CCLam's word of encouragement...

I'm able to join Kompakar is all thanks to CCLam... cuz he's the one who recommended me... if not, i dont think i'll be able to come to Kompakar at all... So when I've decided to resign, I'll have to inform him first.... reason??? To thank him for recommending me to join Kompakar. without him, I might still be in TESS... hahahahahaha...

Then as a respect to him, I'll have to inform him and also to thank him for the opportunities that he gave me... so below are the conversation between me and him in google talk... hehehee..

Me: got something to tell u :p shhhhhhhhh... ehhh... i'm gonna resign..
Lam: ok (o.O he seems so sambil lewa..)
Me: so since u are the 1 who recommend me to come in to kompakar, as a respect, i'll inform u 1st. i think u should roughly guessed i'll go to which company liao :p
Lam: no idea. ur sis company?
Me: hahaha.. no ... teddy's 1 :p doing SAP
Lam: ok cool
Me: ermm.. actually is a last min thingy.. at 1st i tot of continuing for another yr.. but the job here seems so far is still like that. so i wan to go try new stuff...
Lam: just do what ever you think i right for you (cclam is da man!!!!)
Me: tq cclam...
Lam: there's no commiment
Me: no mar... last time i always ask whether here got job or not... then after 1 yr i wan to cabut...
Lam: so went for the interview already?
Me: summore is after bonus liao then cabut... scared boss later say u recommend such a fren loh :p yeah... yesterday went out with teddy for unofficial interview
Lam: cool but like i say no commitment
Me: okok...
Lam: arasu should understand
Me: but i would like to say, thanks for recommending me into kompakar loh... at least here i learn a bit bout ITSM and i lean vb.net and asp.net. hehehehehe...
Lam: and the experience :D
Me: hahaha.. yes..
Lam: good and bad
Me: and at least i know a lot of friends/different type of ppl here.. problem now is... i have to tender my resignation now... i oni can work here till end of this week. after that, next week start job at teddy's. dunno arasu let or not. but teddy's comp. will payback kompakar lar..
Lam: try talk to arasu, and finish all the pending job on hand
Me: actually, watever i handle b4, also got backup liao
Lam: usual resign process :D
Me: CRM got shaiful, ITSM got u. hehehehe. yeah usual resign process.. i will tell ming and wong during lunch.. so now need to type the resignation letter..
Lam: so rush. anyway, bare in mind that now you are going back to vendor life
Me: i need to give HR the letter so that they can calculate how much teddy's company need to payback kompakar wor.. yeah loh... but i think that would be more fun........ dont u think? heheheheh...
Lam: work is not always fun. you should know that by now
Me: hahahaa... yeah i know.. wat i mean is... in vendor life, it'll be more challenging...
Lam: TESS is a vendor...you know how is a vendor life
Me: yup... compare to here... for now... i still prefer that kinda job... maybe i still "young", prefer more challenging stuff to challenge myself. :p i believe after few more yrs down the road, i would wan to change to something more "soothing". but definitely not now yet...
Lam: well ... you know what you want lar. and teddy company is good (thanks cclam!!!)
Me: hehehehe... yeah... and i wanna learn bout SAP stuff.. :p though he got say something like it's not really a learning ground in his comp...
Lam: yup..cuz they ppl to catch up very fast. and straight goto work
Me: yeah

so with CCLam's word of encouragement.... I felt relieved a bit.... heheheeh... thanks again cclam!!!! u're really the man!!!!!

Decision's made!!!!

Today woke up at 7.30am although i slept at 2am last nite. Reason is bcuz i need to fetch my bro's gf to Crystal Crown hotel for some admin training stuff... so me being a good sis to my bro, help him by fetching her gf to that hotel which is nearby my office oni... so after working for 1yr+ with this company, this is the 1st time i reach office before 8.30am.... (well not consider 1st time also lar... when ngam ngam start work of coz i come on time der...)

Well you must be wondering why i slept at 2am last nite rite?? well i went for an unofficial interview with teddy last nite cuz i'm planning to change job mar... so his company is hiring and is URGENTLY in need of ppl to help him out... so he interviewed me, telling me wat's the benefit in his company, wat i'll do, wat i'll get to learn, wat he expect of me (roughly lar..), wat i should expect to do and etc... So after telling me all this, he ask me to really think properly before agreeing to join his company and by tomorrow (today lar!) I'll have to give him a confirmation.

