I felt that my 2 weeks holiday is coming to an end REAL FAST!!!

And I know that it's been quite some time that I've not been updating my blog... cuz I wanted to enjoy my resting...

AND I'm just plain lazy... :P

I've got lots of things to blog about which are all related to pictures I've taken... and I havent download those pics from my phone/my boyboy's camera/my boyboy's phone yet... cuz I AM PLAIN LAZYYYYYY~~~~~~

So... wait for it and... BRB~~~~~


CSI Miami - Goodbye Alexx Woods...

On Wednesday, I was as usual, make sure I reach home before 9pm to make sure I could make myself comfortable to watch CSI: Miami.

Though the series starts at 10pm on AXN Astro (Channel 701 lah), I'll make sure I've got time to take bath, took out my contact lens, brush my hair and wear my very very comfy night gown before I get my ass glued on the sofa in front of the TV.

Well everytime I wanna watch a movie/drama series, I'll make sure I'm comfy first. :D

So back to the topic...

As usual, the series started off with some stranger was partying or having fun and then out of a sudden, there's a murder case and then there comes the lead actor, Horatio on the crime scene investigating with his team.

CSI: Miami.. Part of the crew where you can ALWAYS see them in EVERY series/chapter..

A bit more complete team...

Then they will get the victim and send it to Alexx Woods, their Medical Examiner, to examine the victim.

The series that day is a bit special... the victim somehow is related to Alexx's family!! She of course got all worried as her son is a suspected murderer of the victim and try as she might to protect his son in a legal way (of course!!).

Pretty Alexx Woods

Somehow, a lot of things proves that it is done by her son and still, she KNOWS her son won't do murder!! But when Horatio and Frank (H's sidekick) questioned her son, her son die die also won't tell who is the actual murderer. Reason is because his mom kept telling him since young that: -

"You gave your word that you will not tell anybody. So keep it."

As his son already gave his word towards the murderer, he will still not tell who the actual murderer is although this will get him off the hook as a suspects. Her son even apologizes that he's sorry for embarrassing his mom in front of his friends (colleague or CSI: Miami team). With that, it causes much anger from his mom, Alexx Woods, and she tried to persuade him by telling him that: -

"You don't give your word to drug dealers. You give your word to people you know and trust!"

Then Alexx continue to persuade him that there's a lot of people who care bout him and people who loves him dearly and also explained that, it is not a good place inside the jail.

In the end, her son gave up protecting his friends and tell the whole story to his mom on who's the actual murderer...

The scene where Alexx found out his son might've stabbed his friend.

Alexx calling an ambulance to send her son's friend to the hospital...

Once her son was off the hook, Alexx feels that it's time that she spends more time among the living instead of the dead. She used to feel that her place of work, the morgue, was such a peaceful place for her. But after such incidents happens towards her family, she thinks that it's time she face more of the livings.

When Horatio heard this, his face expression can be seen that he's a bit of a surprise but agreed to her decision. He of course tells her that their door will always open for her whenever she feels like returning.

So the series/chapter ends with how their team members said goodbyes to Alexx Woods and how most of them try to stop themselves from crying. It can be seen clearly that Calleigh can't stop her tears from flowing as she's the closest to Alexx among the team.

To tell the truth, I can't stop myself from crying too as she's the best and coolest Medical Examiner I've ever seen!!!!! Well... though it's not real but it's still she really is such a good actress!!!

I'm seriously very very sad to see she leave CSI: Miami... I really really cried!!!!!!!

But anyhow, goodbye Alexx Woods and I really really wish you could come back to CSI: Miami SOON!!!!!!!!

Nicely trimmed eyebrows!!!

YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I adi trimmed my eyebrows!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~~!!!!

All thanks to CHEE WOON~~~~~~~ CHEE WOON MAN SUI~~~~~~~!!!!!!

OK in case you ask me who is Chee Woon, she's working for Astro and her job is a Make-up Artists!!!! GENG MOU?!?!?!?!?! Oh... and she's also is Chewdan's gf... :D

But anyhow, I'm in HEAVEN~~~!!!!!!!!!

Oh I tell you, she's really geng!!! really really geng!!! OK lar... maybe I got carried away but anyhow, she helped me trimmed my eyebrows and it looks SOOOOOOOOOOOO clean and well-defined now!!! Oh and she do it for me FOC!!!!!!!! SI BEH GOOD~~~~~~


My nicely trimmed eyebrows!!!

Nice bor?!?!? More clean rite rite rite?!?!?! :D :D :D

Look at my happy face!!!

Trying to stop myself from smiling... :D

Trying really hard... Cuz I'm SKY HIGH~~~!!!!!

Some sort of erm... more "natural" look... :P

See my happy face!! :D

OK... the following pic is taken when I can't stop myself from being silly...

Can't stop myself from smiling....

Can't stop myself from laughing...

And definitely can't stop myself from...........................


Acting stupid... KAKAKAKAKAKAKAK!!!

Look at my stupid face... I'm super happy~~~~~~~~~~~


Double Eyelids!!! FINALLY!!!


After much much MUCHHHHHH research on the Internet to learn on how to make my eyes looks BIGGER and PRETTIER and most importantly WITH DOUBLE EYELIDS, I finally found it!!!!!!!!


It's all thanks to the makeup skill!!!!!!

Well to tell u the truth, I damn sucks at makeup lah... So this is the 1st time i tried to make my eyes looks more natural with double eyelids... and it did!!!!!!! SUCCESSFULLY WITH DOUBLE EYELIDS!!!!!

How I got it!?!?! It's all thanks to THIS website and the chick called Jen (If I'm not mistaken)!!!!!!

So please have a look at the outcome when I follow the steps (minus those eyeshadows)!!!

SEE SEE!!! Looks natural rite?!?!?

Here still didnt look big enuff...

Aihhh.. my makeup skill sucks.. so I draw my eyes till 1 big 1 small
Really 1 big 1 small... hahahahahaa!!!

But at least looks bigger rite?!?!?!?! :D :D :D

RIGHT?!?!?!?! And this pics looks like I got wear color contacts... which I did not!!!

I think if I wear color contacts will makes my eyes looks more nicer I think...

A close-up look of my makeup...

The other side of my makeup..

So... nice bor?!?!?
This is the power of makeup!!!! And also eyeliner!!! AND also tape!!! muahahahahahaha!!!
I only use those "ready made" double eyelid tape and black eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger... thats all!! It's cheap and easy and simple!!!
And it took me almost an hour to do so... aiyoh 1st time doing it mar!! Hands shaking leh!!! KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!!!