The meaning of "Clean"...

I was super lazy to work today so I was searching high and low for someone who's free to chat with me... actually not lazy also lar... its just that I got nothing to do leh... yes you saw it right... i got NOTHING to do... so I'm wondering how am I gonna pass my work hour tomorrow...

Well I finally found my ex-colleague leng chai Chee Foong to chat with me. kakakakaka... Actually, I accidently bump into my ex-colleagues during lunch today and to tell you the truth, I'm really surprised to see them as I didnt expect to see them lunch there... Then I saw Chee Foong got a new hairstyle and it makes him looks more leng chai than ever!! ^.^ That hairstyle really suit him loh!! Never know he's willing to cut his used to be quite long hair to so short, though the front is longer than the rest. hehehehe...

Well I tell you hoh... he always stress that he wants those girlfriends of his to be "clean" 1. At first I dinno what he means 1. Then he said this, "Yerrr those skin color is chocolate color or dark dark color looks very dirty ler... but those fair fair 1, skin like milk 1 looks very clean geh.." o.O

So that's his meaning of "clean" heh?? Below are our chats on how i disturb him.. hehehe..

Me: "leng chaiiiiii!!!!!!!! hahahahaha... i really like ur new hairstyle leh... :p"
CF: "yee yee......really meh...."
Me: "really wor... really suit u leh"
CF: "i oso know i look more EnTau.....kakakaka"
Me: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i was really surprised when i see ur new hairstyle loh didnt know u "seh tak" cut it so short ah"
CF: "actually i cut like this b4.....onli u did notice...."
Me: "oh izzit?? but this time different a bit wor the front is longer wo"
CF: "fuah...!!!! u look until so details ar"
CF: "wat else u see"
Me: "HAHAHAHAHAa. oh i havent managed to see the things i wanted to see yet. AHAAHHAHAAH. i look into so details cuz my boyboy like to cut hair 1 mar. so he everytime ask me to think of new hairstyle for him. thats why i nowadays like to look at guys hairstyle loh"
CF: "all my bulu oso seen by u chor...."
Me: o.O "CHOIIIIIII... not yet lar... some curly curly part not yet see lar. hahahahahahah. aiseh... i forgot to take ur leng chai face just now. sheeettttt..."
CF: "wat u wan for.....Siong Tai ar...."
Me: "chi sin!!"
CF: "intro leng lui for me leh....hehehe"
Me: "wan to keep as collection?? hahahahaha. yeah loh... actually not a bad idea also 1. when i see 1 leng lui, i quickly show her ur leng chai face. then i'll tell her how much per hour 1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
CF: "mmm....if very leng lui and clean....then nvm ke......"
Me: "hahahahahahahhahahahaha. clean again.... wat happen if got 1 indian quite fair and veli veli pretty with veli veli good figure, will u accept ah? or u'll complain she's 'dirty'??? hahahaha"
CF: "no...i dun like indian.....i like really clean....no black...no chocolate"
Me: "HAHAHAHAHAAHA!! means japs/korean/chinese lar?"
CF: "ur damn rite....."
Me: "but wat if the girl is japs, but she go and errr... tanned her skin since its popular like that, u still accept?"
CF: "eerrrr.......Min Min Keong Keong boleh la.....but with condition.....very very very pretty la...."
Me: "hahhahahahah. u really veli yim jim... really must be fair 1. hahaahhahaha"
CF: "hahahahaha......."

So that's how our chat went and he's really really very specific that he only want "CLEAN" girls. So anyone interested please register within!! Must ensure that you're under his definition of CLEAN!! LENG CHAI GUARANTEED!!! hahahahahaa...

6 blahs:

Jace said...

no wonder he is still single now. HAHAHA! Ask him to wait long long ok. :D

julieann said...

hahahahahaha... kesian him lar like that... dun let him wait too long lar...

xianglooi said...

kakakaka... i am thinking if he see ur blog then dunno how surprise leh? u CHUT MAI him!!! hahahha...

Chee Foong said...

hahaha...i know wat u did last week!!!....why u all so free ar...no work ka...
actually hoh...the guy tht ju ju mention is Tan Chee Foong....not me lar....
and Jace, how u know i'm stil single...i got gf u oso nvr know la....kekekeke

Jace said...

cheefong.. I think ur gf is either DOTA or the japanese porn star on ur desktop (wallpaper) ?

julieann said...

hahahahahah.. i didnt chut mai him leh!! i'm advertising him and "jan" him leng chai wor!! so next time he got leng lui find him, he should thank me leh!!!

chee foong,
wat did i do??? hahahhaa...

FUAAAAHHHHHHH!!! chee foong's desktop wallpaper is porn star?!?!?!?!!? naked 1 ah??? aiyoyo!!!