I went back home, 1st thing i did is call up my boyboy and tell him loh. After that I call up my sis and ask for opinions also loh... then at the end, I call up my kai yeh and ask whether izzit OK if i change job? He give a very good encouragement which he says go ahead, good future there.. not a bad company... fuahhhhh... i super relieved!!

so at nite, while watching the taiwan drama The Rose, I'm really thinking properly if I'm up for that challenge? Of course, I've been wanting to learn SAP since long long time ago, and now i got the opportunity, do i really wan to missed it??? Then I got another job opening at Singapore in Paulus's company... I've been wanting to work in Singapore cuz i wanted to "berdikari" mar. Want to try to explore outside and see if i could do it without being dependant on my parents.. too bad there's no news from there... moreover, I didnt get to learn SAP in his company... so still i kept thinking... should i join teddy's company???

So in the end, this morning i woke up and my decision has been made....................................



The meaning of "Clean"...

I was super lazy to work today so I was searching high and low for someone who's free to chat with me... actually not lazy also lar... its just that I got nothing to do leh... yes you saw it right... i got NOTHING to do... so I'm wondering how am I gonna pass my work hour tomorrow...

Well I finally found my ex-colleague leng chai Chee Foong to chat with me. kakakakaka... Actually, I accidently bump into my ex-colleagues during lunch today and to tell you the truth, I'm really surprised to see them as I didnt expect to see them lunch there... Then I saw Chee Foong got a new hairstyle and it makes him looks more leng chai than ever!! ^.^ That hairstyle really suit him loh!! Never know he's willing to cut his used to be quite long hair to so short, though the front is longer than the rest. hehehehe...

Well I tell you hoh... he always stress that he wants those girlfriends of his to be "clean" 1. At first I dinno what he means 1. Then he said this, "Yerrr those skin color is chocolate color or dark dark color looks very dirty ler... but those fair fair 1, skin like milk 1 looks very clean geh.." o.O

So that's his meaning of "clean" heh?? Below are our chats on how i disturb him.. hehehe..

Me: "leng chaiiiiii!!!!!!!! hahahahaha... i really like ur new hairstyle leh... :p"
CF: "yee yee......really meh...."
Me: "really wor... really suit u leh"
CF: "i oso know i look more EnTau.....kakakaka"
Me: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i was really surprised when i see ur new hairstyle loh didnt know u "seh tak" cut it so short ah"
CF: "actually i cut like this b4.....onli u did notice...."
Me: "oh izzit?? but this time different a bit wor the front is longer wo"
CF: "fuah...!!!! u look until so details ar"
CF: "wat else u see"
Me: "HAHAHAHAHAa. oh i havent managed to see the things i wanted to see yet. AHAAHHAHAAH. i look into so details cuz my boyboy like to cut hair 1 mar. so he everytime ask me to think of new hairstyle for him. thats why i nowadays like to look at guys hairstyle loh"
CF: "all my bulu oso seen by u chor...."
Me: o.O "CHOIIIIIII... not yet lar... some curly curly part not yet see lar. hahahahahahah. aiseh... i forgot to take ur leng chai face just now. sheeettttt..."
CF: "wat u wan for.....Siong Tai ar...."
Me: "chi sin!!"
CF: "intro leng lui for me leh....hehehe"
Me: "wan to keep as collection?? hahahahaha. yeah loh... actually not a bad idea also 1. when i see 1 leng lui, i quickly show her ur leng chai face. then i'll tell her how much per hour 1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
CF: "mmm....if very leng lui and clean....then nvm ke......"
Me: "hahahahahahahhahahahaha. clean again.... wat happen if got 1 indian quite fair and veli veli pretty with veli veli good figure, will u accept ah? or u'll complain she's 'dirty'??? hahahaha"
CF: "no...i dun like indian.....i like really clean....no black...no chocolate"
Me: "HAHAHAHAHAAHA!! means japs/korean/chinese lar?"
CF: "ur damn rite....."
Me: "but wat if the girl is japs, but she go and errr... tanned her skin since its popular like that, u still accept?"
CF: "eerrrr.......Min Min Keong Keong boleh la.....but with condition.....very very very pretty la...."
Me: "hahhahahahah. u really veli yim jim... really must be fair 1. hahaahhahaha"
CF: "hahahahaha......."

So that's how our chat went and he's really really very specific that he only want "CLEAN" girls. So anyone interested please register within!! Must ensure that you're under his definition of CLEAN!! LENG CHAI GUARANTEED!!! hahahahahaa...


Life's unexpected...

Today's post would be a bit sad as i just got a very bad news from my sis last night... The story goes like this...

