Off to HK... PIUUUUU!!!

YAY YAY YAY!!!! I'll be off to HK tomolo!!!! YES!!!! TOMOLO!!!! si beh excited!!! then nvm, si beh lots of things i need to do!!!! Well I'm off to HK for a week, so whatever I'm handling now must of course hand it to my colleagues so that they could follow up... If not, cham liao!!!

So just to inform u all that I'll be in HK enjoying my holidays.... relaxing.... and most importantly.... SHOPPING!!!!!! MUAHAKAKAKAKAKAKAAKAKAKA!!!

So ARIOS!!!! I won't be updating my blog UNLESS there's WI-FI there that i can use for FREE!! hehehehehe... yeah i can online using WI-FI thru my PHONE!!! YESSSSS!! I wan to lan si a bit... my PHONE is a PALM PHONE!!!! and i can use it to ONLINE!!! MUAKAKAKAKAKAKAA....

OK lar... me need to continue to work although i really really got no mood at all!!! hahahahahahahaa.... :-p

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Jace said...

mai yeh sek yeh!
mai yeh sek yeh!

Dave said...

Hehe, i just wanna lansi with u. I'm just back from HK last month. hahaha... and here is a little advise for u. Don go to Disneyland, waste your money and time there. That place is only for kid.

julieann said...

good holiday, but big hole on wallet.. T_T

harlow!! i went disneyland last year, so this year didnt go adi, but it's ok mar.. the fireworks damn nice leh!!!