Felt Dizzy........ + Being "ja duhhh"...

The story goes like this....

On the morning of Saturday, the moment I got up from bed at 11am, I felt the whole bedroom is turning. I got to sit at the exact same spot, touch both side of my ears to stop my head from following the spinning as well...

My boyboy, saw me as if some "sam pat po", asked me what happened. I then told him that I suddenly felt very very dizzy and felt like the whole world is spinning.

After a moment, I got better and proceed to brush my teeth and etc. After brushing my teeth and getting ready, while waiting for my boyboy, I, being oh-so-lazy, lie back on da bed and let the fan blow on me as it was a freaking hot day.

Again, the moment I lie down, I felt the whole world is spinning again!!! Wondering what the hell happen, I tried to sit up again but it got worst!! So without telling my boyboy, I lie back down and let it spin till it stopped. It did and after that, the rest of the day seems better.

The next morning, the same thing happen, my head kept spinning the moment I got up and again, I informed my boyboy and after that, ignore the dizziness. He got worried and planned to cancel our outings to Sg. Wang as he didn't want me to faint in the middle of our "shopping" trip. I insists to go as it'll go off soon anyway.

At night when I'm planning to go to bed, once again, when I lied down, the world is spinning again. My boyboy got worried, informed... ORDERED me to go see doctor the next morning! OK.. fine.. I agreed as I got worried as well... Who knows it might be because I got high blood pressure? Thank God that my office block have a clinic there.

Next morning, when I got to office, I asked 1 of my colleagues which floor is the clinic. He informed that the clinic won't be open till 9am and so I decided to go after lunch. At 11:55am, I got 1 sms from my boyboy saying these: -

Boyboy: Hi honey, have u go see doctor? *imitating me part* No la. lazy la. He he. Hou fei ge
Me: -________-'''' I replied saying I'll go after lunch and will informed him of the results after that...
Boyboy: See! I know u wan. Remember to go see doctor after lunch.
Me: -________-

After lunch at 1pm, I went to the clinic but it's closed for lunch till 2pm. So I went back to my office and wait till 2pm. When I've registered myself and went in to see the doctor, the first thing the doctor did was to check my blood pressure after I told him about my dizziness.

He said my pressure is normal and asked what time did I sleep at night and what time did I get up usually.

Me: Ermm.. I normally sleep at 12am but get up at 6am for weekdays, for weekends will get up later..
Doctor: Hmmm... 6hours of sleep is actually not enough u know? Ur dizziness is due to your tiredness, stress and definitely lack of sleep.
Me: But last time I didnt have any dizziness even though I slept late and get up early..
Doctor: Well this is because yours is being accummulated tiredness and lack of sleep, so it caused you your dizziness. Now I'll just give you panadol to rid your dizziness.
Me: ...................... OK.... *I really lack of sleep meh??*
Doctor: So that's all and remember, sleep more ok?
Me: Oh OK...
Doctor: It's due to tiredness, so rest more ok?
Me: hehehehe... OK OK...

Then once I paid up, I sms my boyboy and informed him about the results. His reply was damn "jaduhhhh" 1...

Boyboy: But weekend u wake up late wat. I also sleep and wake up same like u. Sigh. I think the doctor kopi o license la. Malay?
Me: -______________________-''' Its chinese doc lar. Weekend wokeup late cuz we sleep damn late mar... heheheheh...
Boyboy: U sure or not? How come sleep for so many hours still not enough sleep ka? He qualified or not? Any medicine?
Me: -______________-''' *Felt like strangling him ledi* I then replied he's OK and the way he talk also OK, just dun "look down" on ppl lo...

So you see, adi felt dizzy, but kena jaduhhh till become more dizzy adi lo... kakakakakaka... But I know he's just worried about me lah... Anyhow, thank god my blood pressure is still normal.. Guess I gotta start sleeping earlier loh!!!


Post Valentine's Day Celebration

A lot of those who read my previous posts said I sounded angry.

Truth be told, I'm really angry at the time when I wrote that post mah. He really spoilt all my plan wor... Of course felt disappointed wat. hahahahahaha...

Anyhow, he didnt say sorry or whatever, but he said sorry using his own way, which is by actions... tiny little actions that makes you don't have the heart to be angry at him for long... :D

On Sunday, we went to Tenji Buffet (FINALLY!!! Sis's fren managed to make a booking a MONTH earlier!!). Its actually nothing special happen here, just that we kept eating and eating and eating. What he did is that he always stick close to me whenever I go take my food. :D

Me happily drinking their sweet sweet coconut..