I got an auntie staying in Singapore and she was diagnosed with cancer few years back. She's the type that is very quiet type. Dont like to spread the news and stuff... but her husband is very worried, so he informed the rest. To cut the story short, she finally went for the surgery when at first she reluctant to do so as she scared it's very suffering and will be in lots of pain. Her daughter is a nurse, so her daughter managed to convinced to go for the operation. She went for the operation and then also went for the treatment or dialysis as they say.

Finally she got the good news from the doctor that the cancer is totally gone or is in stable stage where it won't be "reactivated". During the dialysis process, though she's in pain, but she's very strong. She managed to go through it without a hitch. When she got the news from the doctor, of course she's over the moon! My uncle is very very happy and of course the kids is happy too. I am happy for her too cuz last time when she's diagnosed with cancer, from her face I can see she's in pain.

So she finally went through it all and live a very active life ahead. Then a few days back, while she's playing badminton, she fainted all of a sudden. Of course they hurriedly send to her hospital and the doctor said it might be because there's "too much water" (or something like that) in her stomach (or somewhere else i not too sure.). So the doctor said she'll have to go through a small operation where the doctor will have to suck out the water from her body.

The doctor is superbly surprised when he saw that what he sucked out is not water but its blood!! And it's 4 packets of blood!! Then the doctor of course continue to check on her and found out that her whole body is in fact diagnosed with cancer and the cancer has already spread into her bones. All her internal organs is spoilt by the cancer. So when she was awake, the doctor told her what he sucked out is not water but is blood. And the farking doctor so "sambil lewa" told her that her cancer is "reactivated" and she's now in the last stage of cancer which is it cannot be cured. Just wait for her time to come.

You imagine, you just woke up from the operation, the doctor didnt tell you to be prepared to get the news, but instead, being told head on and say you're gonna die soon. When I heard this, I really feels like killing that farking doctor! Can't he be more considerate and be in her shoes and see how she feels? First you're being told you're cured. Then after a few years, all of a sudden, you're being told you're gonna die. sighhhh...

Life is so unexpected don't you think? Sometimes I asked myself, why do good people has to go so fast while those bad guys can live for so long? I do ask why do God being so unfair? I realised that, the more older you are, the more people who are close to you go away one by one no matter they are young or old. It just all happen in a sudden.

Sometimes I feel that us human are being so selfish or being so un-appreciative. When the people around you are by your side, you didnt appreciate them. When they are no longer with you, you regret and blame yourself for not appreciating of what they have done for us. We instead blame them for doing what they've done for us when the things they try to help gone wrong. They're using all their heart to help you, but when it fails, you blame them. When its successful, you say you do it all alone without any help.

I used to be like that last time. But ever since my belated uncle passed away, I really opened my eyes and look at the world again. I start to realised that I'm being so un-appreciative. I regret for not being with my belated uncle more when I got the chance. A few months before he passed away, every sunday he cooked for us all. He cooked for us all without any complains though he's sometimes tired. We didnt even say thanks to him when he cooked for us. Instead, all of us complained and said that his cooking is bad, this and that. When we told him that, I can see it in his eyes that he's sad but he didnt scold us nor complain us for being un-appreciative. Instead he just smile at us and say he'll try to improve.

On the day he passed away, I can still remember vividly in my mind on how he lie on the hospital bed. On how he looks so still, eyes not even fully closed, and can see a little bit of tears in his eyes. Sighh... I didnt want to elaborate more as I'm trying very hard not to cry while I'm writing this in the office. I just know that, when I see him on the hospital bed, everything from the past comes back to me. I got a glimpse of how he took care of all of us no matter we were still kids or when we're grown. He's doing everything he can to make us all happy and hide his pain and suffering without letting us know at all. Then I regret that I made false promises to him. Promises of I will go and try his cooking specialty one day when I didnt go at all. Up till this day, I still regret. I miss him a lot....... and still do......

I talked to Gary earlier about what my auntie is facing and how sad i am to hear the news. He being a friend, advised me not to look into things in too detailed. He told me this, "just treat urself as camera... don zoom too much on the detail...better position urself at the safe distance... when u need to be sad, cry, then carried on. sometime u need to understand...nothing stay forever....don put urself into the loop that u sink into deep deep depression". When I see this, I really do feel better though not 100% as things said is easier than done. But I do thank him as he really tells me a very good advise. Though I know my boyboy will be able to comfort me more as he's a bit like Gary, see things more clearly than I do. That's why when I talked to them, I do feel better...


