kua cheong" if I said all my life... I would say, from Standard 5 (about 12 years old??) onwards, I got fat and from then on, a lot of people called me fat and not pretty and some even said I'm ugly. So what?? I really don't care cuz during that time, all I care about is my studies.

Since young, my parents been telling me to study hard, must have good grades so that we could be a better person in the future. So, I of course listen to them and I do study hard.... though there are times where I got rebellious and start to get lazy and etc. But still I tried my best in my studies though the grades is not 100% all the time.

I remembered, during when I'm in Form 4, there's my cousin's friend whom we met up for the first time and after that, they told my cousin that I'm not pretty and etc. Since then, I really don't care and start to get numb on people calling me fat. All I tell myself is this "There's no beauty without brain". So from then on, I really don't care what people said about me... why care right?? They may call me fat and ugly but if possible, I WON'T let them call me stupid!!!!!

Anyhow, I remembered during when SPM time is near, for the whole month, I did not watch TV at all and all I did was just study, eat, sleep, study, eat and sleep. During that month, even my sis got scared that I'll go crazy cuz all I did was just study and no entertainment at all. Anyhow, I got through my SPM with flying colors I might say... At least I aimed for 3A's but I scored 5A's. So... my hard work paid off....

Then comes college up till now, all the time, there's people around me saying me fat or INDIRECTLY saying that I'm fat and not pretty and sometimes ugly. Though they don't say it as if they're judging me but they said it in those "joking only lah" way... I really don't mind cuz like I said, it's more than 10years people calling me fat, so I got numbed by it.

Sometimes when they go overboard, I really do cry alone when they kept comparing, even my mom kept saying I'm fat and etc... But what the heck... fat.... so what?!?!?!?!?! As long as I'm able to earn money and I'm happy can adi lah!!! Why the heck you all care if I'm fat or not?!?!?!?

Sometimes, all this comparison and all this judgement, really got to me that I don't even know how to release my temper/sadness/frustration. It sometimes makes me asked myself "I'm fat and not pretty or even ugly, why do my boyboy like me?? Why do I even got a boyfriend???"

I even sometimes asked my boyboy, what he likes about me?? I'm not pretty and I'm fat, what is there in me for him to like me or even love me?!?! Sighhhhh....

I really am tired of all this people judging me... I wonder, they're so smart in judging other people, did they really go and look in the mirror and judge themselves as well? Most of the time, those that called me fat or not pretty or even ugly, they themselves is not as perfect as well, so what rights do they have on judging me??

Anyhow, I didn't want to be like them... so I won't tell them back that they're worst than me or whatever, I'll just take in whatever they said about me and just live with it...