Their oh-so-popular BIG BIG Oyster... I didnt eat it though, my boyboy did...

This garlic mussels is super yummy lor!!!!!!!!

Our table which is filled with the sweet sweet coconuts...

Damn a lot of ppl queuing for that Haagen Daaz icecream, my boyboy 1 of them. Can you see him?

He happily eating Haagen Daaz icecream when he FINALLY managed to get it..

Me eating a bit of it also... :P

Then my boyboy trying to steal some from my sis boyboy... :D

Outside of the restaurant.. This is for the smokers.. :P

Me posing in front of the restaurant... To proof that I really went here lar...

Satisfied face.. :P

On Monday after work, as my boyboy is still sick, we plan to go somewhere around Sunway to buy some Chinese medicine for him.
I decided to go Sunway Pyramid as I needed to go Giant to get some snacks for office. We were deciding of what to eat and ends up with Sushi Zanmai. He knows I love to eat japanese food, so he suggested to go eat at Sushi Zanmai and it'll be his treat.
Before we head for our dinner, I was planning to get myself a G-Shock watch as mine are kinda... "charn" and spoilt a bit... He then suggested that he'll buy it for me and ask me to choose...
As this is for me and it's not a hint to him to say I want him to buy it for me, I said no need. I mean, I really don't need him to buy me anything just to apologize for him spoiling my plan on Valentine's Day.
He already said he'll treat me Sushi Zanmai, I've already forgiven him. Truth be told, I've already forgiven him when I'm at Tenji. Hahahahaha...
Anyhow, we ends up didnt buy any G-Shock watch as I can't find the designs that I really like. We had our dinner, bought his Chinese medicine and heads home.
The next day, after work, he got home to Sg. Buloh before me as I'm out to meet a friend at The Curve. When I got back to his house, he asks me to check if there's any leftover food in the fridge as he wants to clear them out. I know what's in his fridge and starts to wonder, we don't put leftover food in his fridge and I asked him if he's mistaken.
Still, he asks me to check just to be on the safe side. I opened the fridge and I smiled. He purposely went back to my house area shops to buy me the Bubble Tea that I love very very much!!
Imagine, he's working in KL leh, purposely go back to PJ to buy me that Bubble Tea (and also to get his Chinese medicine since he forgot to take back) and then heads back to Sg. Buloh. Sighhh... it makes me feel guilty to be angry at him at the first place... hahahahaha...
Thanks Ah Bee... ***


Valentine's Day Celebration...

This was written on the night of Valentine's Day, where I'm feeling frustrated and angry... :P

After writing this, I felt much better that night and everything turns out well... :D

Happy Valentine's Day.

Everyone been asking me how am I gonna celebrate valentine's day with m boyboy, have I bought a gift for my boyboy or any plans for valentine's day.

Actually, I've made some plans, I've bought the gift secretly together with Huei and even thought & planned out how to celebrate my valentine's day. I'm so positive everything would work out nicely that it could make my boyboy so happy that he could love me more deeply.

But I guess... Plans will always be plans and just don't put so high hopes that it could succeed beatifully... Like the saying goes, the higher you hope, the harder you fall..

What actually transpire is...

1. Plan: Morning of Valentine's day, me and boyboy will be eager to go 1U to buy all the necessary stuff for the dinner.
Actual: Boyboy woke up, saying he's actually quite lazy to go out. My guesd is bcuz he's still sick so he got no mood. But we still head to 1U..

2. Plan: We'll take a simple lunch at 1U before we go Giant to buy the stuffs.
Actual: I saw Baskin & Robbins and thought of buying their promotional Valentine's Cake called Heart Cake. When my boyboy saw I planning to buy, he said don't as he didnt want to eat it, so don't waste the money. Yes I'm super disappointed and wasn't happy at all..

3. Plan: No cakes, no dessert for tonight's dinner. What to do? Just go eat simple lunch lo..
Actual: Boyboy wanted to go see iPod Touch and seems eager to buy it. Didnt buy cuz it's abit too expensive for him.

4. Plan: Thought of taking Burger King as lunch but boyboy got sore throat, so ask him choose what to eat lo.
Actual: He dunno what to eat, ask me to choose as long as it's not fast food. Fine... We ends up at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.

So-called simple lunch...

It's Valentine's Day, so I'm being 'wu liao'... :D

5. Plan: Stomach's full, time to go buy tonight's dinner stuff..
Actual: Boyboy wanted a Nintendo Wii bag so we go look and finally bought 1 for him..