MATTA fair

Yesterday I went to MATTA fair with my papa and my boyboy. Well main purpose go there of coz to see got simi cheap package to go travel ge mar... ah bor go there do wat?? go squeeze with ppl meh??

So I reached there around 2.30pm and walk till leg almost broken!!! Reason?? Well from 2.30pm, I survey till 7pm leh!!! si beh kao lat ah!! my whole body also kana tired liao... I tired also because a day before yesterday (Saturday loh!), I woke up at 6.30am to prepare myself and my boyboy to attend a wedding of my boyboy's best fren Kelvin. Well, my boyboy is the "heng dai" where we have to drive to the girl's house and steal fetch the bride.

OK back to MATTA fair. I woke up at 11.30am, well last nite sleep at 1am leh... of coz wake up also late lar... then rush back home for lunch and then went out to MATTA fair with my papa and my boyboy. we survey till 4pm and in the end, decided to buy a package from a company to HK for 5D4N which costs around RM1569 only and RM1776 for 7D6N.

we give the girl our name details of 5 person which include, my sis, her bf, my papa, my mama and me (sponsored by my papa and mama!!!! :-p me is a lucky girl!!!) to book the flight ticket 1st since they scared the flight is fully booked. So she went to the back and book, came back and told us that they have to charge extra RM100 if we want to go on early flight to HK and noon flight back to KL. We got no choice, we said OK just add loh... Then she went and book. Then she come back again and say, the ticket on the 8th to come back to KL is full, so only 9th and 10th.
OK fine... a bit du lan ledi... cuz forced to come back on the 9th (for my sis and her bf), so we have to extend 1 more nite for the hotel room which costs around RM408 per room per nite. We said fine, no choice loh... go ahead... so she went and book... in the end, hallelujah, we managed to book the flight... and we have to pay a minimum deposit of RM5500 for 5 person... so my dad took out his credit card, give it to her and say charge RM5500 on it... remaining my dad will pay by cheque once all the hotel and stuff is confirmed...

so she took the card and went... then come back AGAIN saying, "sorry sir, if pay by credit card, must charge extra 3% wor..". FUAH LAOOOOO... nia meh... she went back 1 time check here and there, then say need to charge extra this and that!!! total up is like almost RM2100++ liao!!!!! so me and my papa fucking du lan ledi... buay tahan ledi... go tell the girl, "why cannot credit card?? you expect me to bring so many cash walk around 1 ah?? summore, if u wan me to go for ATM now, i wont be able to take out so many lah!! my limit is oni XXX!!"

so the girl is stunned!! at 1st she can have 5 ppl of sales at 1 go, when she come back with this and that charges, we tell her go eat shit.. so she suddenly no more 5 ppl of sales... thanks to her stupid company policy... charge this and that... ask the company go eat shit lar!! we didnt mean to scold the girl also 1... we wanna scold the manager which she keep on asking questions, but that manager kana pandai, hid behind there and let the girl handle us alone. if the manager dare to come to talk to us, she sure die kao kao!!!

then we were forced to continue our survey and look for other company... what to do?? me and my dad is already super tired ledi 1... but luckily, we went to a company which offer us a very nice package with no stupid interest needed if we pay by credit card... so we happily bought the package from them and we have to rush home since dad need to go somewhere else... AND also it's already 7pm, all of us is SUPER HUNGRY liao!! so reach home, we have our dinner, papa and mama went out, me and my boyboy went the curve to fix my boyboy's specs and then at nite, we sleep like a pig. hahahahahaa...

My boyboy's Best Friends Wedding

Let me tell u some of the thing that i witnessed during steal fetch the bride. veli the exciting 1 leh... well actually not so lar.. but let me talk loh... When we reach the bride's house, we all know the bride is kana young 1... i tell u hoh... REALLY young leh... i think only 20 years old ah... already getting married!!!! well no.. she's not pregnant so dun worry, the "buy 1 free 1" is not applicable... but dun ask me why she want to get married so young lar... maybe the husband want to get married guaa....

OK... we reach there, the bride's ji mui (veli the young also!!) all prepared to "play" the "heng dai" and also the bridegroom. What they play is veli simple for sweet, sour, bitter and hot: -

1. Hang 2 apples on a tiny rope, then ask the "heng dai" to bite it without using hands. Imagine, it's on a tiny rope, the girls can pull up and down when the "heng dai" want to bite it.. so there took a bit of time but in the end, managed to bite it lar... so that represents sweet

2. Ask the "heng dai" to eat RAW "fu kua" that represents bitter... i tell u, before they even eat that vege, i oledi can smell how bitter it is... so imagine they have to eat it kana RAW!!!