6. Plan: FINALLY.. Tonight's dinner stuff?
Actual: I passby Hinode Shop and thought of buying some scented tiny candles.. Boyboy said no and "Dun do so many things lah..." Sighhhh...

7. Plan: Sighhh.. Can we buy tonight's dinner stuff yet?
Actual: Boyboy know I'm angry for not buying that Baskin & Robbins cake, so he said to go buy now.. Went there, they said sold out already. Said if I bought in the morning, they'll still have stock. SIGHHHHHHH... Then they ask me to try buy at New Wing, they might still have stock. As I'm damn disappointed adi, no need lah.. I would've that bloody cake if SOMEONE didnt stopped me in the morning!

8. Plan: Just buy a pair of shoes to cheer myself up bah..
Actual: Can't find 1 that I like, so we went off to Giant at Kota Damansara..

9. Plan: After buying tonight's stuff, go back start preparing it..
Actual: Managed to buy all the necessary stuff but as we got home by 5.30pm we're still feeling full, we just sit and watch tv..

10. Plan: When cooking dinner, hopefully he'll come and help, it'll feel slightly romantic if cook stuff together..
Actual: Yep he did help but only about.. 10%? Nvm, he's still sick..

Followed the steps according to what they wrote there...

Add in extra cheese myself so that it'll tastes more cheesy... :D

End result... Yum Yummyyyy!!!

11. Plan: After dinner, pretend to ask boyboy to get something from my bag but in actual fact, is to give him a surprise when he found out is actually a gift for him. Then he'll take the watch together with him and a surprise look..
Actual: Yes managed to pretend to ask him get something from my bag (FINALLY there's something goes according to plan.) but he didnt bring the watch with him. He came down saying "You cheat me huh! Why go buy a watch for me? How much izzit?"

He wanted this watch damn long adi....

And so I bought for him lo... Less than RM300 nia... :D

Anyway, he did say thanks and he looked slightly happy to get the watch.. Oh well...

To tell the truth, yes I'm feeling very very disappointed as nothing goes according to plan. I know I shouldnt be angry at him for being not-so-romantic but.. I just want to make the day special.. Is it so wrong?

I know he did and sacrificed alot for me but, I just wanted to do something special for us, so that we could remember this day dearly.. But still...

You may say that I'm being childish, not matured or even, said that I'm not being realistic but still.. I've planned this for few days! I know some of you may say I'm considered lucky to be able to celebrate with my loved ones better than not being able to be together at all but... Oh nvm.....

Anyway, may all the couples out there have a nice and sweet Valentine's Day celebration.. Not like mine...


EXTREMELY outdated posts!!!

Oh this post was soooooooooo outdated that all the "mou ji siu lui" pics was actually taken last year!!

As I'm searching for some pics to posts, I can't find any. I found these pics and thought to share with you all....

Which I think is nice and superb!!! Thanks to my sis's fren, Bobby, who took this pics of us at our popular Lake Garden......

It was actually my sis's suggestion as she's getting married soon, Bobby said he'll be the photographer on her wedding dinner (If I'm not mistaken). So he wanted to "brush up" his skills, my sis asked us to tag along...

During the morning, due to some UNFORESEEN circumstances, me and my boyboy will have to be late. So my sis + boyboy and my bro + girlgirl, went along to have some pics taken first...

My bro with girlgirl... Nice colour huh??

My sis and boyboy.. I wonder what is he pointing at? :P

When I arrived, they were still in the midst of taking pics... I've asked if they've taken group pics... they said they were waiting for me and so........

Our damn lovely group pics... :D

Damn "ying" rite those guys?!?! Btw, all the guys here wearing Adidas shoes... :D

Me and my boyboy... Aren't we lovely?? kakakakakakak!!!

My boyboy curi-curi kissed me!! *blushhhhhh*

I realized I'm quite a good poser... HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

My sis trying to be those Indian girls... look at da leg... :P

My bro looks so bored in this pic... kekekekekekeke...

Pls pls pls dun look at the "A"... please dont!!!

Our "model" walk... :P

And my bro trying to "giap" my boyboy... kakakakakak!!!

I love this pic!!!!! I looks so pretty!!!!!!!!! THANKS BOBBY!!!!!!! :D

See see!! I'm a good poser!!! *tak tau perasan*

More close-up... All of us looks so lengchai lenglui here!! :D

Lovely couple...

Match made in heaven couple... kakakakakakakak!! We're matching... no??

Lastly... the soon-to-be-married couple enjoying the day of bliss... :D

So how do you find all the pics?? Nice bor?? Although there's not much pics of me, I'm still happy with the pics... The pics are excellent!!!!! :D