3. Eat damn sour mandarin oranges that represents sour. My boyboy kena but he said it's OK cuz it's not so sour also lah... hahahah...

4. Eat cheese biscuit BUT in the middle of the biscuit contains peanut jam WITH cili padi!!! so that represents hot. I tell you, after that "heng dai" ate that, he said his stomach feels like there's a lot of heat in it... so i wonder if later he go "pangsai", sure his @$$ feels kana hot!! kakakakaakkaka...

well of all the above, non of it the bridegroom makan also... so the "ji mui" prepare a SUPER SWEET drinks for the bridegroom... he said after he drank a glass, he can feel he gonna get diabetic... hahahahaha... ok then we managed to get in without a hitch... but that also managed to get in the main door nia... not yet the bride's room's door leh...

when we reach there, of coz they ask for angpao, and when the bridegroom gave the angpao, they check in front of us see whether enough or not... when see see not enough, of coz further tricks is up their sleeves adi... so they ask the bridegroom to say 8 languages of " I Love You". So he managed to say in canto, malay, mandarin, and hokkien... so the other 4 leh???? lucky he hired a veli geng chao auntie to talk a lot of good words 1 (dunno what its called liao), and she managed to say it in french, thai, japanese and korean if i'm not mistaken. even the "ji mui" also dunno whether its true or not 1... so we boo the "ji mui" since they themselves also dunno, still want to ask the stupid thing ah.. siao 1...

then they ask the bridegroom to read a letter wrote by the girls to say something like this: -

"I marry you will always listen to what you say. You say 2, i dun dare say 1. You walk left, I wont dare walk right. The money you earn, will be at your bank account, the money I earned, I will save it myself (which originally was written as give it to the wife of coz!), I will buy big big house for us all (originally was written as buy house for you only)..."

Then the rest I forgot liao... but the auntie help the guy changed all the wordings 1... change to a very nice and good sound... which all of us really salute her... hahahahaaha... so after he said that, he managed to get the bride without needing the "heng dai" to force the door open... luckily they didnt also lar.. cuz that door seems a bit broken also... if they really broke it, the wife's sis all no need to lock door sleep liao... hahaahhaa...

Then comes the dinner, me and boyboy was sitting with a bunch of his old friends since primary school, and both me and my boyboy was suffering like shit!! reason => 8 of them are smoking, oni 2 of us are non-smokers!! so imagine hoh, i sit there trying to breath also kana "sing kor" ah!! feels like wanna die like that!!! summore the table is smaller than the rest 1!!! but anyway, the food is OK, the dinner went well... and they got a happy ending loh... :-p


Meaningful Quotes...

"There's no perfect beauty in this world, every single human beings got their own ugliness. Though you're ugly, you will still have to face the world, you will still have to go through your life till the day you die. Just live every single day happily and don't worry about your beauty as it is not important. The most important thing is you lived happily.."

This is the quotes i got when i was watching "The Rose"/"蔷薇之恋" starring my leng chai Jerry Huang ZhiWei and cutey Ella by S.H.E. Actually it was quite a coincident when I got that quotes.

Earlier in the day, I was chatting with "someone" something regarding beauty or ugliness. Of course I was being teased (as usual lah!) for being fat and ugly "not pretty". Though I was used to the teasing but once in a while, it do hurt your feelings too for being called fat and "not pretty". But then I was there thinking, "what for I want to be sad for being what I am since the day I was born? I'm born like that, so just accept the fact and just faced it".

So after a while, I wasn't sad nor angry but in fact, I tease back that "someone" and I'm OK already. Then later at night, I was rushing home to continue watching "The Rose" as it's a very nice show and it's... ROMANCE drama!!! hehehehe... I'm a sucky for romance drama so yeah... I'm girlish so what?? :-p

When I was watching half-way and heard that quotes, I told myself that what she said is true. There really is no perfect beauty in this world and no one is perfect in this world. So why do I want to be sad over beauty or not beauty? The most important thing is I do what I wanted to do and be happy of what I did. Just don't care what other people think as I can't control the way they think nor their mind. As long as I'm happy and that's all that matters...

Though said is easier than done but I will try my best. I know I'm not pretty but I can improve myself to diet/make-up/dress nicely or whatever as long as I think it's pretty, then it's OK already. Of course I do hope I could impress some leng chais too!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... no me not slutty OK?? :-p


came back from SG...

WELL... yes i just came back from Singapore... went last friday... came back on Sunday... monday on leave cuz i know once i got back from outstation... i wont have the mood to work at all... cuz consider as "travel-lag"... hahahaha... ppl is jet-lag... me is travel-lag... :p

I dont have much pics to share now as the pic i took are mostly in my boyboy's camera... so i haven't go download it yet.. tired to do it... reason?? continue to read then u'll know loh... :-p

So on friday, i reached Singapore around 2pm.. then went ahead to check in to hotel in Bugis Street. First impression not so good when i went into the room. It's small and seems a bit stinky... especially the toilet... no the room is clean but dunno why got some smell like it's been closed up for too long those kinda smell.. but once i switched on the air-cond, it's ok oledi.. so no problem.. Then i went to take MRT to visit my aunt who's staying in Singapore and blah blah blah...

Here comes the part where why i was so tired when i got back... On Saturday, I was out with my leng chai cousin and his leng lui gf to vivo city and sentosa. Was having fun in sentosa and half-way thru, my hand feels veli veli itchy.. so i start scratching it here and there.. then my leg and my thigh also feel very itchy.. then ta-dah!!!! i saw got a few red dots on my hand, my arm, my leg and my thigh... WAT HAPPEN??!!?!?!?!?!!? Cuz of too itchy, i gotta continue to scratch till my hand is a bit swollen.. then i go wash my hand with cold water to "remove" the itchiness!!

It felt better after i washed my hand but when nite time comes... i was sleeping half way thru and i was scratching here and there again!!!! but still i forced myself to sleep.... then the next morning.. i woke up to see my whole body got a lot of red red dots adi... HOW COMEEEE?!?!?!?!?!?! why liddat 1?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

then i got the conclusion that it must be the bed got a lot of bed bugs!!!! nia meh!!! why i say it was bed bugs?? cuz those red red dots looks like bed bugs bite 1 loh... normally when i got those type of red dots is bcuz my bed got bed bugs... but once i changed my mattress, it'll be ok liao... so this time, i know it must be the bed bugs!!!

So once i reach home to PJ, i quickly go see doctor and show the doc of my swollen hand and my red red dots all over my body. the doctor said this "aiyoh girl, what happen to you? what bit you?". Then i told her i just came back from spore and i guess must be the hotel bed is dirty, so kena bite by bed bugs loh... then our conversation is as below: -

Doc: "oh izzit?? then i'll give u 1 injection to remove the swollen thingy and to stop the itchiness"
Me: "errr... injection ah??? hmmm... ok looo.. no choice... very itchy ah doc.."
Doc: "Yeah i'll give u 2 type of medicine for injection, 1 is for the swell and another for the itch. U'll feel sleepy after the jab. So u'll go straight home after this rite?? didnt go anywhere rite?? u wont be driving rite??"
Me: *wah so many questions at 1 time!!* "Yes will go home straight, didnt go anywhere, my boyboy will drive" *think summore* "HAH?? then kena jab 2 times ah???" *trembling* (FYI, i scared of injection 1)
Doc: "Oh no.. no worries, jab 1 time oni... u go lie down there.." *pointing to the "bed"*
Me: o.O "Lie down?? ehhh... why hah??" *praying that she wont jab on my butt*
Doc: "Have to jab on ur butt.."
Me: *SSSsssSSSHHHhhhHHIIIiiiiTTTTtttt* "must be on the butt ah??"
*my boyboy sit there laughing adi..*
Doc: "Yes... u go lie down now, open ur jeans button then it's OK."

So i went to lie down loh... then my boyboy turn around so that he wont get to see my butt, and then the doc jab me on the butt... i tell u hoh... IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!! even after the jab and while i was waiting for the medicine... i sit also can feel the pain!!! it's like my blood gonna rush out from the small hole that the doc just jabbed!! sighhhhhh... then on the way home, i slowly slowly feels very very weak and sleepy... so once i reach home, quickly take bath and gone to sleep...

the next morning, i still feel very weak but i need to take medicine, so forced myself to eat something for breakfast, then took the pills... feels sleepy again... went back to sleep.. Lunch time woke up, feels hungry, went to eat maggi mee, eat my medicine, then got a bit of energy, go online.. while online-ing... this is wat i saw on my hand and leg..

this is the red red dots i mentioned

dun look at how fat my leg is.. look at the red dots!!

see!!! the red dots is soooooooooo big and its SWOLLEN!!! so i guess this is the "special" gift from the hotel hoh?? nothing much to get from singapore but definitely get their bed bugs bite!!


Jerry Huang Zhi Wei O.O

Here's another leng chai for u to look see look see... this guy looks like eurasian but i researched and all they say is that he's purely taiwanese.. no mixing with any guai lous or anything... but he do look like he's mixed loh!!!! anyway, he's leng chai nuff said!! hahahaha...

again he also started off as a model

look at his pouted mouth weyy!! looks so kissable!!! >.<

"The Rose" actors and actresses. he look so cute here!!

a pose to die for!!!! :-D

*fainted* too cute!!!

Below are his details: -
Name: Huang Zhi Wei
English Name: Jerry Huang
Birthday: 1981/4/10
Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 193.5 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Starsign: Aries
Measurments: 40-32-40
Blood type: B
Shoe size: 11.5
Skills: playing basketball

fuah laooooooooooo!!! this guy is SUPER TALL!! 193.5cm leh!! taller than Mike He!!!! I was just starting to watch "The Rose" which stars S.H.E, Jerry Huang (ah boh how i know his existence??), Joe Cheng (chewdan look-a-like.. hehehehe) and some other actor and actresses which i dunno of. When i 1st saw him, i think he's cool and OK oni lar... but the when reach the 3rd episode.. FUAH LAOOOOOOOOO... SI BEH LENG CHAI AH!!!!! then i again head over heels in "crush" with this guy liao... too bad he didnt act in too much movies... and not as popular as Mike He.... but he really is super tall!!!!!

then hoh... last nite after i watched the 3rd episode, it's 12.30am adi mar.. so i go sleep loh.. mana i zhai.. at nite i dreamt of him!!!! FUYOOOOOOOOOOO... i tell u hoh... i go dream i go curik curik kiss him leh!!!! *dRRrrrrRRRrrooOOooooOoollllsssss* summore i can feel that his lips is a bit pointy leh.. then nvm, it taste sweeetttttt also lehhhh!!! kakakakakaka... sSSSssSssSHhhhhHHh!!!! dun tell my boyboy ah... later he kill me leh!!!!

Mike He Jun Xiang :-P- - -

Actually i got not much things to do the past 2 days. so been surfing net all the time. Didnt update my blog also cuz dunno wat to write leh.. budden!!!!!!!! suddenly today i tot of posting some leng chai pic!!! So this post i'll talk all about Mike He Jun Xiang!!! my 1st taiwan actor crush!!!! UISSHHSHHHHH!!!

He started off as a model

Isn't he just leng chai??

Match made in heaven!!!

Below are his details: -
Name: 賀軍翔 / 贺军翔 / He Jun Xiang
English Name: Mike He
Nickname: 賀小美 / He Xiao Mei
Profession: Actor, Model
Date of birth: 1983 December 28
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 180cm
Weight: 66kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: B

180cm!!!! kana tall!!! too bad malaysia dun have so much tall guys. if not for sure my boyboy also is as tall... kakakakakakaka.... to tell u the truth hoh... i really like tall guys 1... though my boyboy taller than me, but i would love it if he's taller... kakakakakakakaak!! but no1's perfect mar.. so dun care lar..

so leng chai bor?? i 1st saw him when i watch Devil Beside You where he star together with Rainie Yang. Rainie Yang also veli pretty hoh?? later i'll post a blog of all the gal actress that i like hah...

*all the pics and details are mostly from asianfanatics website/wikipedia*



let me tell u all something hoh... just now i was "song song" surfing net... OPPPSSSSS... i mean "researching"... *ahem* and i suddenly felt how come someone is pushing my chair slight left and right... hmmmm...

then i feel again... it's like some force is really pushing my chair... i turn left, right, up, down, there's no one at all!! kan cheong loooooo... wats that man?? then i sit my ass tightly to the chair and feel again... fuah lao!!! really is shaking!! THE WHOLE BUILDING IS SHAKING!!!!!

so i quickly stand up and look around to see if any1 other than me felt it... thank god every1 felt it and is asking each other whether we felt it. *phewwwww* so its not me.. but then... the whole building shaking!! means wat?? EARTHQUAKE?!?!?!?!??!?!?

then my CEO still can smile and say, "oh got got got!! hahahaha... eh now no more oledi.. no worries lah!". hmmmm... ok loh, actually me not that worried, cuz i felt it last time too and then the next day, saw the papers and say Indonesia got earthquake with the rate of 6.1 which is quite high... so i wonder tomolo will we see news of earthquake in indonesia again??

that happens around 12.30pm today... then i ignore it, went out for lunch, come back to office and got a few msn messages waiting for me to be read... then those ppl who's working in spore, also told me they felt the "shaking" and for those who work in tall tall building, they were being evacuated... meaning ask them to go home, dun stay in office anymore, anything happen, they dun guarantee 1 loh...

then my cousin in jb said this "aiyah spore ppl kiasi lar, little shaking say evacuate, kiasi lar!!" -____-


du lan!!!!!!

i tell u hoh... today really a bit du lan!! my system admin (network guy lah!) was doing some domain thingy to the server that my system is "situated". thanks to the request from the client, though the project not started yet, but they request the server to create a domain so that the agent's PC will connect to that domain so that the administrator can monitor their and shit (pai seh.. really du lan!!) lar..

so halfway thru, my system admin say cannot work, so he ma rollback the whole thing loh.. mana tau he rollback, it affected my oracle database for the system i'm handling.. lin lau peh leh!! it affected it the sense that i cannot login to the database at all!! keep on saying ORACLE not available or something like that.. nia meh leh...

nvm.. i cool down loh.. kena shoot at the back from the so-called outbound users oni mar.. ok looo.. shoot loh.. sure say i stupid lar, dunno how to handle the system properly lar.. stuff like that lar... nvm... i "loon"... so i ma go try fix the oracle loh.. wat to do?? u know hoh, from tuesday i try to fix it till today.. still cannot fix!! nia meh.. i search Google dai lou, try all the solutions that they provide, still cannot fixed it... nia meh ah.. buay tahan... so i ma re-install kao the oracle database lar.. no choice mar.. lucky the test server still got the data and schemas and tables loh...

after re-install, STILL CANNOT!!!!! i feels like killing myself liao.. nia meh.. why cannot?!?!?!?!!?!??!?! ok looo.. i still squeeze my brain juice in order to fix that stupid thing... i try to fix till today 5pm also still cannot fix it... no choice loh... i format kao the stupid server on monday... nia meh.. forced me to use "juit jiu" oledi lar... sighhhh... meaning i'll have a lot of work to do loh... wat choice do i have?? boss ask why so long cannot fix, i'll just say this, "nehhh.. u ask the client lar.. create mat lan domain??!?!?!?!"

CNY Ending soon..

*sigh* ..... CNY really ending soon wor.. really wish the whole year also can celebrate CNY... but anyway... i cannot affect my lovely readers with my not-so-good mood mar rite?? let me tell you something to let u all laugh a bit lar... hehehehe...

Well i was so excited planning for my trip to spore next week friday till sunday and was browsing through the web for the CHEAPEST hotel in spore... as u all know lar.. spore rates is around 2.3 against RM leh... so.. i have to search high and low for the cheapest rates mar.. true?? then i finally found 1 at Geylang.. but of course have to pay RM150 per nite lar... PER NITE leh!! @#$#$%!@#!$$%%^.. but then.. no choice lar.. thats the cheapest.. actually got another 1 is RM99 per nite... also in geylang... but... they said geylang popular of those bright bright lights, loud loud music, many many uncles, many many sexy woman there lehhh.. so you roughly know what i mean rite??

then i saw the review for that RM99, got 1 guai lou said this, "the room is clean and the customer service is very good. although the room is small but it's comfortable, though you'll hear some 'noise' from other occupants on the nearby rooms since it's a red district area...".

fuahhh.. when i see this, i really dun dare to book loh.. u imagine hoh, while u were sleeping "song song" hoh, suddenly u hear this "yes babeh! yes!" or u'll hear a lot of "eh.. eh.. oh.. oh..".. yeeee... dun 1 lar... later i whole nite also cannot sleep leh.. so in the end, i was kinda FORCED to reserved a room at Geylang also but pay extra. then i was so relieved cuz all my planning is done. then i go inform ShanYen that i've booked Hotel XX at Geylang, and u guess what he says?? He say this, "You wont want to stay in that hotel. or in that area as a matter of fact". i was like... oh noooooooo!!!!!! so how leh??

so he advice not to stay in Geylang is the best choice loh.. he said that hotel i reserved can rent our per hour basis... u know lar.. those uncles and sexy woman do their business oni need few hours mar.. so what for rent for the whole nite rite?? then he said, "You think they'll change the bedsheet so often if they rent out their room per hour basis? I don't think so. those hotel is cheap for a reason 1.." >.< i really cannot imagine... so how?!?!?!?!?!?!?! what's more?? look for other hotel loh... sighhhh...

so now me still hunting for cheap cheap hotel, got 1 oledi 1... RM200 per nite at Tanjong Katong area... but.. expensive leh.. sighhh.... so anyone can help me introduce some cheap cheap hotel for me bor?? PLSSSS!!!!!